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About Me

AKA Vennie (Jones) (Wiggins) Anderson.Obviously I am not a horse! The picture is my daughter's filly, Penelope. My computer crashed a few months ago and I lost a lot of pictures. :(

Things I like: Godzilla; Japanese classic movies; cats (have five!) reading thrillers, detective stories, some biographies, historical romances (I know, I know); music, especially classical, but lately discovered Peter Hollens. (If you don't know about him, for heaven's sake, check him out. He's amazing!)

Many of you know I have traveled all over the world, including Mexico, Canada, Russia, Europe, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Thailand, China, Antarctica, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, etc. Presently due to health reasons my ability to do international traveling is limited, so I'm mainly going back and forth to Florida to see my daughter.

I'd like to meet

Tom Hanks, Peter Hollens, Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Neil Patrick Harris, Mark Zuckerberg (to give him a hug and a slap upside the head) , Ricky Gervais


reading, music (listening and playing piano and recorder, and singing), my family, writing (articles, movie and music reviews for The Godzilla Saga (online), eating out with friends, travel


books, music, social networking, travel, church (UU), cats, dogs, animals in general, environmentaql concerns, politics in the broad sense, justice and equality for women, GLBTs, all races.

Favorite Music

Christine Bauer | Carbondale, IL, Jarrod Radnich - Mastermind Studios, On The Rocks, Peter Hollens, The Piano Guys, classical piano music (anything from the Russians), 60's oldies, The Who, Queen, Billy Joel, Phil Collins, banjo music

Favorite TV Shows

watch old tv series via netflix, such as Lost, Heroes, Alias; also CNN and The Weather Channel; also love Faulty Towers and Are You Being Served

Favorite Movies

The Princess Bride, Master and Commander, The Usual Suspects, The Wizard of Oz, Apollo 13, Forrest Gump, Blazing Saddles

Favorite Books

The Fall of Freddie the Leaf, Peace Is Every Step, Anything Can Happen, plus too many "favorites" to mention

Favorite Quotes

a long one from Ralph Waldo Emerson on how to live a successful life

Favorite Heroes

the heroines of the Women's Sufferage movement, Thich Nhat Hanh ,


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