What are some flaws in the philosophy of Austrian economics?

behavioralcognivitist 2009/11/30 04:43:38
As always, explain your answers.
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  • Keen Tojones 2009/12/01 04:30:03
    Keen Tojones
    The assumption of continuity. Reflecting that Germanic, poured concrete insanity that nothing changes, including consumer desires and tastes.
  • Dr Jazz 2009/11/30 09:58:25
    Dr Jazz
    pragmatic solidity... yeah... it lacks that shit..... completely..... plus other stuff I'll tell you aout later.... as other people comment......
  • Jester 2009/11/30 04:53:56 (edited)
    The only main criticism I see (logical one anyway) is that it lacks pragmatic solidity. This is because it has never been instituted outside of the conceptual.
  • behavio... Jester 2009/11/30 05:06:15
    My main criticism is the Austrians' fundamental difference with other economic schools: praxeology. Athough It is a good premise, examining the individual's subjective motives in a market. But for that aspect of economy I look to behavioral finance, modular in nature to the observation-based schools.
  • Dr Jazz behavio... 2009/11/30 10:00:47
    Dr Jazz
    Oh, yeah... and behavioral finance, modular in nature to the observation-based schools... I almost forgot that.... silly me.
  • behavio... Dr Jazz 2009/11/30 17:34:52 (edited)
    Bite into discussion and stop arousing our curiosity as to why you leave such cynical comments, Dr Jazz.
  • Dr Jazz behavio... 2009/11/30 20:24:32
    Dr Jazz
    Sorry.... I was drunk.

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