Have you heard, 2016 film maker Dinesh D'souza called 9/11 terrorist "Brave" and said they were "Not Cowards"?

Geenie Nabottle 2012/09/02 07:30:29
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If your answer was, no then you haven't heard the half of what he has been spending his time talking about when not bashing President Obama.

Conservatives, Tea Partiers, Tea'vangelicals and GOP'ers have been fawning and gushing all over '2016: Obama's America' conservative filmmaker D'souza as of late. But do they really know who they are supporting with millions of their hard earned dollars?

The anti-Obama film maker appherently has a long history of being known as what some conservatives have coined as an 'Islamopologist'. If you don't happen to speak conservative, what this means is that he believes that America deserved to be attacked on 9/11 and that Islam has the right to hate America for its decadence.

D'souza was quoted after 9-11 as saying,
"One of the themes that we hear constantly, is that the people who did this [the 9/11 terrorists] are cowards, NOT TRUE! Look at what they did. You have a bunch of guys willing to give their lives. None of them backed out. All of them slammed themselves into pieces of concrete, these are BRAVE WARRIORS!"

And boys and girls the fun doesn't stop there. Appherently D'souza has written an entire book where he double downs on how America deserved the 9/11 attacks, called "The Enemy at Home".

I wonder if conservatives will be clamoring for him to turn that book into a movie also?!?

Conservatives cannot be this easily fooled, that they will put someone on a pedastal who says thousands of Americans deserved to die at the hands "Brave Warrior" terrorists.

This is the very definition of cutting off ones nose to spite their face. To steal his movies tag line; love him or hate him CONSERVATIVES DON'T KNOW JACK about Dinesh D'Souza!


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  • Idiot repubs 2012/09/02 12:36:17
    This is bad, REALLY BAD!
    Idiot repubs
    D'ouche D'souza is an american hating bastard, trying to make a buck off of uneducated redneck rubes.

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  • beavith1 Geenie ... 2012/09/05 13:49:10 (edited)
    so? it also means to make a point in a debate? just because you chose to use the word squabble doesn't effect his point.

    'squabble' is YOUR word. not mine.
  • Geenie ... beavith1 2012/09/05 14:25:26
    Geenie Nabottle

    Whatever floats your boat!
  • Tedster beavith1 2012/09/02 22:34:32
    Your conclusion after watching it will be a litmus test for your critical and objective thinking. Best of luck.
  • beavith1 Tedster 2012/09/03 04:36:17
    did you see it? let's compare notes...
  • texasred beavith1 2012/09/02 23:01:16
    Good movie. It explains a lot.
  • Geenie ... texasred 2012/09/03 22:11:02
    Geenie Nabottle
    I agree.... It explains how easy it really is to separate a fool from his money!
  • texasred Geenie ... 2012/09/03 22:18:59
    You certainly wish that's what it means. You would do well to watch it, even you had to pay double.
  • Geenie ... texasred 2012/09/03 22:25:02 (edited)
    Geenie Nabottle
    HA! They couldnt even give away free bootleg dvd copies of it at a local flea market I shopped at this weekend.... No one wanted one!
  • texasred Geenie ... 2012/09/03 22:29:56
    Where do you live? Mexico?
  • Geenie ... texasred 2012/09/03 22:33:55 (edited)
    Geenie Nabottle
    Not currently, however I wouldn't mind a trip to Cabo or Baja if you are buying!
  • texasred Geenie ... 2012/09/03 22:46:02
    I'm already paying for lots of Obama supporters with my taxes... and that's both Black and White slackers.
  • WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA 2012/09/02 19:09:04
    This is bad, REALLY BAD!
    WhereIsAmerica? ~PWCM~JLA
    I think that you are twisting his words and can't even give an "other" option, only your biased answers. I have not seen the movie yet, but whether I do or not Obama is NOT getting my vote as he has done a horrible job.
  • Geenie ... WhereIs... 2012/09/02 21:07:26 (edited)
    Geenie Nabottle
    And that is perfectly fine that you have your reason for not wanting to vote for Obama.

    However, given that this man wrote an entire book blaming the United State as being responsible for forcing these terrorists to to murder thousands of civilians including innocent children I don't think his kind of propaganda deserves a prominent place within our political discord!
  • Geenie ... WhereIs... 2012/09/02 21:08:44
    Geenie Nabottle

    I'm not twisting his words..... Dinesh D'Souza just espouses some twisted ideas.
  • Roger47 2012/09/02 18:59:51
    NO! And glad he didn't get a dime of my money!
    The film has been dismissed as the right wing propaganda/nonsense that it is.
  • beavith1 Roger47 2012/09/03 04:37:14
    if you haven't seen it, you're opinion is baseless.
  • cant be... beavith1 2012/09/03 08:08:57
    cant beleive walkers gov
    then d'sousa opinions don't count either then?
  • beavith1 cant be... 2012/09/03 17:11:36
    how do you know what he's contending? maybe he's saying Obama is great.

    see it, then we can talk...
  • cant be... beavith1 2012/09/03 17:30:02
    cant beleive walkers gov
    seen it. and this movie has d'sousa opinions all over it. this little indian national has no right to complain. this movie is a result of obama not giving him a post as he lobbied for.
  • beavith1 cant be... 2012/09/05 13:50:45
    DSousa worked in Reagan's cabinet. why would he be looking for a job under Obama?

    if you had seen the movie, you'd probably know that...
  • Geenie ... beavith1 2012/09/05 14:28:00
    Geenie Nabottle
    Because before this he was damn near broke!

    He needed a fast money get rich quick scam..... And what better way to separate a fool from his money than by pandering to brain dead conservatives that have Obama Derangment Syndrome.
  • beavith1 Geenie ... 2012/09/05 20:46:48
    broke? have you seen the stack of books that he's written? and YOU say he was looking for a job from a LIBERAL politician?

    your story makes no sense.

    i saw it Sunday night in a small 150 seat theater. there were maybe 10-15 empty seats. the guy sitting next to me didn't flinch the whole movie, even as i was yawning through some boring parts. at the end he growls at me and says 'who're you voting for?' i said 'Romney -who else is running?' he grumbled to me about living in NY, but moving out to his son's house in OH so that he could vote in a swing state. I told him that i'd be voting in NH. we gave each other a high five and we both said that we can't wait til November.

    if its news to you, there are more than a few people who find Obama to be a failure...
  • Geenie ... beavith1 2012/09/06 20:37:39
    Geenie Nabottle
    Writing books does not equate to wealth And that wasn't my comment..... Like I said BRAIN DEAD!

    Oh and nice job proving who the REAL culprits of VOTER FRAUD & ELECTION RIGGING really are.... CONSERVATIVES!!!!

    I think you should do the right thing and report that criminal you were "high fiveing" considering what he told you he is planning on doing is a CRIME punishable by up to 5 years in jail and 10,000 in fines..... But I'm guessing you won't do the right thing because conservative like their candidates prove time and time again how corrupt they really are!
  • beavith1 Geenie ... 2012/09/06 21:01:40
    my point was even simpler and it seemed to go over your head. Dsousa is not wanting for money.

    yeah. we have conservatives plumping up the voter rolls with dead people ALL the time.

    how is that fraud? establishing where you vote varies by state. if he can do it in two months, how is it a crime? at least he's alive. here in NH, we finally have photo ID, so it'll cut back on college kids voting twice and others voting dead people's names.
  • Geenie ... beavith1 2012/09/06 23:05:22
    Geenie Nabottle
    You cannot claim a false address for voting purposes.... That is ADDRESS FRAUD! IT IS A FELONY!

    There are several prominent cases where single mothers have been convicted and sent to jail for using a false address in order to put their children in a better school district. One case the woman used her own fathers address, her children's own grandfather address. She is now a felon and spending 3 yrs on probation all for wanting to give her kids a better education.

    There is also Ann Coulter who was investigated for address fraud when it was alleged that she used a false address in order to vote in a different precinct.

    So if a single mother can become a felon behind it YOU AND THE REST OF THE CORRUPT GOP'hers CAN GO TO JAIL TOO!
  • beavith1 Geenie ... 2012/09/07 02:32:11
    not if he can certify that its his residence.

    i work in my local school district. we get about a dozen potential cases like that a year out of 4500 kids. its hard for us to prove residency because there are many variables that prevent us from just having a mom or dad arrested for 'sneaking into the district'. we get anonymous letters from parents turning in their children's friends. while its possible, i've never seen your story play out here just like that. and believe me, we watch and investigate.

    so. how much time did Coulter serve?

    that guy that was moving to OH? i hope he votes TWICE...
  • ☆astac☆~PWCM 2012/09/02 18:56:11
    This is bad, REALLY BAD!
    What is bad is how you are trying to twist his words. No matter how wrong it was, flying planes into buildings requires a certain amount of bravery. No different than the Kamakazi bombers of WW2. What can be said about these people, is they fought to the end for a cause they believed in. Unlike the progressives who get the useful idiots to do their fighting for them
  • Tedster ☆astac☆... 2012/09/02 22:38:57
    Were the kamikazi's promised 72 virgins? I'm guessing that's about 72 more than they could handle.
  • jeepster4 2012/09/02 18:54:23
    NO! And glad he didn't get a dime of my money!
    It is kind of what one would expect, given his past and all.
  • ConLibFraud 2012/09/02 18:52:09
    YES! And I agree with his Anti-American views!
    I picked this answer because the choices are against the 1st Amendment!

    Watch this and continue living your lives in denial ...

  • DDogbreath ConLibF... 2012/09/03 03:52:50
    Just do as your told and shut up Lib.

    told shut lib
  • ConLibF... DDogbreath 2012/09/03 06:02:34
    If ORomney gets elected and I disappear in the middle of the night please tell them NDAA got me!!!!
  • DDogbreath ConLibF... 2012/09/03 13:20:13
    I'll bust you out of there, just be ready.
  • ConLibF... DDogbreath 2012/09/03 16:11:17
  • cant be... DDogbreath 2012/09/03 08:10:12
    cant beleive walkers gov
    hey con just shut up and do what your told.
  • DDogbreath cant be... 2012/09/03 13:18:15
    First of ll you don't "own" your political affiliation in your profile so that proves you lack testicular fortitude. Second You don't even know me, Lib is a friend of mine and knows it was a joke unfortunately you are probably one of these...

  • cant be... DDogbreath 2012/09/03 13:30:42
    cant beleive walkers gov
    i hope you brush your teeth. mabey you wouldn't call yourself dog breath,
  • DDogbreath cant be... 2012/09/03 13:42:28
    You can rest assured halitosis has nothing to do with it. Please do yourself a favor and grow a "pair" or at least use "Neuticles".
  • cant be... DDogbreath 2012/09/03 13:55:54
    cant beleive walkers gov
    when you get the sand out of your vagina everything will be aok
  • DDogbreath cant be... 2012/09/03 14:03:19
    I drag my women by the hair so there isn't any sand in my vagina.

    drag women hair sand vagina

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