Obama signs new Executive Order for U.S. to follow global economic regulations

BARRY0619 2012/05/08 14:41:35
On May 1st, President Barack Obama signed a new Executive Order which
opens the
door for the United States to give up economic and
environmental sovereignty through
the promotion of a single
international regulatory system.

Read the full story here:

This guy needs to be impeached.
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  • Hula girl - Friends not Fol... 2012/05/08 19:39:59
    Hula girl - Friends not Followers
    He needs to be in Jail!
  • doofiegirl BTO-t- BCRA-F ~... 2012/05/08 19:09:46
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    Barry, I'm sorry! This just came up in my new happenings! And, I not ten minutes ago posted the same thing!
  • BARRY0619 doofieg... 2012/05/08 19:19:39
    No worries!
  • doofieg... BARRY0619 2012/05/08 20:52:50
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    I shared yours
  • BARRY0619 doofieg... 2012/05/08 21:33:07
    Thank you
  • ed 2012/05/08 17:18:05
    obama gets dumber and more ANTI-AMERICAN every day he remains in office and he thinks he has a chance on getting another term.
  • Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA 2012/05/08 17:15:34
    Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA
    ANOTHER worthless agency to funnel tax payer dollars into.
  • Charge 2012/05/08 16:54:58
    Obama feels he may ot win re-election so he will activate the NWO provisions now starting with the "LOST treaty":.... we will have serious trouble if he is successful.
  • Theresa 2012/05/08 16:04:02
    Day by day the Usurper removes more and more of our freedoms and subjugates us to a World framework.
  • ray Theresa 2012/05/08 23:02:53
    Agenda 21 is Government Policy , they don't even try to hide it anymore.
  • Theresa ray 2012/05/09 00:17:17
    Yes it is a unratified treaty which the Executive Branch is enforcing Illegally. It is sad that Congress will not do their congressional duties because they agree with the treaty but are afraid of the political backlash if they ratified it!
  • ray Theresa 2012/05/09 11:57:50
    The backlash is needed now. All the career politicians need to be removed . With special emphasis on the Socialist / communist .
    This election cycle is critical.
  • whitewulf--the unruly mobster 2012/05/08 15:41:02 (edited)
  • keeper 2012/05/08 15:30:13
  • Diane Spraggs Yates 2012/05/08 15:23:36
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    Globalist Not An American he would like to end life as we know it and what the founding Fathers had set up our very freedoms are endangered by Obama and others like him Voting him out would be faster than impeachment He needs to Go!!!!!!
  • mjkowal 2012/05/08 15:21:02
    Have any of you read the ACTUAL Executive order? http://www.whitehouse.gov/the...
  • Sheila mjkowal 2012/05/08 15:29:08
    Which part of the assessment given do you disagree with?
  • mjkowal Sheila 2012/05/08 17:01:32
    #1 The article linked to this post, barely comments on the actual order. The entire article, other than the phrases taken from the actual order, are subjective and opinion based , without any statements, resources or links to actual information. I am not a fan of the current President, however, I am tired of seeing propaganda from both the left and the right. I label this article as Propaganda.
  • Sheila mjkowal 2012/05/08 17:06:37
    Welcome to the "new" style of news. I remember when I was in school in an English class we were assigned to do a news story. The teacher made up the events and they were emotional "issues". One of the caveats the teacher mentioned was "if I can tell your view on the event you will fail". News is when, were, how, who and why. Opinion belongs in the editorials section.
  • Sheila mjkowal 2012/05/08 17:07:02
    BTW I did follow your link and read the order, thank you for the link.
  • tommyg ... mjkowal 2012/05/08 17:36:18
    tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA
    There is a link at the bottom of the article that takes you directly to the order. I think you just had premature propaganda....lol :)
  • mjkowal tommyg ... 2012/05/08 17:48:10
    Funny! Actually I just found the link at the bottom of the actual quotes from the order. I had clicked on every other link (all which took me to various sites or other articles from the author) except that one! Thank you for the correction! :)
  • tommyg ... mjkowal 2012/05/08 18:08:31
    tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA
    No worries....:)
  • jackolantyrn356 2012/05/08 15:15:05
    You KMOW America is gonna STARVE pm this one. Afric has become an empty jug due to Marxist take oivers and their littl rgame of reaching the bottom first
  • OPOA912 2012/05/08 15:11:56
    Someone needs to grow a pair of balls in Congress and do something about his guy. Is there no one in Congress who will stand up to this Dicktator????
  • Sheila 2012/05/08 15:06:40
    Ok, chant with me "Hell No BHO" untill SOMEONE hears us.

    How many things can one man do in 4 years to destroy our country??? We will be able to put a final tally on that come Jan.
  • Striker 2012/05/08 14:57:41
    Impeached hell, that's Treason, more treason. Arrest, prosecute, and execute.
  • mk, Smartass Oracle 2012/05/08 14:55:46
  • Laura Lovegood 2012/05/08 14:48:36
  • keeper Laura L... 2012/05/08 15:28:47
    Which is not a good thing!
  • ray Laura L... 2012/05/08 23:00:55
    Your are so aware for one so young , If only we had a hundred million more like you.
    Agenda 21 is the 800 pound gorrilla in the room . ( google it if you're not familiar )

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