Romney and Ryan;"They're too white to understand ordinary Americans!" Already heard this load today; what say you?

Space Invader 2012/08/11 19:13:14
So; the Racists are coming out of the woodwork already
Obama loves discord
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  • Demonic Rat Hunter 2012/08/11 19:20:01
    So; the Racists are coming out of the woodwork already
    Demonic Rat Hunter
    Can we fight fire with fire ?
    The obama is too Ghetto to understand everyday working American patriots and our Military personnel.

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  • The_Red-fox 2012/08/15 01:25:27
  • NoBama Man 2012/08/13 02:17:41
  • Cheerios 2012/08/12 16:51:37
    None of the above
    I think whoever said that phrases it VERY badly. They should have focused more on class if they wanted it to be right because any race can be too rich and removed to understand ordinary Americans (not all rich people are like that though)
  • chgo 2012/08/12 16:22:38
    None of the above
    more race-baiting garbage? you have absolutely no clue what the definition of the word "racism" is, dimwitted conservatard tool!
  • Space I... chgo 2012/08/12 17:20:42
    Space Invader
    ah; nice response; no I guess I don't know do I?
    Never saw it did I?
    What was my fathers name?
    Who is the man who does my plumbing?
    I mean; if you know SO much about what I know..then answer simple questions..
    Thought so..a keyboard and a computer makes you REALLY smart?
    Didn't think so...
  • chgo Space I... 2012/08/12 17:38:46 (edited)
    wtf are you talking about? you honestly think what you said makes sense?

    the only thing simple here is you.
  • Space I... chgo 2012/08/12 20:18:49
    Space Invader
    It was a very tepid response to your conservatard insult' and being a tool?
    And I have no clue what the definition of racism is?
    It's ;like; well, you think you know my very thought process because you answer a post on a forum....
    so; going by your obvious knowing what I KNOW; I asked 2 simple questions to see if you did
    Epic Fail..
    Peace Out
  • Jkirk3279 Space I... 2012/08/13 00:05:25
    Yes, you failed.
  • Space I... Jkirk3279 2012/08/13 01:52:45
    Space Invader
    did not goodbye
  • Ozzyboy 2012/08/12 16:07:09
    So; the Racists are coming out of the woodwork already
    Too bad the racists don't understand math. That's what it is all about. Plain old math and how to get the budget working along with the people of America. I don't think budgets or math have a color.
  • Jkirk3279 Ozzyboy 2012/08/13 00:10:05
    Math is easy. Getting people to think for themselves instead of believe what their friends or Pastor tell them is HARD.

    Easy: bring in as much money as you need to spend.

    Easy: Tax cuts for the wealthy don't create jobs.

    Hard: getting people to realize that rumors about a President being born in Kenya are just dumb rumors. Right up there with the Loch Ness Monster and the Abominable Snowman.
  • Ozzyboy Jkirk3279 2012/08/13 01:34:48
    You don't want people to think for themselves because they are doing it now and it's not looking good for your guy. Bring in as much money as you need to spend is the fatal mindset of the liberal left. The truth of the matter is that you can only spend as much as you earn. Congress is the only place that gets to spend money and then tell their boss, the people, that they have overspent the account and extort more money from the taxpayers. You fail even basic math. Ryan looks better every minute with your logic.
  • Space I... Ozzyboy 2012/08/13 01:56:30
  • Ozzyboy Space I... 2012/08/13 02:04:40
    All it takes is a guaranteed welfare check every month and a form sent to you in the mail. Just ask Warren's daughter in MA.
  • RTHTGakaRoland 2012/08/12 15:37:24
    So; the Racists are coming out of the woodwork already
    Uh, Obots, I know that you're desperate; but most Americans are white. No matter our ethnic origin even more of us are tired of your incessantly playing the racecard.

  • Jkirk3279 RTHTGak... 2012/08/13 00:16:14
    The funny thing is, Republicans set up the hoax, and the other Republicans are the only ones that fall for it.

    I realized a while ago that Republicans have a rule: believe what any other Conservative tells you.

    The Earth is 6,000 years old. Check.

    Humans existed during the Age of the Dinosaurs, check.

    President Obama is a Secret Muslim, born in Kenya, a Socialist, and was married to his male college room-mate; check, check, check, and check.
  • Space I... Jkirk3279 2012/08/13 01:57:15
    Space Invader
    and you are gone
  • mich52 2012/08/12 15:26:38
  • Space I... mich52 2012/08/12 17:25:35
    Space Invader
    The real world is not TV and politicians..there are real people who I hear say this garbage all the time; and I hear them say the same filth about African-Americans
    Obama doesn't live in Tennessee; and Romney doesn't live in Virginia; but the citizens do;
    where do you think all this garbage comes from?
    Both sides have people who hate for the shade of their skin..Skip a Rope...
  • mich52 Space I... 2012/08/12 18:11:35
  • Space I... mich52 2012/08/12 20:19:56
    Space Invader
    No..see below post..Your Buddy the former rebel leader says it..
  • Jkirk3279 Space I... 2012/08/13 00:19:58
    Any Dem that talked that way would be shunned and disavowed.

    Republicans that do the same get a radio show.
  • Space I... mich52 2012/08/12 17:40:19 (edited)
    Space Invader
    By the way..one of your friends polls
    Middle Aged White Guy Romney Chooses Middle Aged White Ryan as VP. Rave if you ARE NOT surprised.
    Middle Aged White Guy Romney Chooses Middle Aged White Ryan as VP. Rave if you ARE NOT surprised.

    what can I say
  • Jkirk3279 Space I... 2012/08/13 00:21:19
    I was pulling for Santorum. Bozo the Clown was not available.
  • izzybean 2012/08/12 15:17:22
    So; the Racists are coming out of the woodwork already
    It is only the beginning I hope Ryan know what he is in for.
  • apachehellfire65 2012/08/12 15:14:39
    So; the Racists are coming out of the woodwork already
    just the race baiters setting up their next lie! how can they show us we are all going to be racist for voting out obummer in November. if they first don't point out the race of every candidate,
  • dave b 2012/08/12 15:13:14
    So; the Racists are coming out of the woodwork already
    dave b
    But Pelosi, Reid or Biden arent too white?.....more selective racism from the Democommies.
  • Jkirk3279 dave b 2012/08/13 00:22:26
    You don't catch on quickly, do you?
  • Continuing Anglican Priest 2012/08/12 15:05:17
    None of the above
    Continuing Anglican Priest
    From whom did you hear it? If from a national leader it's significant. If from a race baiter no one has ever heard of who cares?

    Blessings Upon You
  • cancled 2012/08/12 14:59:21 (edited)
    None of the above
    America is slowly going back to whence it came.
    Back to the political system of a King and Queen leadership of people who have nothing in comon with the average citizen.
    The only difference is both democrat's and republican's don't think women are up to the challenge of leadership, or have leadership qualities, so they have replaced the Queen with a man.
    And thuss you have our political system of a King, and a vice King, Lol.
    As long as the people vote for this to happen, they will keep screwing us.

    your vote counts for them not you
    Your vote counts for them, not you!
  • Jkirk3279 cancled 2012/08/13 00:26:48
    Fortunately we know EXACTLY how we got here, and what Freedom is worth.

    Our forebears didn't have a roadmap to Democracy, and only had hope it would work.

    We KNOW what worked. And we can kick the money out of Politics and fix the problems.
  • cancled Jkirk3279 2012/08/13 00:33:40
    Actually we don't know how we got here, if we did we wouldn't be where we are, well unless we are just god damn stupid people, and that's an option to think about.
    We don't know what worked or we would have it, and be doing that now, again unless we are just god damn stupid!
    And if we are really just stupid Americans we really don't have a prayer but to serve the government like we have been doing.
    I hear this crap all the time "We know how to fix America", but we don't want to i guess, which again makes us one god damn stupid people!

    read on
  • Al B Thayer 2012/08/12 14:42:39
    So; the Racists are coming out of the woodwork already
    Al B Thayer
    When are we going to stop identifying people by the color of their skin?
  • voice_matters 2012/08/12 14:30:59
    None of the above
    libs have been attacking ryan for 12 months already. romney picking him shows that no one else wanted to lose. we all know ryan accepted so he get some attention for his 2016 run
  • Michaelene 2012/08/12 14:29:27
    So; the Racists are coming out of the woodwork already
    I wasted a few hours watching Sharpton's show. Like Obama, he wants Americans to be angry and divided, he support special rights over equal laws. His rhetoric is so out of touch with average Americans that his show's ratings are at the bottom of the barrel where he belongs.
    Ordinary Americans ? Just who do they think they're kidding? The author Obama "grew up in HI and Indonesia" is so different from ordinary Americans, elitist, Black liberation theology folower, OWS supporter, community agitator and Marxist, he might as well be from Mars.
    obama choses radical and marxist professors
  • CUDDLY ... Michaelene 2012/08/12 14:31:23
    BTW, what the hell is a "structural feminist"?
  • Michaelene CUDDLY ... 2012/08/12 16:25:28
    I guess it's losers like Hillary Rosen "Ann never worked a day in her life" and Sandra Fluke "going broke to buy birth control" and the kook, Eleanor Smeal who co-founded and became President of the Feminist Majority Fund and Foundation in 1987, after serving three terms as President of the National Organization for Women, from 1975 to 1982 and from 1985 to 1987. She's a frequent speaker at Code Pink events along with Jane Fonda.
    http://feministsforobama.org/ eleanor smeal and jane fonda
  • CUDDLY ... Michaelene 2012/08/12 16:34:07
    Well, that clears that up for me. LOL
  • Michaelene CUDDLY ... 2012/08/12 17:26:22
    Women like these hypocrites remain silent while America is in more "military actions" than when Obama became POTUS, they ignore women who are attacked publically because they are conservative women, they support and encite incidents like the Arab Spring in Egypt while women are losing their hard earned rights due to the Muslim Brotherhood dictates.
    SHAME on these women! Feminists, no, radicals, yes.
  • Jkirk3279 Michaelene 2012/08/13 00:56:36
    More "military actions".

    How many troops does the US have in Libya? Iran? Syria?

    Oh, wait, that was the U.N. Which we're a member of and obliged to support.

    Now, how many are in Iraq? The withdrawl from Afghanistan is set in stone for the end of the year.

    Women in Egypt losing their hard earned rights? Because they were doing SO well under Mubarak?

    Too bad not everybody could say that.
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