Gutless lying B@$tard

jere.chievres 2012/09/01 23:27:29
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  • tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA 2012/09/02 04:33:47
    Limp D*cked Putz
    tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA
    Always has been.

    "It's not my fault..."

    Alinsky would be Proud....if you get my drift.
  • RTHTGakaRoland 2012/09/02 04:30:30
    Add your own sentence!
    It might have worse if Obama told our military the truth.

    Think of the impression it would give our enemies if masses of our military folks feinted at the shock.
  • CUDDLY BUT STILL CRABBY 2012/09/02 04:07:16
    Limp D*cked Putz
    It boggles the mind that people factually can't wait to pull that lever once again for President Doofus Golfsalot.
  • 3414503 2012/09/02 01:28:14
  • Dagon 2012/09/02 01:08:21
  • jere.ch... Dagon 2012/09/02 13:50:47
    The y DON'T have to vote for him!
  • Dagon jere.ch... 2012/09/02 16:42:02
  • Roger 2012/09/02 00:47:13
    Add your own sentence!
    Someday they will name a library after that man. Of couse it will only hold fiction to keep in step with his Presidency.
  • Gooky 2012/09/01 23:45:26
    Limp D*cked Putz
    If people can't see what he's doing,i will have no sympathy for them as they sit next to me in the fema camp.
  • jere.chievres 2012/09/01 23:28:17
    All of the above
    I am sure some of you can do better. Heh Heh

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