Democracy and the Wolf / Sheep Analogy

Bastion 2011/10/04 12:52:44
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Conservative : Democracy is three wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.
Progressive : Democracy is 99 sheep telling 1 wolf that they've had enough of his bullsh*t.
Here's another way I heard it
I just made this one up
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  • Chris - The Rowdy One! #187 2011/10/04 13:07:30
  • Bastion Chris -... 2011/10/04 13:27:07
    That's why we have a Constitutional Republic, with a Bill of Rights.

    But Democracy still has to be at the roots. Wolves voting on what's for dinner while disenfranchising the sheep doesn't work, either.
  • Chris -... Bastion 2011/10/04 13:32:45
  • Bastion Chris -... 2011/10/04 13:39:00
    Our nation can only work if everyone brings their own, individual sheet of music into harmony, to stretch your analogy.

    "Statism and progressivism", are not the problem, corporate fascism is. Watch and you'll see - it all beginning to unravel.
  • Chris -... Bastion 2011/10/04 13:46:44
  • Bastion Chris -... 2011/10/04 13:57:19
    Buisiness purchasing government for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the great majority of the People.

    Overwhelming money and power to serve an aristocracy, buying both justice and freedom, and turning citizens into subjects.
  • Chris -... Bastion 2011/10/04 14:25:24
  • Bastion Chris -... 2011/10/04 14:30:53
    GE the only one?
  • Chris -... Bastion 2011/10/04 14:47:52

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