No Signs of Intelligence

✿✿✿RoseD1st✿✿✿ 2011/02/12 12:14:22

After the CIA director began reporting intelligence he obtained from his TV set and the Director of Intelligence claimed the Muslim Brotherhood was a secular organization, it's obvious that there isn't a trace of intelligence in the Obama Administration.

To recap Obama's foreign policy triumphs, he snubbed England, tried and
failed to intimidate the little country of Honduras, picked a fight with
Israel over some houses in Jerusalem, tried to budge China on its
currency and got nowhere, got played by Russia on the START treaty and
now helped overthrow a pro-American government in order to replace it
with an anti-American government. It seemed impossible that anyone in
the White House could ever top Carter-- but Barack Hussein Obama has
done it in only 2 years. What he will do in his remaining time doesn't
bear thinking about.

Even if the American people manage to drive him out of the White House
in 2012, he will leave behind an ugly mess to clean up. American
prestige is at its lowest point in history. Our allies don't trust us.
Our enemies are slapping us around. The United States was fortunate to
have a Reagan to replace Carter, a strong leader who restored and
burnished the nation's standing. The situation wouldn't have been
salvaged nearly as well if Howard Baker or George H.W. Bush had won
instead. A Republican who ran for the presidency in 2008 only had to
carry on, but in 2012 he will have clean up duty. And there's no telling
how much he will have to clean up. We will need a strong leader who can
think on his or her feet, and has the courage to make a clean break
with the last 4 years.

Obama finally got his Carter moment, and went him one better. This turned out to be that 3 AM phone call,
but it would have been far better if he had slept through it. The
country and the world would be better off if he just spent the rest of
his term playing golf or playing with his model train set. But that
isn't happening. And we will all have to live with the consequences.

Egypt's future after Mubarak's exit will be either as a military
dictatorship or an Islamic state. That's the sum total of the
achievements of the Soros sponsored revolution. Either way life will get
harder and uglier. Economic reforms will go out the window and a civil
war is not out of the question.

There are two paths here. Either Suleiman and the military will maintain
control of Egypt with a few sidebar reforms. These reforms will
increase the power of the Muslim Brotherhood, without giving them a
direct line to take over. The other will occur if the military gives in
to Obama's pressure tactics and either allows ElBaradei to form a
transition government or opens up the system all the way. The ElBaradei
route will mean a repetition of the Aoun-Hezbollah alliance in Lebanon. A
completely open system will repeat the ugly events of Iran in 1979. And
then it's time for the US embassy to start torching papers.

So in the "best case scenario", Egypt will reverse Mubarak's economic
reforms and will have a less open system. In the worst case scenario, it
will have an Islamic state. That is the great flag waving achievement
here. And this is what Obama will go on claiming credit for, until the
heads start rolling, and then he'll figure out a way to blame Bush for
it. But the real credit goes to his Nazi collaborator puppetmaster,
György Soros.

With the 2012 election, Soros saw that he couldn't count on Obama. He
had already been expressing impatience with Obama. It may be a while
till we know how much money and resources were poured into this effort
to overthrow pro-American governments in the Middle East. And the
neo-conservatives who allowed themselves to be used to cheer on his
campaign have a lot to answer for.

Ironically, Soros' campaign outwardly seemed to share some common
elements with the Bush era neo-conservative campaign to bring down evil
regimes. These tactics were denounced as unilateral and imperialistic by
the same media enthusiastically cheering and participating in the
Egyptian coup. But the Bush era campaign had targeted anti-American
states with a history of supporting terrorism. And there was the

Obama's refusal to pressure Iran during the protests there, varied
sharply with the intensity of the pressure he applied to Egypt. The same
difference was there. Iran is anti-American. Egypt was pro-American
under Mubarak. And Obama, like his boss, kicks his allies and gives our
enemies the benefit of the doubt.

At CPAC, Rick Santorum said that he thinks, Obama doesn't believe in evil. I think he's wrong. Evil is all that Obama believes in.

The alliance between Western leftists and regional Islamists is
threatening to dramatically change the Middle East. Soros and his ilk
are carrying on the work of the Soviet Union. The new "people's
revolutions" toppling regimes no longer come from Moscow, instead they
come from 1060 Fifth Avenue and 175 Rue de la Loi. The Soviet Union has
fallen, but there are successors carrying on its work, from the Red
Baroness Ashton to Soros.

Carter's man, Zbigniew Brzezinski pushed the Green Belt strategy against
the USSR. The Obama Administration appears to have picked it up, but it
is no longer directed against the Soviet Union. It exists for its own
sake. Islam not as a weapon, but Islamism for the sake of Islamism.
Because it is held to be a good by men who don't know what good is. Who
believe reflexively in evil.

The least that any responsible administration should do is make it clear
that no Egyptian government that incorporates or allies with the Muslim
Brotherhood will receive any aid. But the Obama Administration actually supports a political role for the Muslim Brotherhood.

But what of Egypt's Christians,
ask Lisa Graas? If any group in Egypt should have been encouraged to
participate in the political process, it should have been Egypt's
disenfranchised Christians. The media has hardly mentioned them among
all this. When it has, it insisted that the overthrow of Mubarak would be good for them.

"I think Mubarak's resignation is a good thing for Coptic
Christians, and other Egyptians. If he had not done so, there would
likely have been riots and violence and a descent into chaos," said Paul
Marshall, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute's Center for Religious
Freedom in Washington, D.C., to The Christian Post.

No mention is made of the rights of Egypt's Christians. Instead it's
suggested that they should be happy that the protesters and their
violence didn't further endanger them.

A single cautionary note comes from the Washington Post's Michelle Boorstein

"The current situation for the Copts stinks, but [longtime
Egyptian President Hosni] Mubarak is the best of the worst for us," said
the Rev. Paul Girguis of St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church in Fairfax
County, which has about 3,000 members. "If Muslim extremists take over,
the focus will be extreme persecution against Copts. Some people even
predict genocide."

Arguably the genocide has already begun. The Christians of the Middle
East are an interruption in the narrative of Muslims who want to wipe
out all traces of other peoples and religions from the region.

Pervasive vandalism and destruction of ancient artifacts from previous
civilizations, whether it is Muslim looting and destruction of the
Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the Taliban's bombing of the Buddhas of
Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia which actually has a fatwa forbidding the preservation of historical sites... punishable by death.

Egypt's Copts, like Israel's Jews or Turkey's Armenians, are holdouts
against a tide of Muslim genocidal violence with the aim of ethnically
cleansing regions under their control.

The Iranianization of the Egyptian revolution has been well under way. Stories like this

should be painfully familiar from 1979

In the process many have formed some unusual bonds that
reflect the non-ideological character of the Egyptian youth revolt,
which encompasses liberals, socialists and members of the Muslim

''I like the Brotherhood most, and they like me,'' says Sally Moore, 32,
a psychiatrist, a Coptic Christian and an avowed leftist and feminist
of mixed Irish-Egyptian roots. ''They always have a hidden agenda, we
know, and you never know when power comes how they will behave. But they
are very good with organising, they are calling for a civil state just
like everyone else, so let them have a political party just like
everyone else - they will not win more than 10 per cent, I think.''

Many in the circle met during their university days. Islam Lotfi, a
lawyer who is a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Youth, says his group
used to enlist others from the tiny leftist parties to stand with them
in calling for civil liberties, to make their cause seem more universal.
Many are now allies in the revolt, including Zyad al-Elaimy, 30, a
lawyer who was then the leader of a communist group.

Quotes like this are altogether familiar from Iran. But you don't need
to worry about Dr. Sally Moore being forced to don a burqa. Moore came
from London, when things get hairy, she'll go back together. For now she
reps the Popular Campaign in Support of ElBaradei, which is part of the
Youth of the Egyptian Revolution, along the Muslim Brotherhood Youth.

The Muslim Brotherhood is explicitly using the Iranian model (see Atlas Shrugs) for Kamal Helbawi's statement to Iran's news agency.

Iran revolution example to follow, says Egyptian scholar
London, Feb 10, IRNA – The Islamic revolution in Iran over three decades
ago has set an example for others to follow, according to a prominent
Egyptian scholar.

“It has had an impact not only on Egypt but all over the Muslim world,”
Kamal Helbawi said on the eve of the 32nd anniversary of the 1979
revolution in Iran.

Kamal al-Halbavi, a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood,
expressed gratitude to Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei for his
support of the revolution. Al-Halvavi said he hoped that Egypt would
have a “a good government, like the Iranian government, and a good
president like Mr. Ahmadinejad, who is very brave.”

Helbawi was the Muslim Brotherhood's "spokesman to the West". So much for the 'split' between Sunnis and Shiites.

And if Egypt falls to the Brotherhood, then the timeline to the
Caliphate is shortened. Already ominous developments are beginning. And
the news is only getting worse

The two-ship Iranian task force, consisting of two
British-built vessels, Vosper Mark V-class frigate Alvand and supply
ship Kharg, left Iran on 26 January, according to Iranian news sources.
The next day, a senior naval officer announced that the task force,
deployed as the 12th Naval Group, “would enter the Red Sea and the
Mediterranean waters.” The prospect of a Mediterranean deployment is as
unprecedented as the Saudi port visit. There is no guarantee it will
actually happen, but the timing is interesting.

While the Mubarak regime was in power, there was little possibility of
Egypt permitting an Iranian naval task force to transit the Suez Canal.
I’m not convinced any Egyptian authority will agree to such a transit
before the country’s political future is sorted out – I certainly don’t
think the Iranians know their warships are approaching a Canal that will
be opened to them by a specific, expected change in political
conditions. But what I do perceive is a bold move by Iran.

Iran is throwing its weight around and daring anyone to stop them. The
Mullahs and Ahmadinejad are confident that no one will. We're quickly
approaching an endgame.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Friday that a new
Middle East is being created which would be free of the United States
and Israel, as he backed the Arab uprisings but warned Egyptians to be
watchful of America's "friendly face."

Massive crowds of Iranians, waving flags and chanting "Death to
Mubarak!" and "Death to America!" descended on Tehran's Azadi Square
(Freedom Square) to listen to the hardliner who lashed out at the West
and Israel in a speech marking the 32nd anniversary of the Islamic

"We will soon see a new Middle East materialising without America and
the Zionist regime and there will be no room for world arrogance (the
West) in it," Ahmadinejad told the cheering crowds who gathered despite
the cold and cloudy weather.

And yes there's talk of an apocalypse a-coming

In his fiery style, Ahmadinejad, showed his messianic
beliefs on Friday, saying the world was witnessing a revolution managed
by Imam Mehdi, the 12 Shiite imam who disappeared as a five-year-old in
the 10th century and who Shiites believe would return on the judgement

"The final move has begun. We are in the middle of a world revolution
managed by this dear (12th Imam). A great awakening is unfolding. One
can witness the hand of Imam in managing it," said Ahmadinejad, wearing
his trademark jacket.

The combination of Obama's domestic unpopularity and his international
weakness means that Iran knows that they have to rack up as many gains
as they can, before he can be potentially replaced by an American
leader. The closer we get to the election, the worse it will get. And
there are too many enemies positioning themselves to take advantage of
an Obama-ridden country.

But there's no need to worry. Everything will work out. Incidentally, over the last four years, Pakistan has doubled the size of its nuclear arsenal. Just one of those things that happened to happen.

Nuclear proliferation analysts from the Federation of
American Scientists and the Institute for Science and International
Security (ISIS) assess that since 2006, Pakistan has increased the size
of its nuclear arsenal from 30-60 atomic bombs to approximately 110.
That makes Pakistan the world’s fifth largest nuclear power ahead of
Britain and France.

As for delivery systems, according to The Washington Post, Pakistan has
developed nuclear-capable land- and air-launched cruise missiles. Its
Shaheen II missile, with a range of 2,400 kilometers, is about to go
into operational deployment.

Yes, the sponsors of the Taliban now have over a 100 nuclear missiles.
Pakistan has more nuclear weapons than its former colonial masters in
London do. How many will it have 10 years from now, while we keep on
cutting our own arsenal? While we place Europe's missile shield in
Turkey, another Islamist state.

Pakistan's missiles can't reach London yet. Depending on where they
launch from. But they will be able to. And then New York and Washington
D.C. If they dispense with the warheads, they have enough to destroy
every city in the US with a population above 200,000.

Again nothing to worry about. Just be very afraid of.

You know how afraid our governments are of Muslims, when all they can do
is stage the occasional small scale of mass murder. How afraid are they
going to be when they can kill 50 million people in a single day?

And how long do you think freedom of speech and religion will last when
that day comes that the Muslim world forces the free world to choose?

Think about it, while there's time. And think about how much US money
given as payback for Pakistan's on and off efforts against Al Qaeda was
diverted to build those weapons.


Moving on back to America, Senator Kyl's retirement is unfortunate. There is talk of Giffords running for the seat,
but I think that's still wishful thinking. Not only does Giffords have a
long road ahead of her, rehab is a long journey after a traumatic
injury. And the speculation doesn't originate from her.

It's not inconceivable that Democratic operatives could get her into the
race, but that would also lose her much of the sympathy they want to
cash in on. Being shot in the head is not a qualification for the
Senate. Of course there are plenty of counterexamples.

'Senator' Evita Carnahan is a great example of a public willing to vote
for a completely unqualified wife of a governor because her husband had
died in a plane crash. (Even more insanely her dead husband actually won
the election, which should have led to his corpse being propped up in
the Senate.) Then there's Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy who was elected
to congress because her husband was among a group of passengers shot by
Colin Ferguson. McCarthy is a single issue congresswoman who long ago
fell out of step with national trends against gun control and doesn't
exactly represent her district which isn't exactly faced with a major
gun violence problem, but there she sits. And she can't be moved.
Because she successfully commodified her husband's shooting death into a
permanent widow's sinecure in public office.

In the roundup, a trajectory of the pleasure principle and the weapons of mass distraction from Cliffs of Insanity (via Western Rifle Shooters)

We are texting and walking through the mall. We are so
absorbed in ourselves, our toys, our tech, our own little world that we
neglect even the most fundamental of tasks. It never occurs to us that
something may be ahead of us. That the smooth, level walking surface
may change. Or that anything might change. When we reach that first
indicator of trouble, we'll try to step over it-even though it's totally
wrong. Our brain is so absorbed that we literally cannot even walk
right. And so, we're headed for disaster on the big screen while unseen
viewers will laugh at our misfortune and stupidity.

Execpt that in reality, we're walking not into a tame pool of water a
foot deep , but over The Cliffs of Insanity. There'll be no "hot
coffee" lawsuits after this fall.

No, the people who will run things then won't be putting up with those.

IsraelGirl considers the prospects in Gaza after the events in Egypt in Is there hope for the people in Gaza?

Now the Arab world is a flame with riots and protests
demanding political reforms. Is there hope for freedom and democracy in
Gaza? Just like Hitler won a democratic election in Nazi Germany, Hamas
came to power in Gaza in a democratic fashion. Sadly democracy and
freedom stopped there.

People in Gaza have had enough. Gaza's youth are venting anger on
Facebook calling for an end of Hamas' brutal regime. Hamas security
forces are breaking up solidarity rallies arresting protesters. Hamas
police and internal security forces have been arresting and summoning
for investigation Fatah members and Facebook activists in the Gaza
Strip, to prevent them from holding a demonstration against Hamas in
Gaza on February 11. Many voices in Fatah, long time rivals of Hamas,
are calling on the people in Gaza to stand up and revolt against the
"dictatorship that restricts their freedoms."

People's experience of poverty, unemployment and lack of freedom is
identical all over the Arab world. But due to Israel's constant aid, the
people in Gaza are often living in better conditions than in
neighboring Arab countries. Check out the pictures below - these images
of daily life in Gaza prove there is no hunger in Gaza. But people are
beginning to realize that freedom is worth fighting for. All of us in
Giyus.org are sending a message of hope and strength to people in Gaza -
you deserve to be free of Hamas' brutal regime.

We'll see.

Lemon Lime Moon accuses the Virginia Military Institute of going soft on Islam

The flag of Sardina is interesting as it bears the severed
head of a Moor on it. When the Moors tried to invade Sardinia, they
beheaded them. The heads were stuck on pikes around the island as a
warning to the Mohammedans not to try it again. They didn't.

Finally at INN, Dr Mordechai Nisan asks if Obama will go down at the Godfather of the Islamic Revolution

But a paradigm which fits Obama’s record suggests that the
tempo and turmoil of regional events fit his agenda, and may be a result
of his policies. As a son of a Muslim father, Obama is on course to
promote Islamization at home and abroad. In the Middle East, where
popular religious forces threaten authoritarian regimes, Obama has
placed America on the side of Islam. His is a historical role in
furthering the expansion of radical Shari’a Islam from his Oval Office
in Washington. Hamas, while defined as a terrorist organization,
received U.S. aid for the Gaza Strip under its rule.

Obama’s agenda is succeeding brilliantly with the very list of events
considered his failures in foreign policy in facthighlighting his
successes. Islamic takeovers in Lebanon and perhaps Egypt, maybe in
Tunisia and Yemen, then Jordan, fulfill his vision in full glow. Thus,
Egypt as a base of American strategy in the Middle East may be replaced
by Egypt as a foundation for the spread of radical Islam in the world.
When Obama bowed before the King of Saudi Arabia in April 2009, he was
not showing respect for the monarchy but deference to the Guardian of
the Holy Cities of Islam. Maybe over a few generations Washington will
be added, along with Rome, to the list of Islamic sacred sites.

What do you think?

Read More: http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/2011/02/friday-aft...

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Top Opinion

  • jer1five 2011/02/12 13:55:02
    Saying these scoundrels in the Obama administration are stupid is letting them off easy. These people lie. Lying comes as naturally to them as breathing. They know what they say is not true. They say the things they say in an effort to deceive the public and advance their agenda: the remaking of a democratic, free market republic into a socialist state.

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  • Rore73 2012/04/11 21:09:14
    It's a distraction by the DNC, orchestrated by Obama and Wasserman-Schultz (Obama thinks he's going to have a threesome).
  • Adakin Valorem~PWCM~JLA 2012/04/11 20:10:18 (edited)
    Adakin Valorem~PWCM~JLA
    Excellent compilation of Barry's lack of ability to do anything other than organize a protest march in Chicago's south side. When I saw the title "No Signs of Intelligence" I didn't know if you were referring to life on Mars or the current administration. But based on the above report, it's obvious that there is FAR MORE intelligent life on Mars than there is in the Whitehouse.

    Thanks for posting this Rose! I just Thank God for TERM LIMITS!

    God Bless the USA
  • dispatcher 2012/04/11 16:29:34
    Its the liberal minded democratic socialist agenda. Tell the sheep what they want to hear & they will follow. The NO GOOD LYING SOCIALIST THUG PIG SCUM BAG ovomit & the Administration will continue to do as they want & abuse the system asmuch as they can behind closed doors. THE DO AS WE SAY NOT AS WE DO ADMINISTRATION.
    Obama is the puppet of the sheep herders dream that is turning all the freeloaders & illegals in his favor. Keep giving more & more to them and eventually this country will become bankrupt & there will be a civil / race war that will tear this country apart for years to come.

  • Racefish 2012/04/11 15:09:51
    Yet the freeloaders and idiots will all vote for him.
  • Bevos 2012/04/11 13:46:14
    God help us ALL! OMG! OMG! OMG!
  • alanh 2012/04/11 13:32:03
    It is time to vote the idiots out and vote in a strong replacement!!
  • Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA 2012/04/11 11:40:48
    Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA
    I think that this is an accurate assessment of obaaaama.
    The Republican president is going to have a huge mess to clean up starting in Jan. 2013.
    obama work is done
  • Stan Kapusta 2012/04/11 05:47:53
    Stan Kapusta
    What do you expect with poor leadership. Congress too.
  • Red_Horse 2012/04/11 05:29:15
  • mac9 2012/04/11 04:23:51
    They all must go!
  • COCO 2012/04/11 03:09:16
  • OPOA912 2012/04/11 02:41:05
    Good God, is this Country that stupid that we can't elect someone with a brain!!!! obama the scarecrow
  • jer1five 2011/02/12 13:55:02
    Saying these scoundrels in the Obama administration are stupid is letting them off easy. These people lie. Lying comes as naturally to them as breathing. They know what they say is not true. They say the things they say in an effort to deceive the public and advance their agenda: the remaking of a democratic, free market republic into a socialist state.
  • Theresa 2011/02/12 12:28:13
    This posting is quite correct. the Islamization of the whole world is happening now due to the machinations of the NWO.
  • Zombie ... Theresa 2012/04/11 02:29:56 (edited)
    Zombie Saddam
    But Islamisation is precisely the counter trend to the greedy oil/business conglomerates that supposedly make up the "NWO" as it disrupts trade and leads to greater violence against the country's that have nefarious shadowy entities built into their bureaucracy. Oh wait, I forgot, none of the "New World Order" conspiracies make sense.
  • Theresa Zombie ... 2012/04/11 03:21:14
    No you do not understand Islam is the perfect vehicle to spread totalitarianism. It has as a component, a built in non questioning of authority. Besides the NWO itself decreed that Islam will be the world's religion.
  • Zombie ... Theresa 2012/04/11 23:35:29
    Zombie Saddam
    The NWO isn't an entity. If it were, it would destroy the conspiracy theories of people like you because it wouldn't be an abstract fear anymore. Everyone has the boogey man they're afraid of, and some people HAVE to have one.

    Besides, even if there was an order of shadowy persons dedicated to ruling the World, they would specifically use multiple religions to pacify the World's peoples, making a singular religion extremely unproductive to their goals of submission.
  • Theresa Zombie ... 2012/04/11 23:38:27 (edited)
    You have no idea what you are saying. The NWO does exist. They are a group of very powerful and wealthy people. They have one plan for the earth. Read Georgia Guidestones if you want to see that those ideals are.
  • Zombie ... Theresa 2012/04/12 00:09:49
    Zombie Saddam
    Some people just don't want to live in a world of love and freedom and have to get caught up in lies and shadows. I feel bad for you man.
  • Erok Theresa 2012/04/15 09:07:10
    Yep the Bilderbergs and trilateral comission for starters and a few others....
  • Theresa Erok 2012/04/15 13:39:33
    Those are some of the working groups but the actual control comes from Fiat money.

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