BREAKING NEWS: Zimmerman's Bond Revoked by Judge.

luvguins 2012/06/01 19:03:10
The judge has revoked George Zimmerman's bond due to lying about how much money he and his wife had to post bond, and for having two passports, the second he obtained by saying the first passport was lost. He must report to authorities in 48 hours. Justified or not?
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  • ProudProgressive 2012/06/01 19:16:13
    Quite justified. Zimmerman is a threat to the community and should not be roaming free in case he happens to see another innocent black teenager committing the horrendous crime of walking down a street and decides to "protect" the community.

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  • Deb 2012/06/09 16:19:44
    I will wait until ALL the facts come out on this. PRESUMED innocent until proven guilty! What happened to that?
  • Geenie Nabottle 2012/06/05 17:23:51
    Geenie Nabottle
    Completely justified!

    The irony of this is that his deranged supporters that sent money to this killer are to blame for his current incarceration! HA!

    Karma Baby!!!
  • luvguins Geenie ... 2012/06/05 17:26:33
    I do love Karma, Geenie! It never fails.
  • lee 2012/06/04 16:47:23
    he's not only a killer, but a complete idiot at that.

    the streets are safer without him out there
  • mblack 2012/06/04 04:26:29
    Justified!! First he knowingly lies and claims his wife was indigent. Only for the judge to find out threw taped recordings that Zimmerman knew roughly what he had. This guy needs serious lessons in critical thinking. He is a horrible decision maker.
  • Jasmine 2012/06/04 03:16:09
    Justified. Lying to the courts is frowned upon. I don't have a lot of experience in front of judges, but I think it's fair to say that probably really pisses 'em off.
  • Mike 2012/06/03 18:07:25
    not surprised . when a Zimmerman lies about money , it is usually hereditary
  • lin sugar lips 2012/06/03 13:27:47
    lin sugar lips
    Zimmerman will get railroaded for defending himself. So I expect any small mistake this man makes will be blown up.
  • jubil8 BN-0 PON 2012/06/03 04:45:11
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    I was surprised it took so long -- the info about the $200K in his web fund was known pretty soon after the bail hearing.
  • Freeranger 2012/06/03 02:33:37
    Like everything else, I'll await the facts
  • Geenie ... Freeranger 2012/06/05 17:27:32
    Geenie Nabottle
    For his bond revokation?!?

    He LIED! The judge know that he LIED to the courts!

    What other facts are you awaiting to emerge?!?
  • Freeranger Geenie ... 2012/06/05 18:40:12
    For information and the facts. At the time I wrote this, I hadn't seen the evidence posted. Get a grip kid or I'll be forced to put a stopper back in your bottle. Behave.
  • Geenie ... Freeranger 2012/06/05 18:46:57
    Geenie Nabottle
    What other information or facts were you waiting for?

    (((And by all means, go ahead and try to tame this Genie. You will be in for a rude awakening)))
  • Freeranger Geenie ... 2012/06/05 19:12:14
    What's it to you? Did someone appoint you special Soda Head prosecutor? Read my statement again for the first time.

    Just what we all need......another who thinks they're Lara Croft.
  • Live Free Or Die 2012/06/03 00:30:35
    Live Free Or Die
    Zimmerman lied and misled in court before. He's in contempt of court and a flight risk, so I agree with the judge on revoking his bail.
  • Ali ~ In My Heart I Trust ~ 2012/06/03 00:28:15
    Ali ~ In My Heart I Trust ~
    Probably. Lying to the judge is NOT a good recipe for developing trust.
  • Sissy Ali ~ I... 2012/06/11 21:49:00
    TeHe, ya think?
  • Ali ~ I... Sissy 2012/06/15 22:11:44
  • Marshal Artz 2012/06/03 00:11:04
    Marshal Artz
    I was hoping someone would bring this up. He is a murderer, he needs to be in jail until his trial. And go from there. If he is found innocent, he will end up getting in trouble again. He is that type. I hope he doesn't reproduce.
  • joseph digristina 2012/06/02 23:41:06
  • A Founding Father 2012/06/02 21:13:25
    A Founding Father
    OHHHH let's hear again from all of the Farside who praise this symbol of "Nitwitism" and "Second Amendment Insanity". Want to hear some screams for help again?
    Maybe someone will record the "General Population Cellblock" tomorrow night. Listen
    for it.
  • Gohmert... A Found... 2012/06/02 21:36:49
    Gohmert Pyle
    The identity behind the screams for help came out inconclusive. If two media paid analysts figured it was Zimmerman, why couldn't the FED? So we assume the one without injuries (except for the obvious one) is screaming for help for nearly a minute? Yeah, nitwitism.
  • dallas Gohmert... 2012/06/02 21:58:48
  • Gohmert... dallas 2012/06/02 22:18:46
    Gohmert Pyle
    LOL @ Mary Cutcher!

    Come on, seriously? They didn't even see the fight. Pure conjecture. None of them know of anything that occurred, yet they already convinced themselves of the truth.

    Look at the attorney's statements. How can that even be believable? If Zimmerman kept this young man at gun point, crying help for nearly a minute, then he should be shot in the head at this moment for being one the lousiest murderers in history.
  • dallas Gohmert... 2012/06/03 01:28:43
  • Gohmert... dallas 2012/06/03 01:41:13
  • dallas Gohmert... 2012/06/03 02:18:51
  • Gohmert... dallas 2012/06/03 02:26:10
    Gohmert Pyle
    Obviously. There is nothing yet that has swayed me into believing Zimmerman is a murderer. Foolish? Yes. Irresponsible? Yes. Murderer? No.

    I'm patiently waiting.
  • dallas Gohmert... 2012/06/03 02:34:53 (edited)
  • Gohmert... dallas 2012/06/03 16:09:57
    Gohmert Pyle
    Depends on the circumstances presented in court. There is more evidence that needs to be presented in order to make this case not appear as self defense on the part of Zimmerman, and it doesn't matter to me what color the individuals are. Simple as that.

    One person is bloodied/injured. The other is dead. That in my county is justifiable deadly force. Since this went to court, the case hinges on the evidence proving Zimmerman initiated the confrontation and did not attempt to retreat. It might also depend on whether he gave Martin the opportunity to retreat upon presenting the weapon, he must show that Martin had no intention of giving up the fight. That's if he initiated the fight.
  • dallas Gohmert... 2012/06/04 01:17:50
  • lee dallas 2012/06/04 16:50:38
    that's what it comes down to...

    these "defenders" of the killer will bend themselves into pretzel shapes to avoid that simple fact.
  • Gohmert Pyle 2012/06/02 20:34:31
    Gohmert Pyle
    Justified? Going by the way it was presented by the prosecutor, you can say that. Then again, I don't agree with anything this prosecutor has done so far. None of this information will be relevant to the actual murder case, so I don't see how it matters. There is still the situation that once he is in front of the judge again that he will be granted bail once more.
  • luvguins Gohmert... 2012/06/02 20:50:30
    Two lawyers have said that his bond revocation can be admissible at trial, and now a judge will not dismiss the case on his or her own, and will send it to a trial.
  • Gohmert... luvguins 2012/06/02 21:33:27
    Gohmert Pyle
    I really have to wonder how this will be allowed into trial considering that it has little to do with the actual murder. If we are talking about character, well...we'll see if that ever happens.
  • joseph ... Gohmert... 2012/06/02 23:43:14
  • Gohmert... joseph ... 2012/06/03 01:02:49 (edited)
    Gohmert Pyle
    Incorrect. He turned in the first passport. His lawyer had the second one. If you are claiming collusion between his attorney and Zimmerman, pass on the information you have onto the state prosecutor. They would love to know.

    I think you believe the jury are viewers on a CSI show. This isn't a fricking game. Not everything is going to be allowed in court. Not your opinion, not the kind of gum Zimmerman might have been chewing, whether it was Nicorette, not even this. It is irrelevant to the murder case. It might matter to the judge who will decide if this should see trial, not the jury.
  • joseph ... Gohmert... 2012/06/03 06:52:25
  • Gohmert... joseph ... 2012/06/03 16:20:42
    Gohmert Pyle
    Lied? He was never asked about the paypal account. It is difficult to lie when you are not asked. Like I mentioned elsewhere, you don't introduce information that is not asked. Did he correct his wife on the estimates in the account? Did he have that much of an intimate knowledge on the amount in the account? He should have been asked. He wasn't. The judge claimed he was like a potted plant. Did he expect Zimmerman to shout "NO! THATS NOT TRUE SHELLIE!"

    You can make the case that his wife withheld information. She'll have to explain her actions. I for one don't believe De La Rionda is being honest here. He claims the court was made to believe he didn't have a penny. Obviously, not true.

    Also, I don't think you've ever taken his side...so don't feign impartiality. Nothing he says will be true to you. Accepting this notion is the first step in understanding that youre biased. It's ok.
  • jubil8 ... joseph ... 2012/06/03 04:49:04
    jubil8 BN-0 PON
    That's your opinion, not a fact.
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