How Often Do Oil Rigs Explode?

PDenoli 2010/09/06 05:57:32
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Happens all the time.  Ooops, there goes another one!
It happens from time to time, but it seems to be happening a lot more regularly.
Never seemed to happen until it became a political debate.
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In the past few months, we've had two oil rigs explode. Each one couldn't have been timed better to support the administration's agenda. Lucky coincidence, or is this the sort of thing that happens all the time and we never hear about it because it's not aligned with a legislative push?

Can anyone post a resource where these events are tracked?
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  • EllaBella 2010/09/06 11:31:46
    Happens all the time. Ooops, there goes another one!
    Offshore drilling is no stranger to accidents. The U.S. Mineral Management Service, recently renamed as the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement said there have been nearly 1,500 incidents over a 6 year period.
    "... Of these incidents, 41 fatalities, 302 injuries, 476 fires, and 356 pollution events were reported."

  • PDenoli EllaBella 2010/09/07 02:19:27
    Thanks!! I'd much rather think it was opportunistic journalism than think it was something more sinister. That said, 41 fatalities in 6 years sounds like a piss-poor track record for any industry. Yeah, there are thousands of rigs and many tens of thousands of workers... but 41 accident-related fatalities?? Damn.
  • EllaBella PDenoli 2010/09/08 00:57:12
    another good source of information is the SEC website. Everytime a public company has a "significant event" they are required to report it. The website is a little difficult to navigate - but once you get used to it there is a HUGE amount of information available.

    also, keep in mind that the info above only relates to U.S.A. reportable events - there are accidents all over the world that we never hear about it in this country.
  • PDenoli EllaBella 2010/09/08 17:31:01
    Thanks again for the information!

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