What is the Big Deal with Marco Rubio taking a drink of water?

Drue-AFCL 2013/02/14 12:32:25
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  • WinterLynn Singerar 2013/03/01 15:09:18
  • Singerar WinterLynn 2013/03/03 21:34:25
    Do you know the definition of racist?

    I don't HATE any of those people. I may disagree with their politics but HATE is not in the vernacular.

    The CONSERVATIVE party was the party of SLAVERY dear. You should know better. During that time, in the South, they were referred to as the Dixiecrats and AGAIN...the parties switch around 1963. Just do your research.

    People who say " the N word, Monkey in the Window, Cabbage Garbage Pail Kids, Tokens, Aunt Jamima's, Porch Monkey's" and threatened "Lynching" were Conservatives dear. The KKK has NEVER been Liberal.

    My husband and I have ton's of Conservative friends in our business and in our neighborhood. We love them....we just don't talk POLITICS.

    Wow - you are whacked out!

    OMG. That's funny.
  • WinterLynn Singerar 2013/03/03 23:55:48
  • Singerar WinterLynn 2013/03/04 01:57:52
    Aw, butt hurt?
  • lclon WinterLynn 2013/02/26 04:15:08
    No matter what his parents did Rubio still got government assistance. Government should provide schools with funds so students can be educated.
    I am a proud 59 year old and I thank God for giving me life and a sound mind that detect lies and hatred.

    You sound like a selfish conservative who only cares for the wealthy people. Don't worry Rubio won't get close to being a President of this United States. Your ranting and wacked comments havent't prospered and won't prosper.
  • WinterLynn lclon 2013/02/26 17:31:48 (edited)
  • Jackie ... lclon 2013/02/15 12:27:46
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    Oh please, do try to just have a shred of factual information - so silly and juvenile

    Here is Obama's fact check by AP - read and learn
  • lclon Jackie ... 2013/02/15 20:43:40
    I don't believe any fact checks done by Obama haters on sodahead. I won't waste my time readings them. Rubio is an Obama hater.
  • Jackie ... lclon 2013/02/15 21:55:25 (edited)
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    This is Associated Press with authors noted - but fine remain dimly uninformed, it obviously suits you.
  • lclon Jackie ... 2013/02/16 04:15:06
    Rubio certainly doesn't suit me. Nor does any conservative.
  • Jackie ... lclon 2013/02/16 13:17:58 (edited)
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    Who cares what suits you politically? I don't - I gave you a fact check article by AP on SOTU which, apparently, is too difficult for you.
  • lclon Jackie ... 2013/02/19 04:20:40
    I care less who cares what suits me politically. I care less about Rubio.
  • WinterLynn lclon 2013/02/25 14:47:55
  • lclon WinterLynn 2013/02/26 04:20:51
    I care less who you embrace. Those wacked conservative beliefs are not valued by common sense people. They are pathetic.
  • WinterLynn lclon 2013/02/25 14:46:57
  • lclon WinterLynn 2013/02/26 04:32:16
    Conservatism : self righteous rather than God righteous, non compassion, despiser all people who aren't wealthy, despiser of healthcare for all people, despiser of education for children, despiser of equal pay for women, despiser of healthcare for women, despiser of gays, despiser of President Obama and all his supporters and despiser of everyone who don't believe their wacked beliefs. Don't worry about me, Almighty God takes care of me. I will never subscribe to conservative wacked beliefs.
  • WinterLynn lclon 2013/02/26 17:36:35
  • Singerar Jackie ... 2013/02/16 05:45:12
    Illinoid offered you facts above. Go take a look. It will answer your need for good information.

    BTW - are you an American Indian?
  • Jackie ... Singerar 2013/02/16 13:21:36
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    Saw his stuff, and it is rhetoric not fact

    I am Native American, if that is what you mean.
  • Singerar Jackie ... 2013/02/20 02:56:38
  • Sir Bud. Singerar 2013/02/20 12:44:18
    Sir Bud.
    That they feel comfortable with themselves needing to create fake ethnic minority profiles is not surprising..
  • Jackie ... Sir Bud. 2013/02/20 13:40:13
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    Huh - I have been on SH since early 2008 with same profile and, different from so many on left, only one profile.
    If my heritage is bothersome to you, suggest you move along - At least my ancestors were not shoving people into ovens, concentration camps and giving stiff armed salutes to a short lunatic.
  • Sir Bud. Jackie ... 2013/02/20 14:13:14
    Sir Bud.
    Oh you coincidentally noticed my comment to "Sing"seconds after I posted it and feel solicited-interesting.

    The construction language and content of your response pointing to the time you have been a member of SHd,political slurring,ethnicity spin rant and showing bigotry and a discriminative personality overwhelmingly confirms the ignorance and animosity typical of the usual SHd Conservative fraudster.In that sense-well done.I would be a fool not to believe you.
    You have been exposed
  • Jackie ... Sir Bud. 2013/02/20 22:22:33
  • C. C. R... Sir Bud. 2013/02/21 09:51:03
    C. C. Rider
    She has be blocked but you BUSTED her!! LOL
  • Jackie ... Singerar 2013/02/20 13:36:13
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    Gracie?? What does that mean? Sorry, you lost me.
  • Singerar Jackie ... 2013/02/21 17:38:50
    Oh Please.....

    A TRUE Native American (or American Indian) would have IMMEDIATELY given me their tribe in which they were born. You cannot call yourself a "Native American" just because you were born in America! How dare you.

    My "Ancestry" or "Heritage" is Irish but I was BORN in America as were my 6 generations before me. When people ask of my Ancestry, I say Irish.

    I have NEVER been so entitled to take away the Heritage of the TRUE Native Americans here in this country who were slaughtered for their land.

    You are sad.
  • Jackie ... Singerar 2013/02/21 17:49:15 (edited)
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    My dear child - what ever your problem is, I do not care.

    I am a Native American and my people were slaughtered, stolen from, maligned, and treated with a disrespect rarely seen.

    Suggest you move on to racial epithets now, seems it will suit you.

    Really disgusting behavior and no need to act in this manner, none.

    You should be ashamed of yourself
  • Singerar Jackie ... 2013/02/22 03:05:56 (edited)
    So WHAT tribe did you say you belonged to?

    BTW - you will NEVER see me use racial epithets, EVER.
  • Jackie ... Singerar 2013/02/22 12:15:44
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    I didn't but you can find it on my profile if you are interested. I expect you, as you have shown, are interested in demeaning others. I am not and so will end this conversation

    Have a great day
  • Singerar Jackie ... 2013/02/22 23:48:19
    Awwww - so you're NOT an American Indian.

    Why put it on your profile? That's so weird!
  • Jackie ... Singerar 2013/02/23 00:31:41
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    What is your problem? you have some sort of serious mental health problem - get help.

    dog talk
  • Singerar Jackie ... 2013/02/23 01:25:17
    No....I'm calling you out.

    I want to know why all these Patriot Warriors think they can put Native Americans on their profile when they are NOT.

    That's it.
  • Jackie ... Singerar 2013/02/23 01:37:35
  • Singerar Jackie ... 2013/02/23 07:34:43
    So you admit to lying.
  • Jackie ... Singerar 2013/02/23 12:55:26
  • Singerar Jackie ... 2013/02/24 03:08:59
    Now you're spamming.
  • Jackie ... Singerar 2013/02/24 13:04:29
  • Singerar Jackie ... 2013/02/24 20:56:06
    That's okay.
    You've been reported for spamming.
  • Jackie ... Singerar 2013/02/24 23:35:54
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    Good, because you have been reported for vicious personal attack.

    Have a nice day

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