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About Me

I'm a 6'2" tall, WWM with green eyes and mostly brown hair. I am retired from United States Steel, Lorain, OH works and currently reside in a mostly rural area in middle Tennessee. My political views are pretty much centrist and I am a non denominational Christian.

I'd like to meet

A significant other, who is easy-going, and easy on the eyes, with a recognizable shape, a nice smile, and a pleasant disposition.


I have a lot of friends here who always either need some small amount of assistance or advice, but they are constantly inviting me over for dinners and parties.


I like educational pursuits, travel, working crossword puzzles, and riding my Harley. I recently purchased a sports car and am having fun with that, too !

Favorite Music

I like classic rock and some country. Motown too !

Favorite TV Shows

History Channel, Discovery Channel, Comedy Central, Jeopardy and the news.

Favorite Movies

Action, suspense, historical and horror.

Favorite Books

I read anything that I can pick up.

Favorite Quotes

The ways of God are not what man would have them be.

General Lew Wallace - Ben Hur

Favorite Heroes

Anybody that gives of themselves to help others.


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