Big government fails again:First FEMA ran out of water Now FEMA just ran out!

LMA 2012/11/08 19:24:36
FEMA made it look like they rushed to save sandy victims and just like in Katrina they proved that they are completely incompetent as an organization. In light of the Big Bad nor-eastern that hit last night with it's whopping inch of snow, In my town anyway FEMA closed it centers to public turning sandy victims away to the ruins to fend for them selves.

Read More: http://www.dnainfo.com/new-york/20121107/tottenvil...

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  • Max 2012/11/08 20:18:26
    This storm, Sandy, is another wake-up call to all the people that were unprepared.
  • Boilermaker 2012/11/08 19:42:22
    FEMA is nothing more than some overpaid goobermint bureaucrats who sit on their asses most of the year then show up with clip-boards and hard-hats handing out cards with their 1-800 number and Website address.

    The same taxpayer funds going to DC would be far more effective at the state level and let each community purchase the equipment and prepare for the catastrophes that are prone to happen in their own neighborhoods.

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