Democratic Majority Facts

Lady Willpower 2011/07/05 00:38:54

Since the Democrats have held the majority in the House of Representative for about 46 of the last 60 years since 1950 and The Senate has been controlled by the Democrats for about 40 of those 60 years and the Democrats have controlled at least one or the other of the 2 branches over 50 of the 60 years and the Democrats have controlled both Houses since 2007 until recently - exactly the period of the current Economic collapse from an all time "high" in July 2007 - how can the failed economy be the fault of the Rupublicans?

Democrats controlled the House 44 years
Republicans controlled the House 12 years

Democrats controlled the Senate 38 years
Republicans controlled the Senate 18 years
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  • ruthannhausman 2011/07/08 09:08:13
    Sound about right to me, except it fails to mention that the Republicans haven't dug up sufficient facts and publicity to bring to light the egregious things that have been going on in Washington for the past 10 years or so and most particularly what's been going on since Obama got into office. I consider that a failure on their part. They may not be actually "doing" the harm that's been done to this country, but they have not been successful in preventing any of it.

    I'm still willing to wait and see up until voting time in 2012 whether or not the Republicans can come up with some of the results they promised us, and I'll give them all the benefit of the doubt. But they'd better show us something. Problem is, I'll vote for my neighbor's dog before I'd vote for Obama. Doesn't give much choice, does it? So let's hope the Republicans do what they promised so I don't have to lose sleep over my decision.
  • joe ramirez 2011/07/08 01:59:05
    joe ramirez
    Is it any wonder that the counrty is in shambles!!!!
  • James 2011/07/06 17:51:41
  • Annette 2011/07/06 17:22:48
    Gads no wonder we're in trouble.
  • Lady Wi... Annette 2011/07/07 00:42:21
    Lady Willpower
    It's a deep hole. If the dems continue to dig it, we'll never get out of it.
  • Lady Whitewolf 2011/07/06 15:46:09
    Lady Whitewolf
    And where are all the JOBS the REPUBLICANS promised?
  • JP Lady Wh... 2011/07/06 15:48:20
    They'll come back after we pay off Obama's job creating stimulus bill.
  • Lady Wi... JP 2011/07/07 00:43:04
    Lady Willpower
    How are we going to dig out of the hole Obama created for us?
  • Annette Lady Wi... 2011/07/07 05:00:20
    Well, our Senators ignored us again!! So I would say we're not getting out!
  • Lady Wi... Annette 2011/07/08 01:15:00
    Lady Willpower
    Great, just what we needed. (NOT)
  • Annette Lady Wi... 2011/07/08 03:20:14
    I learned today that Rueters lied, and that the AP ran with the story prematurely. They are still in debate!
  • JP Lady Wi... 2011/07/08 17:22:40
    We aren't. Our children and grandchildren may someday.
  • big T Lady Wh... 2011/07/06 16:14:56
    big T
    where has any of the jobs Obama promised oh let us all not forget Obama said the economy is doing great.
  • Lady Wi... Lady Wh... 2011/07/07 00:41:48
    Lady Willpower
  • JP Lady Wh... 2011/07/08 17:23:35
    Had enough of Democrat control? They've gotten everything they wanted for four years!
  • Mr.Steve 2011/07/06 14:22:31
  • Lady Wi... Mr.Steve 2011/07/07 00:44:25
    Lady Willpower
    The democrat philosophy: DODDI (De Other Dude Did It)
  • Brad # 2486547 2011/07/06 13:09:25
    Brad # 2486547
    It's not. It is Democrats fault. The more they want to interfere with private business, the more our economy fails. Look at Europe.
  • Lady Wi... Brad # ... 2011/07/07 00:43:51
    Lady Willpower
  • carolynb 2011/07/06 12:29:35
    It is not as simple as that. Many good bills were passed in the house by democrats only to get to the senate and stagnate because of republicans. Look at what is happening right now. The republicans have control in the house and have been the most non productive in many years. Republicans are stopping everything in order so that Obama can be blamed and be a one term president, but I dont think it is going to work. If in fact, Obama loses the election, I believe the dems will win the house back, so it will even itself out. The republicans will still not be able to attain their goal to let corporate america completely take over our govt. I am not concerned at this point because the candidates for the republicans are sorry. I am concerned about the republican governors trying to pass voter ID laws so that less americans will be eligible to vote. I can only hope that is backfires and they end up knocking out republican voters as well.
  • Lady Wi... carolynb 2011/07/07 00:48:48
    Lady Willpower
    The only people who are stalling in Congress are the democrats. We are at a complete standstill because the liberal party are too busy playing baby games and refusing to do anything because the Republicans have control. They cannot face facts and are completely unwilling to work in order to get things done. This is the way Pelosi behaved when she was Speaker. She couldn't act like an adult to get the country moving again but sat on her lazy behind coming up with reasons not to cooperate. The entire problem with the economy lies on the shoulders of Pelosi and her childish behavior in stalling the situation by refusing to put her big girl pants on and getting down to business. This is a democratic tactic through and through. We could get the economy moving and could have had it moving along but for the fact that the democrats insisting on acting like children when they are not getting their own way. Put the blame exactly where it belongs!
  • Dan™: Real Change, Not Fals... 2011/07/05 23:30:24
    Dan™: Real Change, Not False Hope
    Good points. You can be sure Democrats will find some clever way to explain why it's all the Republicans' fault nonetheless.
  • Lady Wi... Dan™: R... 2011/07/06 00:23:43
    Lady Willpower
    Just about the only thing they are good at is making excuses for their faults.
  • Dan™: R... Lady Wi... 2011/07/06 01:23:11
    Dan™: Real Change, Not False Hope
    They really are like children. It's time for the adults to take charge.
  • Lady Wi... Dan™: R... 2011/07/07 00:49:57
    Lady Willpower
    The democrats are like a kindergarten class when the teacher is out of the room.
  • Dan™: R... Lady Wi... 2011/07/07 00:51:16
    Dan™: Real Change, Not False Hope
  • Mr.Steve Dan™: R... 2011/07/06 14:12:35
  • gr8punkin Dan™: R... 2011/07/06 15:20:54
    See the comment above.
  • Murph 65 2011/07/05 23:24:05
    Murph 65
    These are great stats, thanks. My vote goes to the dems for the failed economy. My brother and I have this argument constantly, he's a dem, I'm not, and we never get it resolved. Probably never will here on SH either.
  • Lady Wi... Murph 65 2011/07/06 00:24:56
    Lady Willpower
    I'm on your side, The dems are the ones who created the failed economy. No doubt about it.
  • big T 2011/07/05 23:15:35
    big T
    n order to fix the economy abortion must end all of the forms of abortion.
    Those baby we kill are the countrys future .
    abortion is the root reason to the los of jobs the higher retirement age, higher taxes.
    the USA is a dieing nation due to the laxck of future generations.
  • The Pro... big T 2011/07/06 00:09:07
    The ProLib_Progressive Conservative
    haha abortion is going to fix the economy? Wow.
  • Mr.Steve The Pro... 2011/07/06 14:15:03
  • big T 2011/07/05 23:05:29 (edited)
    big T
    The Demorcat/Liberals are a buntch of idiots one and all get rid of the entire left wing Partys in the United states of America. let them bring their pinko idea's to Russia see how long they last there
    or be mericful and hang their leaders all right now.
  • Lady Wi... big T 2011/07/06 00:26:05
    Lady Willpower
    I agree.
  • FRAG 2011/07/05 22:42:23
    Because Bush created 40% of our total debt and the past three republican presidents have ran up more debt then our past three democratic presidents combined. Hope that answers your question!

    republican presidents ran debt democratic presidents combined hope answers
  • Freedom4 FRAG 2011/07/05 22:57:13
    You fail to mention that a majority of our budget each and every year are entitlements put in place by the democrats. No matter how you spin it, these are clearly what are bankrupting us and the key contributor to all our debt. Most of them go to the clearly able bodied that choose to steal from others.
  • FRAG Freedom4 2011/07/05 22:59:21 (edited)
    You fail to mention the budget has to be approved by the current president. Those in glass houses should not throw stones. I honestly say it is both parties responsibility and the blame game has been going on long enough.
  • Freedom4 FRAG 2011/07/05 23:32:27
    It would take a republican super majority in both houses and the president to get meaningful entitlement reform. How often has that happened?
  • Lady Wi... FRAG 2011/07/06 00:29:54
    Lady Willpower
    Which would be Obama who created more debt in the last 19 months than the other president combined going back to Reagan. You cannot get around it.
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