Which Country or Continent has the most Christians?

Sir Jim 2007/08/16 12:22:38
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Spian & Portugal
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The correct answer is Africa. There are 340 million Christians in Africa according to the very latest scientific poll.

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  • jackrorabbit 2007/08/17 15:01:13
    Why put up a poll, and give the answer in the reading?
    However, I
    would have picked Africa, because their population is much higher, and
    was settled by Europeans long before the US was. They are also more
    open to allowing religious aid.
  • Sir Jim jackror... 2007/08/17 21:22:20
    Sir Jim
    I didn't put up the answer until this morning after many people voted.
  • jackror... Sir Jim 2007/08/20 14:23:49
    Ah, thanks, I was wondering.
  • Kari 2007/08/16 15:04:12
    I'm not going to look at the other answers and cheat, heheh, so this is just a guess.
  • LaChica 2007/08/16 14:14:40
    No one can say for sure.
  • MAGGIE IRISH EYES 2007/08/16 13:47:54
    Europe must be close to 100% considering that Ireland, Italy, Spain, France, Poland are predominantly Catholic.
  • Margaret MAGGIE ... 2007/08/16 15:22:35
    Not anymore, girlfriend! Poland still is, but not the others. Even Italy, home of the Vatican. What really surprised me is how many Mosques there are in Ireland. Yes, Ireland. Europe is becoming more and more secular everyday. As christianity is diminishing worldwide, Islam and secularism are both growing rapidly.
  • <--That... Margaret 2007/12/11 22:03:56
    <--That guy
    Rising Islam does not equal rising secularism.
  • Margaret <--That... 2007/12/12 12:36:13
    That's why I said Islam AND secularism. I realize they are different. You understand it's easier to recruit someone who has no belief system in place, right? There is a connection.
  • <--That... Margaret 2007/12/13 00:35:51
    <--That guy
    Hold on a second, what connection is there betwen secularism and Islam?
  • <--That... MAGGIE ... 2007/10/12 16:04:21
    <--That guy
    There are also a few Muslim countries in Europe like Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania.
    But yes, most of the major countries in Europe are heavily populated with Christians.
  • Margaret <--That... 2007/12/12 12:36:43
    Less and less,every day. Just a fact.
  • <--That... Margaret 2007/12/13 00:35:05
    <--That guy
    There aren't less Christians. The percentage is just lower because Islam is growing faster, and more Muslims are moving to the West. But the Christian populations are growing too. They just don't hold as high of a majority as they might have before, but the number of Christians in the world hasn't stopped rising.
  • Hank 2007/08/16 12:56:04 (edited)
    Hey, we're number one, these numbers are about 10 years old according to my quick research, percentage, we are not number one:
    Ranking, then country, number and percentage.
    1 USA 224,457,000 85%
    2 Brazil 139,000,000 93%
    3 Mexico 86,120,000 99%
    4 Russia 80,000,000 60%
    5 China 70,000,000 5.7%
    6 Germany 67,000,000 83%
    7 Philippines 63,470,000 93%
    8 United Kingdom 51,060,000 88%
    9 Italy 47,690,000 90%
    10 France 44,150,000 98%
    11 Nigeria 38,180,000 45%
  • Sir Jim Hank 2007/08/16 12:57:53
    Sir Jim
    Check back and I will tell you which one.
  • The Hand of John 2007/08/16 12:53:19
    The Hand of John
    on the list? Africa I believe. But if we're talking about comparing continents I would say South America.
  • <--That guy 2007/08/16 12:35:16 (edited)
    <--That guy
    The US has the most overall: 224,457,000 (85% of the population).
    I'm not sure which country has the highest prevalence though. I know that some countries in Europe (Italy, France, Spain) have got to at least be over 90%.

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