Can Tragedies Like the School Shooting in Connecticut Be Avoided?

News 2012/12/14 22:38:29
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As we take a moment to digest the horrific events that took place Friday morning, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, different thoughts plague our minds. But all undoubtedly have the common inquiry: "Can heinous and irrational crimes like this be avoided?"

Could the suspected killer -- who the media is reporting is either 24-year-old Ryan Lanza or 20-year-old Adam Lanza -- have gotten psychological or mental help that would have prevented him from executing the mass shooting? Did the shooter get his weapon illegally -- or was it all too convenient for him to get? And does "evil" and an unthinkable disregard for other human life actually exist?

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  • gimini210 2012/12/14 23:13:17
    Just give this some thought, if the teachers had a right to carry arms and were trained to use them do you think anyone would march into a school and do what was done today? If all legal citizens had the right to carry and did, do you think there would be anyone stupid enough to try to shot people in a mall when 90% or more were armed and dangerous? If more people learned to use and armed themselves do you think the bad guys would try crap? Half the problems we have are the good citizen have no real protection against the crazy and deadly ones and a government who thinks disarming the few who can protect themselves will solve the problem. Disarming the legal citizens will not save anyone but will create more of what we are seeing go on.

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  • NECHOII Ramón 2013/01/30 02:14:59
    How many people were murdered by guns in Florida in 2012 ?
  • Ramón NECHOII 2013/02/12 05:21:40
    I don't think those figures have been released. If, however, they are like the previous years, then more people were killed by cars and hammers than by guns.
  • NECHOII Ramón 2013/02/13 00:44:52
    I would like to see how many people were killed by hammers as compared to guns in Florida for 2012 or 2011 for that matter.
  • Ramón NECHOII 2013/06/11 00:40:50 (edited)
    Um, 445 to 600 something according to the FBI, but that isn't just Florida. You can Google it you know.
  • Rubberneck NECHOII 2013/04/27 16:46:04
    "Rapists can strike out of the blue, knocking and pinning their victim down. The victim cannot reach her gun in time." I think you must be speaking from experience and want to lessen the chance that she does reach her gun in time. Those who carry weapons generally have better situational awareness due to the fact that they are carrying...
  • NECHOII Rubberneck 2013/04/27 18:34:02
    Well, being a man, I am not speaking from " experience. " I am just trying to speak from common sense.
    Even people who armed to the teeth can still be caught totally by surprise as they were concentrating on something else or were distracted.
  • Rubberneck NECHOII 2013/04/27 16:31:44
    Here ya go NECHOII, Someone didn't fire back and prevented many more injuries and possible deaths...http://www.ksl.com/?...
  • phil.ol... NECHOII 2013/01/05 00:32:15
    So you think that instead of people having security with a firearm, we should remove all freedoms and try to ban firearms instead? You realize that it's impossible to ban guns, right? You realize that if you made guns illegal, and all the good people turned them in, that criminals in America everywhere would still have guns? They'd still use them?

    So yeah - having firemen armed, or having a police escort with them, that would have given them some security. Removing the freedoms from people by writing words on paper sure as hell didn't stop this criminal, who disobeyed them anyway.
  • NECHOII phil.ol... 2013/01/05 02:57:08
    No, America should not ban all freedoms. America should ban the Second Amendment.
  • phil.ol... NECHOII 2013/01/06 06:59:14
  • NECHOII phil.ol... 2013/01/06 20:52:09
    You mean of course at the voting booth ?!
  • phil.ol... NECHOII 2013/01/07 02:21:24 (edited)
    I mean if you or people like you come for my guns, I'll fight you to your death IN FRONT OF MY GODDAMNED HOUSE.

    I am ONE person who will do this. There are MILLIONS in america who will do the same!

  • NECHOII phil.ol... 2013/01/08 02:49:16
    The story is just beginning. You break any gun banning laws, you will be punished to the full extent of the ( new ) law !
    Millions of Americans will NOT follow your lead.
  • phil.ol... NECHOII 2013/01/08 08:23:51
  • NECHOII phil.ol... 2013/01/10 01:40:34
    It is not for me to come to your country with an armed force to take your guns. If an American anti - gun law passes it will be enforced by American law enforcement.
  • phil.ol... NECHOII 2013/01/10 03:51:48
    No it won't. Most American law enforcement will tell their supervisors to shove it if they're told to confiscate guns from Americans.
  • NECHOII phil.ol... 2013/01/11 00:23:23
    Dream on !
  • phil.ol... NECHOII 2013/01/11 12:22:53
    You clearly don't get out much. Not a dream - there are a lot of good people out there.

    Clearly you're not one of them.
  • NECHOII phil.ol... 2013/01/12 03:23:05
    Not a good person ? Hey, I just don't want any more children being murdered like they were at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
  • phil.ol... NECHOII 2013/01/12 10:34:07
    Right - you don't want anyone to be murdered, like in the school shooting, so you want people like me to be murdered instead, AS WELL AS more children to be murdered as well, because you won't listen to reason or fact.
  • NECHOII phil.ol... 2013/01/12 19:35:17
    Now @PHIL OF.... Why would I want you to be murdered ?!
    Here in Canada, with our anti gun laws, our school children are safe.
  • phil.ol... NECHOII 2013/01/13 13:16:33
    Your school children in Canada are no safer than the school children in America. America is a different society, with worse people. That's why shootings happen here. I assure you, a shooting could happen in Canada, too.
  • NECHOII phil.ol... 2013/01/13 20:44:54
    Yes, with American guns smuggled across our border.
  • phil.ol... NECHOII 2013/01/14 05:24:01
    You don't seem to understand how many Canadians have guns.

    Guns that are banned in America are allowed there.

    All it takes is for one of those to be stolen.

    So no, it wouldn't be "american guns smuggled across your border", it would be chinese guns, legally imported, then stolen from someone in your society and used to shoot other people.
  • NECHOII phil.ol... 2013/01/17 00:00:52
    Name the guns that are allowed in Canada for private use, but are banned in America.
    How many imported Chinese guns have been stolen and then used to commit murder in Canada ?
  • phil.ol... NECHOII 2013/01/17 10:42:01
    Chinese copies of all of America's best weapons for killing people - which may or may not be on the "assault weapon sales ban" list.

    M1A, SKS... Pretty much any gun made by Norinco.

    Just because crime hasn't happened in Canada doesn't mean that it can't. America is a very violent society.
  • NECHOII phil.ol... 2013/01/18 01:28:43
    Well, like I mentioned before, many Canadians murdered by firearms have turned out to be firearms smuggled over our border from America.
  • NECHOII NECHOII 2013/01/18 05:03:51
    @PHIL OF.... Here is what you have to do to LEGALLY get a gun in CANADA.
    You must get the Canadian Possession and Acquisition Licence ( P.A.L. ) after taking a week long course; passing two written exams; paying $ 80.00 and waiting for 11 weeks to get the gun licence.
    In order to bring a handgun home, you must join a shooting club AND get a permit to transport the gun. If a modern handgun has a barrel length equal to or more than 4.125 inches ( 4 1/8 inches ), it is PROHIBITED !
    Every five years you MAY have to pay the fee again to renew your gun licence.
    Yes, I think these regulations are just what the United States needs.
  • phil.ol... NECHOII 2013/01/18 09:52:48
    Right... Or they could easily steal them from a law-abiding Canadian, like what happened in Sandy Hook.

    Tons of Canadians have guns.
  • NECHOII phil.ol... 2013/01/18 22:33:21
    You cannot compare that to gun ownership in the United States. More people privately owns guns in America than any other country in the world - and there lies your problem of gun violence.
  • phil.ol... NECHOII 2013/01/20 00:44:25
    There are more than 400,000,000 guns in America. Gun ownership has SKYROCKETED in the last 10 years, and crime has dropped more than 50%. Either there's a correlation there, saying that more guns means less crime - or there's none, and removing my rights makes no difference to crime rates in society, but might make me less safe!
  • NECHOII phil.ol... 2013/01/20 01:01:45
    WHAT !? In 2012 there were THREE well publised mass shootings in the U.S. - the latest, horror being at Sandy Hook Elementary School and you are telling me that crime has dropped in America more than 50 % !?
    Where did you get THAT figure from ?! The N.R.A. ?!
  • phil.ol... NECHOII 2013/01/20 01:03:15
    Violent crime in America is down by more than 50%. Murder is down by more than 50%. This may or may not be related to the fact that about a hundred million guns were purchased in that amount of time.
  • NECHOII phil.ol... 2013/01/21 02:27:06
    Oh, I see - so the more guns " law abiding citizens " purchase, the less crime there will be.
    Yeah, right.
    Did you hear about that mass shooting today in Albuquerque, New Mexico ? A 15 year old boy shot dead two adults and three children ! This is the fourth mass shooting in America in less than a year. So, according to your line of thinking, the government should immediately ship over one million more guns to Albuquerque and crime will plummet to the vanishing point !
  • phil.ol... NECHOII 2013/01/21 21:35:15
    Hey, guess what? A 15 year old boy illegally got access to a firearm, and used it to murder people. One more idiot parent who bought the gun and left it around!

    The parent should be guilty of a crime if a person in their house, either a child or a prohibited person from owning firearms, commits a crime with one of their unsecured guns. This is already illegal in California, where I live.

    Guess what else? A 15 or 16 year old defended their home and family from 3 armed burglars because they had access to an AR-15 recently, too.
  • NECHOII phil.ol... 2013/01/25 01:42:43
    Re: last comment - Next time try dialing 911
  • Rubberneck NECHOII 2013/01/19 05:11:57
    And who smuggled these arms across the border? Oh I think it might be.....Criminals!
  • NECHOII Rubberneck 2013/01/20 00:29:16
  • Ramón phil.ol... 2013/01/29 18:04:22
    The libtards don't understand that concealed carry REDUCES CRIME for everyone. Not just for the gun carrier, but for EVERYONE. Even for libtards, who just hire their guns like Obama and Hollywood does so they can cry boo hoo against weapons and not have one but still be protected. When their armed guards go weaponless, then they can talk!
  • phil.ol... Ramón 2013/01/30 03:28:33
    There was just a story in the news about some guy, who hated guns, saying that "God saved me! He sent two angels to protect me!"

    Apparently, he got robbed at gunpoint, and two guys in a Mercedes stopped to see what was going on. They asked if the guy running was the one that robbed him. He said "Yeah!"

    The guys in the Mercedes had concealed handguns, and concealed handgun licenses. They drove over, the suspect started shooting at them, and they shot back. They hit him multiple times. He jumped a fence - just to be attacked by a Rottweiler.

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