Bank of America Website Down: Can Anyone Login?

Dangerous Dave 2008/09/22 23:22:21
I can
I can't
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Bank of America customers are unable to log into the bank’s online banking site.

Upon clicking the “Sign In” link on the homepage of BOA, a user is typically redirected to “ to authenticate his / her credentials by entering the Site Key.

This redirection is not working and due to this, customers are not able to login to their accounts.
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  • Dan Rowe 2011/07/17 20:36:20
    I can't
    Dan Rowe
    Every time I try to input my security verification, it just routes me right back to the sign in screen.
  • dennjon 2008/09/23 23:28:20
    I can't
    This is pretty typical for BOA. About half the time their site is so slow I give up and sign in later. Impressive for the biggest bank in the US, huh? NOT!
  • Alicia 2008/09/22 23:32:07
    I can't
    i don't have an account on there but my sister couldn't get on earlier..
  • mavericky 2008/09/22 23:28:59
    I can't
    No, it's been down for hours...
  • HairlessKat the Gnostic 2008/09/22 23:28:59
    I can't
    HairlessKat the Gnostic
    but I dont have an account there,, question,, if the bank closes what does that mean? Where do you go to get your money out? Asking incase ours does..
  • Brad Hairles... 2008/09/22 23:34:25
    ha you wont be able to get your money unless the government gives the bank money to take them outta bankruptcy. FDIC isnt the most secure thing in the world anymore. If the bank does close its like they stole your money not the first time this has happened this month!!!!
  • Hairles... Brad 2008/09/22 23:55:01
    HairlessKat the Gnostic
  • Brad Hairles... 2008/09/23 01:36:33
    that would be my reason for not voting for either of the two main candidates lol. hopefully pplwill begin to see why Ron Paul isthe only real choice we can afford this election. Neither of the other to are going to help the ppl they wont change the rape that consumers go though everyday

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