How long did it rain during Noah"s flood?

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  • rhee 2009/04/08 00:53:00
    Forty days and Forty nights
    They remained on the ark 150 days until vegitaion was enough to feed the timid birds .This proven by the DOVE returning twicewhen it returned the 2 time it had an olive branch ..showing things were growing again ..the third tiem she /it didnt return ..The raven never came back as he is a scavenger.there was plentyof food for it.GOD BLESS
  • SpyderX 2009/04/07 04:45:13
    None of the above
    it wasn't rain... it was a divine golden shower... yup, God pissed on everybody!
  • Körïnthïän 2009/04/07 00:16:32
    None of the above
    Let's count how many babies, cuddly animals and pretty plants god drowned too!
  • rhee Körïnthïän 2009/04/08 00:56:40
    He sure did he destroyed all living creatures ..If you would read instead of make fun you would see that GOD was not happy about it . It greived him thats why he promised to never destroy the world with water again.. Next time he destors it or purifies it he will fry your happy hinny...(sorry couldnt help my self) GOD BLESs
  • Körïnthïän rhee 2009/04/08 01:16:53
    Here, let me explain something to you:

    If you can do anything, you can do things without killing innocents.

    It is really that simple.
  • rhee Körïnthïän 2009/04/08 01:25:24
    Let me explain something to you when your ignorant your just ignorant !.. You and yours wont like this but here we go ...If you punish just the idiots it not as effective as if you catch a few innocents ..Try weeding your garden bet after a while of weeds growing ,,when you do decide you'ev had all the weeds you can stand and start to weed it out ..I bet you get a few good tender plants .what cha bet ? GOD BLESS
  • Körïnthïän rhee 2009/04/08 01:27:32
    You are comparing people who aren't omnipotent with a fictional being that's claimed to be. So your logic is flawed. Try again.
  • rhee Körïnthïän 2009/04/08 01:31:38
    Thank you for noticing GOD is omnipotent!..Oh thats right you say he's fictitional So of course he must be.. HAHA HEE HOOO I laugh in your face GOD BLESS HaHAHA HE HE HE HO HO HOo
  • Körïnthïän rhee 2009/04/08 01:36:48
    Oh no, I broke another.
  • rhee Körïnthïän 2009/04/08 03:29:44
    YOu broke another what nail..... hahahhehehhohoh..You are to funny GOD BLESS
  • Xavier 2009/04/06 06:24:03
    Forty days and Forty nights
    It rained for forty days and forty nights, but the water didnt leave the earth until 150 days.
  • Howard Beale II 2009/04/06 06:11:05
    None of the above
    Howard Beale II
    According to the Koran, each of Alibaba's thieves made the rain fall for a whole day. And that is a fact.
  • Kimberly 2009/04/05 15:31:03
    Forty days and Forty nights
    "Saved for a rainy day" things came into effect I bet...
  • R0xY2576~ R.W.A.C~ 2009/04/05 12:52:40
    R0xY2576~ R.W.A.C~
  • Pats Fan 2009/04/05 11:06:19
    Forty days and Forty nights
    Pats Fan
    in the fairy tale it says,"Forty days and Forty nights".
  • PC 2009/04/05 09:51:06 (edited)
    None of the above
    go 4 wood wood
  • SHER♥ 2009/04/05 09:16:00
    Forty days and Forty nights
    40 days and 40 nights!!! days nights 40 days 40 nights
  • Radlad 2009/04/05 08:06:02
    Forty days and Forty nights
    and waited for the sewers to back up.................
  • Kurbdog 2009/04/05 06:49:00
    Forty days and Forty nights
  • NickName his Dudeness 2009/04/05 06:13:24
    None of the above
    NickName his Dudeness
    It's always raining somewhere...
  • Mollydolly 2009/04/05 05:38:57
    too long?
  • Feck Sodahed 2009/04/05 05:24:26
    None of the above
    Feck Sodahed
    Noah's flood is a made up story... so it's impossible to answer rationally.
  • Xavier Feck So... 2009/04/06 06:25:56
    How is it made up when there is more then sufficient proof to show that it actually happened. There are pieces of the Ark still on Mount Ararat.
  • Feck So... Xavier 2009/04/06 13:28:47
    Feck Sodahed
    Okay...most of the story was fabricated. There was never a flood of the entire earth 5,000 years ago that wiped out everyone except for one family.
  • Xavier Feck So... 2009/04/06 21:30:29
    Then apparently you need to read it again. Because it wiped out everyone, but 8 people. And God is goinjg to do it again because of the hardness of your hearts, except this time will be by fire.
  • Lindy... 2009/04/05 05:03:37
    None of the above
    Did Noah really build an Ark..sheltering creatures deep inside?
    It must have been ten miles long and fifty meters high!
    They SAY it rained for 40 days and then for 40 nights...
    That two by two the creatures marched without a single fight.
    Floating then...until the Dove.... went out... with twig in beak..
    To see if water ebbed enough to bare the mountains' peak.
  • Smarter... Lindy... 2009/04/05 18:27:35 (edited)
    Smarter, then you!
    ...and that's why dinosaurs are extinct.


  • Xavier Lindy... 2009/04/06 06:26:41
    The animals were by sevens. The only thing that was by twos, were the unclean animals.
  • rhee Xavier 2009/04/08 00:59:49
    I can see you like triva questions.. HOW many wisemen( kings) found the baby Jesus? GOD BLESS
  • Xavier rhee 2009/04/08 01:23:10
    It is not recorded how many.
  • rhee Xavier 2009/04/08 01:28:02
    Very Good !all that is recored is three gifts were brought..How old was the baby Jesus? Where did the wisemen(astrologers) find him? GOD BLESS
  • Xavier rhee 2009/04/08 02:45:36
    "Be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." Why all the questions? Are you seriously wanting to know, or are you trying seduce my people?
  • rhee Lindy... 2009/04/08 00:58:26
    The Ark was the size of 3 foot ball fields in length .and I think 3 stories high.GOD BLESS
  • Roundabout ~ Pepe is my soc... 2009/04/05 04:57:44
    None of the above
    Roundabout ~ Pepe is my sock puppet
    It didn't rain. The glaciers melted and flooded a natural damn that broke under the pressure and flooded a valley. This is the achaeological record. No rain, a flood. The bible is wrong.
  • DemonKiTTiE ♥ In MUSE I Tru... 2009/04/05 04:49:08
    None of the above
    DemonKiTTiE ♥ In MUSE I Trust ♥
  • Nuke Dukem 2009/04/05 04:48:12
    Forty days and Forty nights
    Nuke Dukem
    According to the bible it lasted 40 days and nights.
  • Bob-chicka-wow-wow 2009/04/05 04:44:03 (edited)
    None of the above
    it drizzled for about 3 minutes and was then partly cloudy with winds out of the NW at 5 m.p.h.
  • DemonKi... Bob-chi... 2009/04/05 04:48:34
  • Joker~R... Bob-chi... 2009/04/05 04:48:59
  • Eddie Bob-chi... 2009/04/05 04:49:20

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