Black, conservative, Mormon, Marathon-running mom of three is going to upset Dems.

Mike56 2012/04/25 02:57:33
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She just won the GOP nomination the 4th Utah District and is preparing to take on a Dem incumbent.

"During the Republican primary, Love raised less than $120,00, falling short of three other candidates vying for the nomination. On primary day, however, she received 70 percent of the vote.

While talking policy, she comes across as a tax- and regulation-slashing, tea party conservative infused with a leave-us-alone libertarian streak, a hallmark of western Republicans.

If she makes it to Washington, Love said she plans focus on opposing federal regulations--particularly those set by the Environmental Protection Agency--and will immediately join the Democrat-led Congressional Black Caucus with Florida Rep. Allen West, currently the only Republican member of the group, with hopes to "change it from the inside out."

mia love

Read More: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/OTUS/mia-love-black...

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  • Mike56 abner p... 2012/05/05 21:59:40
    your soul mates from KGB told me already. :)
  • abner p... Mike56 2012/05/22 14:32:43
  • Maltilda abner p... 2012/04/26 00:46:03
    Her future. Her family's future. The nation's future.
  • abner p... Maltilda 2012/04/26 18:55:03 (edited)
  • evangelism_vision 2012/04/25 20:48:58
    She will win this Marathon and many others
  • john Kills 2012/04/25 20:33:52
    She will win this Marathon and many others
    john Kills
    At least I hope so. I have never heard of her before but from the limited information supplied here, she certainly seems to be what we are looking for more of. I wish her well.
  • Mrs. maggot 2012/04/25 20:27:02
    She will win this Marathon and many others
    Mrs. maggot
    Good for her!
  • Lanikai 2012/04/25 20:24:47
    She will win this Marathon and many others
    Bravo, at least she understands the constitution and it's purpose and power.

    Go, girl.
  • ordman 2012/04/25 20:18:37
    She will win this Marathon and many others
    If she wins I may move to the 4th Utah District.
  • cmdrbnd007 2012/04/25 19:27:20
    She will win this Marathon and many others
    I hope she wins. I'd vote for her if I lived in her district.
  • abner p... cmdrbnd007 2012/05/05 21:43:38
  • Mike56 abner p... 2012/05/05 22:00:07
    who would doubt?
  • abner p... Mike56 2012/05/05 23:48:50 (edited)
  • Mike56 abner p... 2012/05/06 11:02:18
    so, why are you arguing with cmdrbn? Do you know better than he what he is goig to do?
  • abner p... Mike56 2012/05/06 15:08:26
  • Mike56 abner p... 2012/05/06 15:58:12
    then try to be clear
  • abner p... Mike56 2012/05/06 16:36:00
  • cmdrbnd007 abner p... 2012/05/06 12:24:14
    Why would you say that?
  • abner p... cmdrbnd007 2012/05/06 15:10:09
  • sbtbill 2012/04/25 19:18:18
    Nah, Obama's machine will prevent her from winning in the Dem district
    I'm expecting a Democratic year.
  • Mike56 sbtbill 2012/04/25 21:42:10
    There are people who expect Democratic millenium, aka hell
  • Lady Wh... sbtbill 2012/04/26 00:34:34
    Lady Whitewolf
  • marcuss....PHART 2012/04/25 19:17:31
    She will win this Marathon and many others
    A true American that is not afraid of the socialist liberals. We need more people like her to fix the liberal progressive mess we are in now.
  • abner p... marcuss... 2012/05/05 21:45:48
  • Mike56 abner p... 2012/05/05 22:02:27
    seems it is you who is not able to get rid of your racist shackles. Can you abandon the Farrakhan/Right-style fascism?
  • abner p... Mike56 2012/05/06 00:32:19
  • Mike56 abner p... 2012/05/06 11:15:19
    Well, I hoped you can be reasonable, but after your calling the racist monsters "THE WONDERFUL NATION OF ISLAM" - I don't have any illusions about you.
    I have to remind you that Mussolini became a fascist before coming to power - so did Farrakhan.
    You do not consider horrible murders of whites by black newsworthy, but even if a black person is killed in self-defense - you are going to murder everybody around. That is racism, that is fascism.
  • abner p... Mike56 2012/05/06 16:10:29
  • Mike56 abner p... 2012/05/06 20:24:03
    Come on. Thank God that the influence of such a hateful person like your "great minister" is pretty limited. Otherwise, you and I probably wouldn't be alive at the moment. He has been instigating and exploiting the racial and ethnic tensions for decades.
  • abner p... Mike56 2012/05/07 15:01:00
  • Mike56 abner p... 2012/05/07 15:17:54
    You have no point - and we both know that. The monsters you are proudly identifying with are world "renowned" misanthropes. There is nobody but black racists and some allied white leftists interested the racism resurgence
  • abner p... Mike56 2012/05/07 15:20:35 (edited)
  • Mike56 abner p... 2012/05/07 15:37:51
    it is in Dec.2007, in NH - no tea party at the time, not to mention, Romney is not their favorite. You should work on your erudition.
  • abner p... Mike56 2012/05/07 18:37:17
  • Mike56 abner p... 2012/05/07 22:44:14
    you are promoting the black KKK, aren't you?
  • abner p... Mike56 2012/05/08 17:04:44
  • Mike56 abner p... 2012/05/14 07:40:24
    "Nation of Islam" is the black KKK
  • abner p... Mike56 2012/05/14 14:01:31
  • Mike56 abner p... 2012/05/16 10:31:22
    Racial hatred propaganda, racial "superiority" ideology.
  • abner p... Mike56 2012/05/16 14:29:42

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