The Divided States of America - Part 4 - BRUISA

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As you may have already read, this is the final part of the blog series, Divided States of America. I'd urge you to read all parts, for any or all of one part can easily be taken out of context, and most surely will be. My original blog stated that the country may be divided up into the three separate ideologies currently existing the American Landscape. LUSA, the Liberal United States of America, SCUSA, the Socially Conservative United States of America, and BRUISA, the Benevolent Ruggedly Unitedly Independent States of America.This blog, Part 4, deals with BRUISA.

BRUISA, is my country of choice. It is a country where personal freedom, limited but effective government, a low tax rate, and a penchant for self reliance and independence are the harbingers of daily life. There will be a moral imperative to care for the truly helpless, and an equal intolerance for the perrenially lazy. You will indeed be judged here only on the content of your character and the behavior that ensues rather then the color of your skin, the size of your wallet, the clubs you belong to or any other archaic means of acceptability. BRUISA will follow the spirit of the original US Constitution, which, of course, would have been long ago shredded by its intended recipients.BRUISA recognizes the failures of the public education system of the former USA and therefore allows local juridictions to deal with its funding and implementations, partially with funding from local businesses, now flush with revenues and needing SKILLED people....versus the politically correct, yet stupid, fools that the former USA cranked out of its horrid schools decade after decade.
Small businesses will be the main focal point of BRUISA, and its tax structure will be keyed to that end. A citizen legislature will be instituted so no politician may overstay their welcome. BRUISA will welcome legal immigrants and have an easy process for becoming a resident. Its border will be very strong with limited numbers of access points, to make this happen. People coming to BRUISA will find excellent growth opportunites to fit into the distinct culture of this up and coming nation and will soon reject the failed cultures that destroyed their own countries of origin.
BRUISA will have a strong defense for that purpose only..defense. Should an idiot nation attack BRUISA, the swift and final response will make the Holocaust look like a Sunday picnic. Nations hiding terrorists that attack BRUISA, will have 24 hours to hand over those terrorists, or face annihilation. BRUISA will not invade any country unprovoked. Period. If your people want to kill each other, that's your business, not ours.
In BRUISA, there will be no such thing as restrictions to homeowners as to what kind of home they build, or how many trees they can cut down on their own property. Any tribal nations existing within the boundaries of BRUISA, will have restored to it the full conditions and rights of the treaties signed to them by the former USA, which made a point of breaking every single one.

This fiscally responsible nation will require one thing from its citizenry. Personal accountability. And it will match that by being accountable itself, something we'd be confident will NOT happen in LUSA or SCUSA.

This blog series, while mostly satirical in nature, outlines what may happen if the United States of America fails to right its ship in the near future. Not since the Civil War has this nation been so divided and rightly so, since divide and conquer seems to be the sole strategy of the far left and far right of America. Whether or not we divide this nation remains to be seen, but there is little doubt that unless the size, scope, and power of the federal government is reduced and once again, the power truly belongs to its people, there will be major unrest in America as the seeds of discontent are now fully sown and have sprouted into a new crop.
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  • Pops 2010/08/12 15:09:45
    Great satire and unfortunately also a sobering view of what we as a nation have come to.
    The division of our nation has been alluded to before, usually with a racial division as the determining factor rather than ideology. I hope that it never happens.
    nation division nation alluded racial division determining factor ideology hope
  • dzynrbob Pops 2010/08/13 08:33:21
    We must all hope that a division of America never comes about, and that once again, this country can be truly united. That seems to be a good distance away, I'm afraid.

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