Mexican Families to Sue ATF Over Fast and Furious?

~ The Rebel ~ 2012/06/08 22:42:23
Back in September, it was confirmed by Mexican Attorney General Marisel Morales that at least 200 Mexican citizens have been killed as a result of the Obama Justice Department’s Operation Fast and Furious. Last week, Mexican Ambassador to the United States Arturo Sarukan said the lethal operation, of which the Mexican government was left in the dark about, has caused a major loss of trust in the U.S. from the Mexican people.

"Mexico was never apprised how the operation would be designed and implemented," Sarukhan told officials at a forum hosted by the New Democrat Network, or NDN, a center-left think tank and advocacy organization, and the New Policy Institute, one of its sister organizations.

"Regardless of whether this was or was not the intent or the design of Fast and Furious," Sarukhan said, "the thinking that you can let guns walk across the border and maintain operational control of those weapons is really an outstanding lack of understanding of how these criminal organizations are operating on both sides of our common borders."

He added that the ill-conceived operation had "poisoned the wellsprings" of public opinion in Mexico, putting strains on the strides that had been achieved between the United States and Mexico in combating illegal gun trafficking.

Now, families of "Rapido y Furioso" in Mexico are preparing a civil lawsuit against the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and the lawyer representing them is risking everything, including her life, to represent them. The following is a translated portion of this Spanish article.

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  • stevmackey 2012/07/16 02:11:42
    Obama will not ever know who his friends are. What i going to happen after his Justice Department seals the records? It may force this to go public after all.
  • valeria la potra 2012/07/15 17:02:46
    valeria la potra
    GOD bless this people! Que DIOS los bendiga!:(
  • Somkey the Hores 2012/07/07 07:49:28
    Somkey the Hores
    Bring down BATFE.
  • David 2012/06/09 19:41:38
    What about Big SIS and Eric Holder?
  • ~ The Rebel ~ 2012/06/08 22:43:09
    ~ The Rebel ~
    A Mexican lawyer is preparing a civil lawsuit against the Agency Snuff, Firearms and Explosives (ATF, for its acronym in English) United States, representing relatives of victims of the operation 'Fast and Furious', with which the U.S. government illegally brought weapons into the country to trace and catch the criminals that were acquired.


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