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What I think of 0Zer0. Yet, I respect Animal more than the Manchurian POS/POTUS:

I'd like to meet

Trey Gowdy
Silences Media in 3:25:

NOT 0ZERO: This audio clip is from 10/26/12 - 0Zero's own words that IT is responsible. Listen up, Wibs, your Messiah is a POS lying jerk and all of you were hoodwinked - Wiberal Idiots!


Diehard Legions Iron Cold Steel.

10th amendment 10th amendment 2nd amendment sam adams cold beer cheer gif

boring air water chicago fave world playing volleyball beach hawks
blue angels flying chicago

cat thanks gif YAY!!!!!!.


Learning new things everyday. Sports...Love going to Hockey, Football and Baseball games, having a Bloody Mary with friends, playing pool and batting cages. Live, laugh, love but know your stuff, or suffer the consequences. Adapt.
playing pool batting cages live laugh love suffer consequences adapt

playing pool batting cages live laugh love suffer consequences adapt

playing pool batting cages live laugh love suffer consequences adapt

American Bald Eagle

Favorite Music

RIP, JH. Love ya man. F*cken went out too early. @TA: Fetus fight @ spamotel, you lost that one. Chit happens.




Favorite TV Shows

Too many but love when bad guys are caught. NCIS, Criminal Minds, Almost Got Away, Border Patrol, History, Military, Nat Geo, Fam Guy to American Dad, Discovery/Animal channels.

God Guns   Guts
obama sleeping at the wheel gif
obama dancing like a girl gif

Favorite Movies

Whatever I feel like. I do not subscribe to conformity nor critic reviews.


feel subscribe conformity critic reviews demand truth americans forgotten

We Want The Truth

Favorite Books

Whatever interests me.

Favorite Quotes

"If your friends jumped in the lake, would you?"

Good 'ol City Gal. What's up, J.O.? "Judge not, ye be judged yourself."

Winston Churchill Socialism Sucks

Favorite Heroes

Nathan Hale, My Parents, George Washington, Kasmir Pulaski, Patton! CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS!!!!, George Steinbrenner for turning a BS franchise back into a winning team...Our Founding Fathers; James Madison, John Adams & Thomas Jefferson; Presidents Abe Lincoln and Ronald Reagan; John Wayne for his wit, grit and for calling out the pathetic wibs of his generation, my friends who passed but served, Joe Torre, Walter Payton, Stan Mikita, Lou Gehrig, Ron Santo, Pappy Boyington, anyone who took a chance and did great for US and others, AND for our Country. "TRUES"/Americans who love, honor, protect our Homeland; SAVE OUR COUNTRY!!! All Vets past, now and future...Amen to All~

My Political Views

honor protect homeland save country vets future amen political views
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