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Keeping It Real 2012/05/11 18:44:32
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I do believe Walker is trying to destroy the unions
I don't believe Walker is trying to destroy the unions
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The link following this statement is a clip of Governor Walker explaining his strategy to take down the Unions, etc.


Madison - A filmmaker released a video Thursday that shows
Gov. Scott Walker saying he would use "divide and conquer" as a strategy
against unions.

Walker made the comments to Beloit billionaire Diane Hendricks, who
has since given $510,000 to the governor's campaign - making her
Walker's single-largest donor and the largest known donor to a candidate
in state history.

The filmmaker has done work on Democratic campaigns and gave $100 in
2010 to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, Walker's challenger in the June 5
recall election.

In the video shot on Jan. 18, 2011 - shortly before Walker's
controversial budget-repair bill was introduced and spawned mass
protests - Hendricks asked the governor whether he could make Wisconsin a
"completely red state, and work on these unions, and become a
right-to-work" state. The Republican donor was referring to
right-to-work laws, which prohibit private-sector unions from compelling
workers to pay union dues if the workers choose not to belong to the

Walker replied that his "first step" would be "to divide and conquer"
through his budget-adjustment bill, which curtailed most collective
bargaining for most public employee unions.

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  • Kern No nons... 2012/05/13 00:26:19
    Wisconsin is losing jobs while Illinois is creating jobs. How is Walker's plan working?
  • No nons... Kern 2012/05/13 17:05:25
    No nonsense NanC...don't BS me!
    Another disgruntled union member heard from....... Wisconsin and N. J.
    are in better shape now with GOP governors. Illinois is going down the tube......
    Two recent Dem. governors in jail and a Chicago dirty tricks master going
    down in Nov. Happy Mother's Day!
  • Keeping... No nons... 2012/05/13 18:18:21 (edited)
    Keeping It Real
    The only one discruntled is you RWNJ, so why don't you stop hating on the intellectuals because you lack intelligence. get a life in glitter
  • No nons... Keeping... 2012/05/13 20:47:57
    No nonsense NanC...don't BS me!
    It is pretty obvious that you are nothing but a flame thrower who spews
    0-botic talking points and propaganda and insult anyone who posts
    proof that you are wrong......... You no doubt belong to this group:

    Have a nice week!
  • Kern No nons... 2012/05/14 04:21:26
    I guess you can't answer the question. If Walker's plans are so good, why is Wisconsin losing jobs?
  • No nons... Kern 2012/05/14 15:17:51
    No nonsense NanC...don't BS me!
    Because Wisconsin isn't going the way of Illinois.......... Illinois
    decided to raise taxes instead of attacking spending...... Raising taxes is
    a job killer, not a job producer. Wisconsin has no doubt got some of
    the jobs moved out of Illinois.


    Illinois’s deteriorating financial condition threatens to swallow up more than half its general- fund budget in the next fiscal year, Comptroller Dan Hynes said.

    The financial picture drawn by Hynes in a report yesterday projects a fiscal 2012 deficit of $15 billion or more, while this year’s budget calls for $26 billion in spending. The state’s financial condition “continues to deteriorate,” Hynes said, citing a 36 percent surge in fiscal 2010 bills to be paid from current-year revenue.

    illinois bankruptcy
  • Kern No nons... 2012/05/14 16:24:44 (edited)
    Let me get this straight, you say "Raising taxes is a job killer, not a job producer." However, Wisconsin in losing jobs and Illinois is gaining jobs. I'm really trying to find your logic here but I am failing to do so. Your proof is a an article that is more than a year old. If you find something that is a little more current, I would be happy to read it. But giving me something that talks about last year's budget isn't logical.

    Again, you have failed to show me how Walker's policies are working.

    Wisconsin missing out on U.S. jobs gains

    "The United States as a whole has added private-sector jobs 23 months in a row, including almost a half million jobs in the past two months."

    You should track this page to keep tabs on Walker's job-creation record. While PolitiFact leans right it seems to be covering this subject more honestly than most sites.


    Glad to help.

    Illinois seems to be creating more jobs.
  • Sissy No nons... 2012/05/15 11:36:23
    Again, you are shooting off your own "clap-trap". Wis is NOT doing better and I know that for a FACT because I live here and have seen it, been in the middle of it and know it. The Wis that I grew up in, was educated in, have raised my family in is nothing and I mean nothing of what it once was and the only saving grace this tea party jerk has is a boatload of cash to fight the ReCall and maybe money left over for his defense lawyers who are trying to keep his sorry ass out of prison for corruption.
  • No nons... Sissy 2012/05/15 15:29:45
    No nonsense NanC...don't BS me!
    No place is as well off as it was "when you grew up". That is why we
    are trying so desperately to fight and defeat 0bama before our whole
    country is torn apart by his divisive policies.
  • Sissy No nons... 2012/05/19 13:22:17
    Its because the conservatives got their feet in the door that we no longer have a strong, viable country where people made a decent living and the wealthy prospered as well. The generation that was educated (and deemed socialist by the republicans) after WWII built this country into the powerhouse it became. The Dems had control of Congress for 40 years and with the support of moderate, thinking republicans TOGETHER made us what we were.

    When Gingrich and DeLay came to power, (after Reagan had made a head-start on our demise), decreed that there would no longer be compromise and anyone not supporting their Agenda was to be deemed a "traitor", and thoroughly personally trashed, have we seen such chaos. I found it ironic that Gingrich was so offended at the trashing he took when he wrote the book on it.
  • No nons... Sissy 2012/05/19 16:57:16
    No nonsense NanC...don't BS me!
    "decreed that there would no longer be compromise and anyone not supporting their Agenda was to be deemed a "traitor", and thoroughly personally trashed"

    You got that all wrong, my dear, as usual. It was Clinton along with
    a Republican congress that was able to compromise and pay down
    the debt. The partisanship started with the election of Bush, whom
    the Dems never acknowledged in the eight years of his presidency
    as being legitimate. I know because at that time I was a loyal
    Democrat. And if you look at the Congress since 0bama was elected,
    it is even more partisan. Since the House was turned over
    to the GOP in 2010 the Democratic Senate has not even put
    any bill the House passed up for a vote........ Reid is so
    partisan he would bring the government to a halt. It is the
    GOP, who in the end comprimises, and passes a bill to fund
    the country
  • Bob S Sissy 2012/05/12 23:22:06
    Bob S
    Is that why unemployment is down and decits are coming down under his leadership.
  • Sissy Bob S 2012/05/13 00:03:53
    Wis, thanks to this crooked tea party jackass, has lost more jobs than any other state in the nation...... About like Romney when he ran Mass.
  • Boomer Sissy 2012/05/14 16:22:00
    BS, communist lies!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sissy Boomer 2012/05/15 11:38:31
    I love it when you righty's are losing arguments and no longer have talking points fed to you by the Right Wing agenda, you get all hissy and start the personal insults. Go figure.
  • CAROLYN NTARWNJBS 2012/05/12 10:55:32
    I do believe Walker is trying to destroy the unions
    There was never a doubt in my mind that his goal was to TAKE THEM DOWN,
  • Bob S CAROLYN... 2012/05/12 23:23:05
    Bob S
    Good for Walker...
  • CAROLYN... Bob S 2012/05/13 11:42:51
    Good that the one one that is going down will be Walker!
  • Spizzzo BN-0 2012/05/12 10:53:33
    I do believe Walker is trying to destroy the unions
    Spizzzo BN-0
    However, it does not really matter negatively in the Walker recall election, since so many Wisconsonians think what Walker is doing is just great. They elected him, after all.
  • Sissy Spizzzo... 2012/05/12 11:08:52
    The thing is Spizz, that those who elected him never heard a word in his campaign that he was going to trash the middle class worker, dump all of the bills on the blue collars and give so generously to the top 1% (sound familiar). Nor were we aware at the time that he would end up having to hire lawyers to defend him against corruption. I'm sure some of the money he's gathered from mostly out of state will have to go to that fund.
  • Spizzzo... Sissy 2012/05/12 11:55:01
    Spizzzo BN-0
    Well, maybe you are right in a narrow sense; yet Wisconsonians voted in free and fair elections to elect a right-wing nutjob governor, state senate, and state house. There is just no getting around the fact that Wisconsonians WANTED nutjob government in 2010. I am a firm believer in our Representative Democracy, where The People get precisly the government they deserve and vote for, therefore, Wisconsonians are nutjobs wanting to suppress individuals and their rights, much as Gov. Walker and his legislature have been doing. What upsets me is how average Wisconsonians WANT and even vote for being enslaved by Republicans.

    Personally, I'd NEVER choose to live in or spend money in a nutjob state like Wisconsin, if I could avoid it.
  • Sissy Spizzzo... 2012/05/12 12:08:44 (edited)
    Like in most mid-term elections that I have observed in my loooong history of voting, the apathetic voter is in the majority and few turn out. What is left are the passionate right wingers who go enmasse to the polls and vote these fruitcakes in. We see it all across the country and its disgraceful. Then they see what they have gotten and get all hissy. Usually my own response is: "If you did not vote, you have no right to bitch and you deserve what you get." However in this case with Walker, it is much different and when the hapless voters did wake up they were dumbfounded (Again, their own damn fault). If there has been any good to come out of all this, they're not sleeping now and when I stood on that corner for hours back in November collecting many of those signatures, I heard time and time again from all sides, "we never knew or heard that this is what he was planning."

    I honestly don't know if we will be able to flip him or not. I wouldn't take any bets either way. He has collected tens of millions of dollars for his war chest (an immense part of it from outside sources) and its getting ugly here. But at least we got his attention and if we can at least turn out just one of the senators who are also up for ReCall, we can at least put the brakes on his obscene Agenda.
  • Bob S Spizzzo... 2012/05/12 23:25:51
    Bob S
    This nutjob didn't vote OBUMMER but he was elected. He hasn't given any of the HOPE and CHANGE we expected. He is after the 1%ers to pay their fair share. How about his trip to Gollywood to visit the 1%ERS TO GET HIS FAIR SHARE. suCH A HYPOCRITE.
  • Bob S Sissy 2012/05/12 23:23:43
    Bob S
    It certainly sounds like you are describing the OBUMMER at 1600.
  • Mike 2012/05/12 00:43:12
    I do believe Walker is trying to destroy the unions
    The Republican agenda. Blame the little guy and his union, as to why billionares are not trillionares.
  • marianne Mike 2012/05/12 01:30:44
  • Mike marianne 2012/05/12 02:08:38
    The truth.....
  • Sissy Mike 2012/05/12 12:43:38
    EXCELLENT point!!
  • Shadow13 2012/05/12 00:35:43
    I do believe Walker is trying to destroy the unions
    I will even go so far to say he is trying to ruin the state.
  • joshua ben-ami 2012/05/12 00:27:31
    I do believe Walker is trying to destroy the unions
    joshua ben-ami
    Sure, the best way for corporations to increase their profits is to lower expenses and non union workers can be paid less, work more, or be replaced, simple economics . With rampant unemployment becoming the norm, companies are drooling to bust the union contracts and pay less for more. Why else did so many move jobs to countries that have factories where 12 hour shifts, 7 days a week for $25.00 a week are the norm.
  • holyheretic 2012/05/12 00:04:50
  • kudabux 2012/05/11 23:56:10
    I do believe Walker is trying to destroy the unions
    He is a GD liar, besides. This has always been his agenda. Divide and conquer and break the unions.
  • rightside 2012/05/11 23:37:11
    I don't believe Walker is trying to destroy the unions
    A ten second tape tells you nothing. Walker is trying to take some of the power away from the unions. They take union dues and use it for their own purpose, not for that of the folks that give them the money.
  • kudabux rightside 2012/05/11 23:57:45
    You have no idea what you are talking about.
  • rightside kudabux 2012/05/12 00:30:25
    Unions are for the money they can get from you. Yes, I do know what I talk about. Why don't you google Kaiser Aluminum in Spokane, Wa and look at what the unions did for their folks.
    You think unions are your saviors, sadly you will find out how selfish they are.
  • Sissy rightside 2012/05/12 11:16:56
    "Unions are for the money they can get from you"?

    Like perhaps JP Morgan?

    Just wonderin'
  • rightside Sissy 2012/05/12 14:49:25
    No, like kaiser aluminum, try looking it up.
  • Tom Degan 2012/05/11 23:32:56
    I do believe Walker is trying to destroy the unions
    Tom Degan
    Some call it "OCCUPY WALL STREET".


    just a thought.


    Tom Degan

  • holyher... Tom Degan 2012/05/11 23:58:13
  • luvguins holyher... 2012/05/12 00:04:43
    So true, and he knew the South would never vote Democratic again, but still persisted, and twisted many arms in Congress to get the vote.

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