Florida students suspended for tackling armed teen. Is this acceptable?

RH 2013/03/03 05:33:20
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While riding home on the school bus recently, three teens made a
split-second decision that likely saved another student’s life and earned them an immediate suspension.

The Florida students noticed a schoolmate pointing a revolver at another
student while threatening to shoot. The trio jumped into action,
wrestling the gun away and preventing what could have easily become
another senseless tragedy.

One of the students spoke to media but requested not to be identified.

“I think he was really going to shoot him right then and there,” the
student said, noting the armed teen, Quadryle Davis, was a football
player who had threatened to shoot a fellow member of the team over a
personal beef.

According to Davis’ arrest report, his .22 caliber handgun was loaded
and he was “pointing the gun directly” at an individual while
“threatening to shoot him.” Despite the report, his initial charge of
aggravated assault with a deadly weapon contained the caveat it was
committed without intent to kill.

The students whose quick thinking likely saved a life certainly
perceived an intent and did what they felt needed to be done. School
administrators, on the other hand, felt differently and promptly issued
an emergency suspension for each student involved.

Accused of being a part of an incident involving a weapon, the school’s
principal made use of a state law that “allows the principal to suspend a
student immediately pending a hearing,” a district source explained.

While it is technically true these three teens were involved in an
incident with a weapon, they were only involved to the extent that they
disarmed a potential threat. Punishing everyone involved sends an
irrational and discouraging message.

This principal could stand to learn something from the mother of one of
the suspended students, who said the brave youth “should have a pat on
their backs because they did the right thing to save someone from
burying their child.”

They most assuredly did do the right thing and I can only hope their
ridiculous treatment by the school does not dissuade any other youth
from jumping in when needed.


Read More: http://www.conservativedailynews.com/2013/03/stude...

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  • John 2013/03/03 18:03:00
    Seriously, No of course not!
    The guys acted appropriately and should be hailed as heroes. If no one had acted and a student was killed people would be asking what is wrong with kids today. Why didn't anyone try to help? That's PC ignorance at its worst.

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  • ross 2013/05/01 03:31:57
    Yes, this is acceptable.
    Meant yes , the three students should have been given a metal. Who ever suspended them should lose there job.
  • Jeff 2013/03/14 21:18:15
    Seriously, No of course not!
    It is a ridiculous and dangerous decision.
  • Butch 2013/03/05 05:59:49
  • Cookielane 2013/03/04 15:55:42
    Seriously, No of course not!
    They need to be awarded medals from the President for extreme bravery. That situation could have turned into another nightmare. I do hope that the school authorities recognize that and thank these kids properly.
  • kmay 2013/03/03 21:45:55 (edited)
    Seriously, No of course not!
    Beyond absurd! Kudos to these kids for doing the right thing.
  • D S 2013/03/03 19:44:43
    Seriously, No of course not!
    D S
    By the principals logic, an individual that is shot, should be suspended.
  • John 2013/03/03 18:03:00
    Seriously, No of course not!
    The guys acted appropriately and should be hailed as heroes. If no one had acted and a student was killed people would be asking what is wrong with kids today. Why didn't anyone try to help? That's PC ignorance at its worst.
  • Monica 2013/03/03 17:57:59
    Seriously, No of course not!
    well if they saved a life than no its not fair. its out of order
  • Keegan The Fabulous 2013/03/03 17:40:29
    Seriously, No of course not!
    Keegan The Fabulous
    Especially considering that the school already has a good idea of what happened on that bus. If they were investigating, suspending everyone involved would make sense; but it sounds in the article like they aren't.
  • mmanultra 2013/03/03 16:14:58
    I must play devil's advocate? No... Did this happen? In which way. Who tell's the truth? Pull the strings.
  • KilrQueen 2013/03/03 14:06:33
    Seriously, No of course not!
    but with this administration, they would have loved it if the kid had been able to shoot a few of the students...then they could continue their fight to take away the weapons of ordinary citizens. This is probably the real reason the hero was suspended, he ruined a great moment for Obama. I personally applaud the student...he did a very brave thing and should be extremely proud of himself as should his parents!!
  • ZirconiumWit 2013/03/03 13:29:46
  • Casey 2013/03/03 12:51:47
    I understand how this is unfair but it's just protocal, and in the end they will be let back into school but its very unfair that they two were a victim of an unfortunate event beyond their control and in the end will be worth the suspension knowing that no one got hurt.
  • D S Casey 2013/03/03 19:50:13
    D S
    Also in the end, their records when applying to collage will reflect a suspension.
    Although proven of no wrong doing, you can't un-ring that bell.
  • Casey D S 2013/03/09 13:01:15
    yea but they can be like I was that kid who showed courage that day I saved a classmates life! try that for a skill on your resume! lol not many people can say that.
  • ed 2013/03/03 12:08:51
    Seriously, No of course not!
  • Roy Munson **SL, BD** 2013/03/03 11:00:31
    Seriously, No of course not!
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
    if the facts are correct then no,it's not acceptable to punish those students.
  • knoodelhed 2013/03/03 09:17:03
    Seriously, No of course not!
    Anonymous, assemble!
  • sneekyfoot 2013/03/03 09:08:44
    Seriously, No of course not!
    WTF hire a nasty lawyer and tag the school .
  • Ryan Thomas 2013/03/03 08:55:45
    Seriously, No of course not!
    Ryan Thomas
    From the situation reports the students acted with bravery in attempting to defend another. Not only was this teen armed, which might be considered acceptable, but he was actively threatening another student. They should be commended for their quick thinking and action.
  • Nick Name 2013/03/03 08:40:52 (edited)
    Nick Name
    Not sure exactly what happened. This sounds like one of those bureaucrat sh!tting themselves panicking and cover their a$$ situations.

    Keeping all the students involved away until the school determines exactly what happened makes sense.
    This apparently happened March 1. One of the links said 'the student' (not the one that brought the gun) would be allowed back into school on Monday March 4.
    If they suspended all 3 students that jumped the one with the gun - are we to assume all are going back? Were all 3 suspended?

    Specifics are a bit spotty. This story is about minors.

    We'll be hearing more about this. When one of my kids was in Middle School (more than a decade ago) a student brought a gun to school. Didn't threaten anyone, didn't flash it - just showed it to some friends. BROUGHT IT TO CLASS in a book bag.

    The police came and by the end of the day he was expelled from the entire school system in that county. They didn't send him home and start the paperwork. It was a done deal by end of business.
  • Airwool 2013/03/03 08:29:27
    Seriously, No of course not!
    I love what the progressives have done for this nanny state... I mean country.
  • NoHandlebarsAttached 2013/03/03 07:55:10
    Seriously, No of course not!
    They saved a life, and they're suspended? Wow!
    Well, this is a long shot, but maybe they've been rewarded with some time off of school..?
  • ll 2013/03/03 07:45:24
    Seriously, No of course not!
    wow..and then they go and preach to high schoolers about stepping up when witnessing bullying. This is obsurd! They should be awarded, atleast they cared enough to stop something wrong from happening..
  • The Amazin' Guru of Chibis 2013/03/03 07:36:33
    Seriously, No of course not!
    The Amazin' Guru of Chibis
    The secret to the far left's mental miasma about guns is illustrated here. It is somehow more 'moral' to die and become a martyr than it is to behave 'agressively'. It's why they want to take guns away from women...why certain leftists have been talking specifically about defensive firearm use by women. A woman would be more 'moral' if she allowed her rapist/stalker/attacker to kill her than if she shot him.

    The elite who rule the world want their sheep to be passive cud chewers, not hunters or fighters.
  • Nick Name The Ama... 2013/03/03 08:48:58
    Nick Name
    Do you crackpots have to try to spin everything into a anti-liberal smear?
    Nobody cares about you and your guns. Unless you act crazy.
    On second thought, go ahead rant about how every negative aspect of any and all situations is proof that 'the far left' is 'out to get you' all the time in all ways.
  • The Ama... Nick Name 2013/03/03 12:20:19
    The Amazin' Guru of Chibis
    I have no problem with the average Liberal, hell, I used to be one and still kinda am. I don't come from no Red State, there fellah. It isn't I who has changed all that much since I went to college. It's just that you wont wake up and see who really runs this freakin' horse show and what they got planned for us all. All for them and nothing for you, forever and ever, world without end, amen.

    The politicians you adore are just dogs on their leashes. But you never will see it because you have been so well trained to be frightened of people like me (Who, by the way, never meant you a speck of harm and never will). So go ahead, type you dumb little insults and then block me.
  • Defend ... The Ama... 2013/03/03 14:09:53
    Defend Western Civlization
    the liberals are mad they could not use this as a way of disarming Americans
    its a obama bot and gun grabbing socialist thug
  • The Ama... Defend ... 2013/03/03 15:56:05
    The Amazin' Guru of Chibis
    The real elite of this world, the ones guys like NN above wish to remain blissfully ignorant, want to take us back to the way things were before any of that annoying Democracy jazz. When The kings and lords ruled as they pleased and the serfs were occaisionally seen and not heard.

    Toward that end they must disarm us, they must induce the populace to voluntarily surrender their very right to defense. Because, you see, the gun itself is the invention that made Democracy possible. With the gun the merest peasant could kill his king on the field of battle. The 'kings' have feared the gun ever since.

    This fear has made it possible for people to assert their rights Democratic Republics have taken hold, not just in America but in all their former bastions of power in Europe.

    But in our time we see that the Elites have returned, having absorbed all the lessons of history have devised more sophisticated means than ever before and with all the influence of their corporate media their bought- and- paid- for politicians they nearly have the power they need to induce the average citizen to ast aside his rights and submit to the benign tyranny of entitlement and subsidy until the rulers have everything they want and "kindness" is no longer necessary.
  • Nick Name The Ama... 2013/03/04 14:10:31
    Nick Name
    How the hell do you know who I adore?
    You need to update that script you're copying off of. This thing about just continuously repeating conservative claims, smears and talking points ENDLESSLY is what contributed to conservatives losing so hard in the last presidential election.
    Arrogance is not a legitimate p.o.v. It's an admission of intellectual dishonesty.
  • The Ama... Nick Name 2013/03/04 18:21:28
  • twocrows The Ama... 2013/03/03 15:49:42
    does the article note the political leanings of the school officials involved?

    no, I thought not.
  • The Ama... twocrows 2013/03/03 15:58:44
    The Amazin' Guru of Chibis
    Does it really matter? They all serve.

    I'm not a Republican either, so it matters not to me.
  • GoDucks5 2013/03/03 06:59:47 (edited)
    Seriously, No of course not!
    What would they suppose to? Let the other student die? This school is teaching these students good lessons.
  • Defend ... GoDucks5 2013/03/03 14:10:38
    Defend Western Civlization
    well this fast thinking teen robbed the Socialist thugs another bully pulpit
  • tncdel 2013/03/03 06:49:22
    Seriously, No of course not!

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