Is a Second American Civil War Possible?

Hellno~POTL~RWAC~FUCU 2011/01/12 03:34:30
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Is a Second American Civil War Possible? Honestly, I don't know? I wonder sometimes though... Who would be against who? The middle vs. the Coasts? Another South vs. the North?

We certainly are divided more than ever but is it regional?

If we never do anything to stop illegal Mexicans from crossing the border will AZ and TX finally get to the point where they've had enough and attempt to secede from the union?
regional illegal mexicans crossing border az tx attempt succeed union
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  • Cody Maxwell 2014/10/18 22:19:00
    Cody Maxwell
    well technically Texas has the legal rights to secede as it won its own independence in the first place. Personally I would love to fly the bonnie blue flag again without being called a racist pig. A second civil war? It is highly likely that one will happen the country as a whole is too unstable. Also the government is beginning to infringe on the constitutional rights of average Americans so when they go to far (gun control) people will take a stand. If there was ever a war I would support it would be one against a corrupt and power hungry government and most people in my town would do the same. Texans have had a reputation since before the civil war that they don't take crap and if you mess with Texas your gonna feel the hurt for it. The proof stands in history: Texas War of Independence, and the American Civil War (1st Texas Infantry)
  • John Smith 2013/08/28 05:04:10 (edited)
    John Smith
    I believe that if it were to come to war, wich it is very likely to not. It will not be a large scale affair. The only way to truly resist a government of this size and military power is guerilla warfare. Not only that, but with the new technology and weapons the U.S. Government is developing the state governments would be to afraid to rally to the rebels. What we're left with is the american people. Fighting a desperate and extremely difficult war for their own freedom. With no official governing institutions to support them. The chances of the people would be near zero. However, in the words of George Orwell's 1984, "If there is any hope, it lies with the proles." (proles\proletariat: Working class common men.)
  • Alen Lambkins 2013/03/23 06:54:32
    Alen Lambkins
    With America's 17 trillion deficit that is continually growing from wars, lack of resources, excessive importing of oil, high unemployment, company and home bankrupts and civil unrest that it's my conclusion that civil war will happen in 25 yrs. Illegal immigrants putting a strain on America economy in the next 10 yrs that war is inevitable. Like all nations on this planet war is a natural state for growth and unlike the past civil war
    this one will be of east vs west with Alaska joining Canada. Millions will die as the war rages for years until peace of a new and stable America can be obtained. Remember people........America was born from war and the new America will survive from it though different. All the America's will be affected by it regionally and most of world's countries will stay out of it due too the last great war that killed 70 million world wide. In 25 yrs the national debt of America will be 40 trillion... WAR IS COMING
  • John Smith Alen La... 2013/08/28 05:13:32
    John Smith
    The west and the east? The east is more loyal than the west then? What makes you think that it will be the west V.S. the east? The governments of both the eastern and western states are in with the American government. There will be no grand secession like in the civil war. There will be no long drawn out conflict between two large and advanced armies. It will fall to a few men who have the dedication, Bravery, and perserverance to prove that the U.S. government can be defeated.Once you can prove that, keep in mind this is IF they dont kill the rebels off immediately, the dissidents will gather and rally.
  • Hora Alen La... 2014/07/08 21:48:35
    Is not possible tolerate no more no Dems and no illegals who abusing for decades, claim what are wrong, what was selling a past now no have any right to claim, but Mexico gov are a worse of worse, complot against USA. Must be and will another Civil War unless Nobuma and DEM quit power and I don't thing will happening. DEMS are NOT majority and must leave a power or be will blood run.
  • Alen Lambkins 2013/03/23 06:34:01
    Alen Lambkins
    America will have a 2nd civil war in the next 25 yrs
  • hunter denise 2012/10/31 08:18:28
    hunter denise
    Look at it threw the eyes of the government if people are not peacefully in the streets protesting this like the peaceful civil rights movement everyday, they are gonna think u are violent drug crazed fools look at how the occupy movement was treated, If theres anything possible todo at this stage is to start forming Peaceful protest outside of ur local capital building demanding the resignation of all Positions in government. America shouldnt just be for americans It was founded by immigrants for immigrants it dosent matter what race you are or religion we are all HUMAN. I AM FOR THE REMOVAL OF ALL BORDERS/REFORM a GLobal goverment that is in the intrest of all people of all ages/race/religon. IF the earth had one goverment all the earths resources could be pooled to any effort. i bet we would be colonizing other planets right now if we werent bogged down fighting wars for domiance of resources and influence ****^To allow an agressor "if you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality" - Bishop Desmond Tutu
  • Cody Ma... hunter ... 2014/10/18 22:22:54
    Cody Maxwell
    No... just... no. This is possibly the worst idea I have ever heard violence is the only way to truly achieve peace.
  • Chad Heath 2012/04/22 21:22:14
    Chad Heath
    I think this is more than possible. If the northern states continue to go blue and the southern continue to go Red and presidents keep getting elected with very slim margins with very defined borders, I think your going to eventually see a movement to do something. Lets say Obama gets re-elected and you see all the southern and mid-plain states going for the republican candidate and all of the northern states going for Obama. Obama then begins to enact radical socialist policies like back breaking taxes, restricting free speach, and then instituting union laws that bleed companies and bankrupt others. At some point the people in those red states are going to have little choice but to rebel to keep their rights and maintain their economy.
    South Carolina has already adopted its own currency emergency system in the event the dollar is devalued to the point of worthless.
    If there is not a real concerted effort by both parties to stop the divisive tone of politics, its going to happen.
  • DisappointedCitizen 2011/12/15 12:01:57
    Everyone seems to focus on small issues like abortion, illegal immigrants or gays. People should be more worried about the consolidation of wealth in this country. Its no longer a government by the people and for the people. Its pay to play, and if you dont pay your issues dont matter. The treat us like sheep. Your only three fifths of a person if your earning less than a million a year.
  • Shannon 2011/10/01 05:04:33 (edited)
    I would hope that it wouldn't come to that. But, being a person who lives in the heart of Alabama, I completely understand the rage at Obama's involvement. He left us no choice; he obviously wasn't going to do anything and we all know that the South isn't afraid to take a stand.
  • William 2011/06/27 07:25:08
    When the civil war starts. I wont fight over race, religion, or for other seemingly childish reasons. It will be because I see on a daily basis the government taking away freedoms. the right to Militia was taken away with the anti terrorist act of 2003 imposed by G. W. Bush. Why? because they have known that there would be an uprising. I support taking back the government By the people for the people, instead of the current Government thought process of for the government and only the government and if you have any opinions you will be arrested for treason.
  • Space Invader 2011/04/12 22:00:46 (edited)
    Space Invader
    Texas is the only state that can legally secede from the Union; I guess the rest of us will have to move... texas legally secede union guess rest traffic jam
  • Michael... Space I... 2012/04/28 16:58:46
    I believe Texas is actually allowed to split into four states of equal size. But, that probably won't stop them from seceeding anyway if things get bad enough to do so. Personally, I'd much rather see a restoration of rights previously taken away than secession and civil war.
  • General... Space I... 2013/08/28 23:22:12 (edited)
    General Collyer
    Texas, or any other state, can not legally secede from the Union. Contrary to popular belief, it says nowhere in the Texas Constitution that Texas can secede. The only thing that is interesting that Texas can do is split into five separate states without the approval of Congress. These states would probably be North Texas, West Texas, Austin, East Texas, and South Texas. Doing this would quadruple its power in the Senate.
  • JAKE~PWCM~JLA 2011/02/06 13:10:23
    it wouldn't be all bad, republicans have all the guns...
  • gibyob 2011/01/18 18:25:46
    I can see a war happening, not necessarrilly a typical 2 sided affair but more of a free for all with several groups fighting for what they want in their particular geographical locality and the government trying to control it all and making deals wit5h foriegn governments for help.
  • Freebird 2011/01/15 23:49:54
    I don't see how it can be avoided.
  • Liza Jane 2011/01/15 22:24:39
    Liza Jane
    It's not going to happen. The National Guard and the troops we have at home would probably end up squashing any half-assed attempt at overthrowing the American government.

    It's just not possible and the stuff paranoid schizophrenic's dreams are made of. Keep fantasizing about it I suppose; expectation only leads to disappointment.
  • harley.... Liza Jane 2012/07/24 18:28:13
    So you think that the US military will kill civilians? Didn't England think the same thing in Boston? Were they wrong? Damn right they were. If history repeats itself, I would hate to be those that go against the US and their militias.
    Think about it. Soldiers would go back to their families and fight to protect them. that means there wouldn't be anybody to man those big ole' war weapons!!
  • Dillon ... Liza Jane 2012/12/30 02:44:54
    Dillon Martinez
    What most people don't realize about military intervention in a new civil war is that loyalty will come into question. Not all military personnel are going to be able to follow orders that include them attacking members of a group they support. We all have different views of our current "leader". I'm in the Marine Corps and there is a lot of talk about a possible civil war. Even military members will rebel against there commanders if we are being given orders to attack civilians. We are obligated to do what is morally right at all times. We all have different morals and during a civil war you will see military on military clashes.
  • Kiosk Kid 2011/01/14 20:17:29
    Kiosk Kid
    This is the final fight between Capitalism and Communism. It is going on all over Western Europe and America. The problem is the massive debt and unemployment run up by socialist countries. The catalist is the fact that the Bond Market doesn't want to lend these countries and states anymore money.

    Therefore, these countries and states can't fund all of their welfare programs.

    California is going to be interesting trying to figure out who is going to keep their welfare programs and who will have to get a job.

    Liberals get very violent especially when their welfare programs are in jepordy.
  • big T 2011/01/14 19:01:25
    big T
    if nothing is done the entire USA will be destroy in a few years no one will be left but the old and aged people unable to pro creat .A seccond american civil war only half or so would be dead making it possible to remake the greatness of the USA . But to do nothing any longer to stop abortion and birth control we all might as well cut our own throates it will be equaly as effective.
  • big T 2011/01/14 18:56:03
    big T
    if abortion keeps going on there will be nobody left to clean anything up from a secod american civil war. due to abortion the United states of America is already in 25% population decline . so the war has already been started rather you like it or not.
  • paul 2011/01/14 16:51:09
    A second civil war will just leave a gigantic mess that all of us will have to clean up. We can only hope that we'll clean it up on our own with out another country claiming this one in such a state of vulnerability. Civil war? mmmmmmmmmm, not a good idea
  • big T paul 2011/01/14 18:14:39
    big T
    Well my country the South will win our 3rd war of independence. than k Gos for the Confederate flag odf the South.
  • big T paul 2011/01/14 18:21:29
    big T
    An Oath to a ;yer is no Oath at all. So advance the fkags of Dixie harrah harrah for our southern lands we'll make our stand and we will fight for Dixie.
  • ronbo 2011/01/14 15:57:58
    I,m not saying that it,s impossible but I don,t think the country even near that stage yet.
  • big T ronbo 2011/01/14 18:19:22
    big T
    O im a good Ole Rebel now thats just what I am and for this Yankee nation I do not give a damn, im glad to fight their banner I only hope we win and there is no point is asking for any mercy forom Obama or any of them. I hate the gloriouse federal goverment and their unions. thats dripping in our futures generations blood and I wont ask for any parden for anything my country has done.
  • Just MEH....Piwan 2011/01/14 15:40:46
    Just MEH....Piwan
    The way things are going, it wouldn't surprise me!
  • MasterxScorpius 2011/01/14 15:17:11
    I think it can happen i think it could be a border war from other states trying to keep mexico out
  • lucky 2011/01/14 15:03:12
    No, it will not be a south vs. north because although you dont hear people mention it much, both sides are fairly integrated now, i know just as many northerners that live down south as I know southerners who live up north.

    It will not be between political views because too many families are politically mixed, that would be in many cases pitting father against son/daughter, son/daughter against brother/sister, ect.

    It will not be over illegal immigration because if our government has its way in the end all the illegals will be recognized as legal and they will be telling texas what to do and what not to do. So states will not leave the union because they will be run by the very people that would have caused them to leave the union in the first place.

    Last but not least, a civil war for any reason would leave us wide open for a military foreign invasion and takeover, it will weaken our country and leave us sitting ducks for any enemy with any power.
  • george 2011/01/14 13:20:20
    I would think it would be the people against the government.
  • jackolantyrn356 2011/01/14 12:44:59
    Should Obama be re-elected. The War is assured. The Marxists grin.
  • Liza Jane jackola... 2011/01/15 22:25:16
    Liza Jane
    You read as if you're a deeply troubled person.
  • Mark 2011/01/14 11:14:43
    It is fairly likely. Not sure if it will come to that, but with the state of the country, it is all too possible.
  • JeromyFreakingDeskins 2011/01/14 10:09:43
    If the poor keep getting squashed by the Corporate elites... maybe a communist revolution will take place. I won't rule that out, since it's happened in all the current and former communist nations. Such an outcome would be awful, but it's the price we pay for being greedy, selfish, and divisive.
  • DanaR JeromyF... 2011/01/14 14:40:58
  • JeromyF... DanaR 2011/01/15 04:02:02
    And the Conservatives are helping them how?
  • DanaR JeromyF... 2011/01/15 15:52:35
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