What’s Your Favorite Nora Ephron Movie?

ABCnews.com 2012/06/27 15:30:21
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The world lost a talented writer and filmmaker on Tuesday June 26. Nora Ephron, known for writing blockbuster films like "Sleepless in Seattle" and "When Harry Met Sally," died on Tuesday in a New York hospital while undergoing treatment for acute myeloid leukemia.

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  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/09/07 18:45:48
    Sleepless in Seattle
    Margaret Jacobson
  • elaine.percival.39 2012/09/04 17:31:33
    Sleepless in Seattle
    Hard to choose between Sleepless.. and Harry&Sally;.
  • jere.chievres 2012/08/13 18:03:43
    You've Got Mail
    Followed by Sleepless in Seattle
  • Cricket 2012/08/11 22:35:17
    You've Got Mail
    The world lost a talented person!
  • May 2012/07/27 02:38:46
    Sleepless in Seattle
    I have not seen Julie Julia.
  • serethiel 2012/06/28 19:50:15
    When Harry Met Sally
    pe-caaan, piiiiiie! oh, i adore it.
  • Mj PINKYFINGERDOWN 2012/06/28 18:42:37
  • I<3Edward 2012/06/28 18:17:18
    Sleepless in Seattle
    still one of my favorite movies :)
  • Reuben Rennick 2012/06/28 17:44:26
    When Harry Met Sally
    Reuben Rennick
    None actually, she's not my kind of actress. shes actress
  • Lerro DeHazel 2012/06/28 16:02:30
    When Harry Met Sally
    Lerro DeHazel
    NOT enough Choices for possible answers . . . Anyway, it sounds like an aerosol spray.
  • Valerie© 2012/06/28 14:48:16
    When Harry Met Sally
    Wow I love that movie...
    "I'll have what she's having!"
    when harry met sally  gif
  • thє вluє wαndєrєr 2012/06/28 13:34:05
  • OliverPhilip 2012/06/28 13:24:32
  • seasmoke70 2012/06/28 13:12:44
    Sleepless in Seattle
  • pete.arballo 2012/06/28 12:43:33
    You've Got Mail
    Chick Flicks, rock and hard place, damned if u do - damned if u dont
    I choose you got mail because I actually used to use AOL so that is about as realatable as this is gonna get
  • some idiot who thinks he kn... 2012/06/28 08:51:52
    When Harry Met Sally
    some idiot who thinks he knows everything
    Because Billy Crystal is awesome. But she was good at making rom-com movies. RIP.
  • Somkey the Hores 2012/06/28 07:13:21
    Sleepless in Seattle
    Somkey the Hores
  • Kearstin Carden 2012/06/28 06:45:34
    You've Got Mail
    Kearstin Carden
    Such an amazing story teller. Hard to choose
  • ~TheDreamer~ 2012/06/28 06:30:11
    When Harry Met Sally
    When Harry Met Sally and Julie & Julia are the only ones that I can stand. The other two drive me crazy...I really don't like them.
  • Brony4Life 2012/06/28 04:42:19
    You've Got Mail
  • Resp 2012/06/28 04:08:29
  • doctorwho_guru.†=♡ 2012/06/28 01:29:49
    You've Got Mail
    I love You've Got Mail

    You ve Got Mail gif You ve Got Mail gif
  • Rude I3... doctorw... 2012/06/28 18:38:42
    Rude I3itch
    me too!!!
  • Michael 2012/06/28 01:25:13
    When Harry Met Sally
    But, hey, they all make me cry!
  • Rude I3itch 2012/06/28 01:12:29
    You've Got Mail
    Rude I3itch
    meg ryan was a stalker in sleepless in seatle

    rip nora!
  • kitkat42 2012/06/28 00:59:14
    When Harry Met Sally
    All of them, she had great talent. Her movies/stories will be missed.
  • Farbiger 2012/06/28 00:36:00
    Julie & Julia
    Cause Julia Child is boss.
  • Christian 2012/06/28 00:16:38
    When Harry Met Sally
    Legendary writer, God be with her always.
  • mae 2012/06/28 00:00:52
    Sleepless in Seattle
    I loved all 4, so after some deliberation I chose Sleepless--loved that kid who plays the son.
  • LindaM 2012/06/27 23:45:15
    When Harry Met Sally
    Love them all but When Harry Met Sally is classic.
  • lori 2012/06/27 23:37:07
    Sleepless in Seattle
    All the movies was great i wonder where she got her ideas from/
  • MeMe23 2012/06/27 22:25:49
    When Harry Met Sally
    This is my second favorite my first is Heartburn. Love Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson.
  • goblue1968 2012/06/27 22:20:26
    Julie & Julia
    That figures, the one I voted for got the least number of votes! That's because the other choices were all chick flicks. I went to the theater to watch J&J; because I'm a big Julia Child fan from way back when she had her TV show, and cooking different things is one of my favorite hobbies.
  • Used2likeBiden 2012/06/27 21:55:25
    When Harry Met Sally
    "when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
  • ☆ElenaDiamond☆ 2012/06/27 21:32:44
    When Harry Met Sally
    I guess. I liked Michael better.
  • Lyana 2012/06/27 21:28:03
    You've Got Mail
    That movie was just one of the best romantic comedies of the 90's. :D
  • BIG BAD JOHN R. 2012/06/27 21:27:06
    When Harry Met Sally
    You got it WHEN HARRY MET SALLY http://www.thecitrusreport.co...
  • Jan Haskell 2012/06/27 21:00:54
    Julie & Julia
    Jan Haskell
    Difficult choice ... everything she did was golden.
  • l 2012/06/27 20:56:36
    You've Got Mail
    I loved all of them! I would have voted "All Of The Above"!???
  • Hopscotch 2012/06/27 20:40:14
    When Harry Met Sally
    Heaven awaits RIP. They must need another good filmmaker. heaven rip filmmaker

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