Modern killings for Christianity: religion of Peace? Seems no religion is truly innocent

santanasmooth 2011/12/27 20:30:02
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Modern killings for Christianity

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  • RevJim 2013/06/15 21:32:52
    I know not all religious people are bad
    Religion does actually help some people who really need it. It can create good people as well as bad.
  • rand 2013/06/15 13:10:16
    I know not all religious people are bad
    Asoka founded a Buddhist state based on pacifism, but it didn't last because of the nature of man, not because of the nature of God. “Society is founded not on the ideals but on the nature of man…” “…known history shows little alteration in the conduct of mankind.” From The Lessons of History by the Durants
  • Smiji 2012/01/05 00:16:18
    I know not all religious people are bad
    Religion doesn't kill people. People kill people. You obviously don't know that. My advice is do some research and you'll find that most killings happened because of politics. Anyway, I don't mean to offend and I get that you are entitled to your opinion as am I to mine. :)
  • santana... Smiji 2012/01/06 02:55:55
    Done lots of research and yes we are both entitled
  • Smiji santana... 2012/01/06 03:05:20
    Good for you! :)
  • Andy 2011/12/27 21:06:05
    I know not all religious people are bad
    Were these killings done by the Christian Church or by people who claim to be Christians? Either way...the killing is wrong!!
  • santana... Andy 2011/12/27 22:26:13
    Christian are Christians

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