Should Welfare Recipients Be Drug Tested?

Shawn Amos 2011/06/01 14:25:56
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No more using food stamps for crack. Florida just made it tougher for poor people to show up high for the welfare line.

Saying it is "unfair for Florida taxpayers to subsidize drug addiction," Gov. Rick Scott on Tuesday signed legislation requiring adults applying for welfare assistance to undergo drug screening.

Is drug screening welfare applicants a slap in the face or a necessary step to avoid taxpayer waste?

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  • FatherLiberty 2011/06/01 15:40:38
    First of all, I believe people have the right to choose what they consume, whether it is a specific type of food, a crack rock, or a joint of marijuana. It is personal freedom and no amount of laws will stop it (actually, less laws will reduce it more). However, no tax payers should be funding drug habits. When it comes to people collecting tax payer funds to support their lives we should make sure it is not being spent on a drug habit. If you support yourself you can do what you want.

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  • jake.jamison.777 2014/10/03 19:32:28
  • dvalenzuelaciri 2013/04/19 15:04:48
    First of all I am totally PRO drug testing welfare recipients. Why the hell would anyone want their hard earned money going twards a crackheads habit. I sure don't. I feel that welfare is for those less fortunate to recieve if they truely need it to survive.
  • chabre.michealjackson.lover 2011/08/07 20:42:04
    It no one business but flordia ...If flordia wanna create more criminal then they should go ahead .Positive side they can live longer from cutting out drugs wow other people will die from aids and other dieases.. Neagtive side more stores and people are going to be robbed and probably be killed..

    I really think iIf they gonna do that non-organic food and fast resturante should be aganist the law but wouldn't that be aganist the bill of rights or they just don't care about rights anymore?
  • iamparrot chabre.... 2011/10/17 23:41:17
    It's called a coherent thought, try forming one.
  • me 2011/07/29 16:32:09
    MY VOTE UNFORTUNATLY WAS A MISTAKE. YES I DO THINK ALL SHOULD BE DRUG TESTED BECAUSE TOO MANY RUINED THE PROGRAMS BECAUSE OF THEIR STUPID DRUG ADDITIONS AND SALES OF ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE! and also. Everyone in this country should have to go on diet and excersize programs and get to healthy weight because THAT is costing this country too!! FOOD is an addition AS WELL! Obesity should be a crime if weight loss is not pursued! Mind u,, there SHOULD B FREE weight loss programs available
  • Demonic Rat Hunter 2011/06/27 22:15:30
    Demonic Rat Hunter
    And when they fail and they will Take away all bennies.
  • Charu ∞ijm♥∞ 2011/06/27 00:30:32
    Charu ∞ijm♥∞
    I had to be drug tested for and on my job to make the money to support their lazy arses then they should be drug tested to collect it! Fair is fair!!!!! money support lazy arses drug tested collect fair fair drug test cat
  • rightside 2011/06/26 21:08:01
    Why should us tax payers continue to give free money to people that abuse themselves and their children?
    I would rather my money went on taking their kids and putting them in foster homes than to allow constant abuse from a drug addicted parent/s.
  • Sherlock Dog BL - a Gazillion 2011/06/25 02:00:38
  • Selkets... Sherloc... 2011/06/26 03:34:13
  • Sherloc... Selkets... 2011/06/26 13:44:03
  • Selkets... Sherloc... 2011/06/26 17:45:04
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  • Selkets... Sherloc... 2011/06/26 21:08:12 (edited)
    I believe that bottom pic is how a liberal defends themselves...By showing they are an a*s..LOL
  • Sherloc... Selkets... 2011/06/26 21:14:50
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    Crikey... a tv watching boxing cat...sweet video and bet he is tuff enough to take on more than one liberal at a time..LOL
  • Frank J Selkets... 2011/07/29 19:51:24
    Frank J
    all advances into the modern world have been done by Liberals, and we drag the conservatives kicking and screaming, if it were up to you conservatives we would be in caves, and electricity would be outlawed
  • Selkets... Sherloc... 2011/06/26 20:53:48
    Yes and drugs can make you delusional
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  • Sherloc... Selkets... 2011/06/26 21:02:18 (edited)
  • Selkets... Sherloc... 2011/06/26 21:14:07 (edited)
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    Yes a true thief that should be behind bars wearing stripes....

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  • Charu ∞... Selkets... 2011/06/27 01:59:53
    Charu ∞ijm♥∞
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  • Selkets... Charu ∞... 2011/06/27 02:12:41
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  • Charu ∞... Selkets... 2011/06/27 03:00:56
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  • Charu ∞... Selkets... 2011/06/27 16:15:31
    Charu ∞ijm♥∞
    LOL...I like that one! Bless their hearts!
  • DavidK Charu ∞... 2012/01/27 00:44:57
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