Would Tyra Banks Be Considered 'Too Heavy' to Be a Model Today?

Living 2012/05/17 17:12:16
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Tyra Banks has transformed her modeling success into an impressive career spanning fashion and TV. But if she were getting her start today, looking like she did as a teenager, she says she'd be considered too fat to get hired. Find out what her mom had to say about it at 1:10 in the video below!

In an open letter congratulating Vogue for its recent decision to ban "too skinny" models, Tyra writes in The Daily Beast: "Many of you have graciously said that you want to have the same type of career that I’ve had....But the truth is that if I was just starting to model at age 17 in 2012, I could not have had the career that I did. I would’ve been considered too heavy. In my time, the average model’s size was a four or six. Today you are expected to be a size zero."

"In my early 20s I was a size four," she writes. "But then I started to get curvy. My agency gave my mom a list of designers that didn’t want to book me in their fashion shows anymore. In order to continue working, I would’ve had to fight Mother Nature and get used to depriving myself of nutrition.

"As my mom wiped the tears from my face, she said, 'Tyra, you know what we’re going to do about this? We’re going to go eat pizza.' We sat in a tiny pizzeria in Milan and strategized about how to turn my curves into a curveball. In a way, it was my decision not to starve myself that turned me into a supermodel, and later on, a businesswoman." Do you think young Tyra would be considered "too heavy" to be a model today?
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  • Mia Mur... Rachel 2012/05/17 23:54:39
    Mia Murderous
    She is beautiful.
  • Rachel Mia Mur... 2012/05/18 18:30:23
    I think so too. =)
  • Cellar Door 2012/05/17 20:28:03
    Cellar Door
    I'd like to say no, but she would be too heavy today. It shouldn't be this way.
  • katywon 2012/05/17 19:55:19
    Unfortunately they are looking for coat hangers not women. Tyra made a terrific career for herself by using her looks and talent to build a life and a business.
  • Katherine the Renaissance W... 2012/05/17 19:50:59
    Katherine the Renaissance Woman
    She's smokin' hot. Even though plus size is not a size 4, that's probably what she'd be considered, and she still might have gotten the job being a plus size. I hate the modeling world (not that I'd ever WANT to be part of it).
  • bansheebanski 2012/05/17 19:39:41
    no i still think shes gorgeous but i understand how the modeling industry is getting more strict
  • Maleficent 2012/05/17 19:38:16
    yeah because we know how the media is today.
  • Torchy 2012/05/17 19:32:48
    If you look at her and the other models of her time, they were all svelte in their early careers, but they still had curves and femininity. They had muscle and tone.

    Models today are so waif-like and thin that we can now have a men modeling wedding dresses.
  • Sunshine 2012/05/17 19:23:54
    She would because sadly models these days are expected to be ridiculously small sizes, even though Tyra isn't heavy at all! She actually has a nice body, and I think there should be more models like her.
  • Couri 2012/05/17 19:21:58
    Sad but true. Personally I would love to see a model that is actually healthy for their height. Different sizes are healthy for different people. Tyra is around my height and my doctor told me I should be shooting to be around 140. I love how Tyra looks healthy. Could you imagine how much better of an influence models would have on young girls if they were all a healthy size? Sorry for the rant but yeah.
  • Maiko 2012/05/17 19:17:53
    Yes the modeling world wants women who look like the last full meal they ever ate was when they were toddlers. However, there are plenty of women with "curves" who are models as well. She may not fit into the "snack and yack" look that most, or many, runway models have, but that is perfectly ok! Curves are much better than sharp angles and sharp corners!
  • Margaret Jacobson 2012/05/17 19:14:04
    Margaret Jacobson
    Most models are THIN...........My understanding is that some are "getting a little meatier" ?? I remember the model TWIGGY...........She was REALLY THIN !!
  • lmnlme10921 2012/05/17 18:59:09
    Sadly, the modeling world today would most likely consider her on the heavier side. It's so absurd. In the real world, almost no one is a size zero, size four is considered skinny, and curves are sexy. It just goes to show you how detached the world of modeling and media is from their target audience. Do I consider her fat? Hell no; she's far from it and has an amazing body. However, in the modeling business today, things are a lot different. Sad, but true.
  • Anna E 2012/05/17 18:55:00
    Anna E
    Models come in all shapes and sizes. They don't always have to be a Vicky's Secret shape or rail thin like a Lagerfeld model.
  • RachelsBoyfriend 2012/05/17 18:54:37
    Thats thick baby. She got them curves ;)
  • Christopher Kirchen 2012/05/17 18:51:16
    Christopher Kirchen
    Tyra is an average woman today, in terms of weight; I'm sure a lot of people would say she's too fat, but what does that say about our culture? It's sad.
  • Feria~Badass of PHAET~ 2012/05/17 18:49:08
    Feria~Badass of PHAET~
    Not at all!
  • Jenna ☮♡ッ 2012/05/17 18:41:55
    Jenna ☮♡ッ
    She shouldn't be. I don't know when people are going to realize that curves are so much more attractive than bone.
  • YOMOMMA 2012/05/17 18:35:41
    Depends upon what she is modeling. She is beautiful and has transformed herself.
  • AmericanVirus 2012/05/17 18:34:44
    Would she be considered? Yes
    Is she really? No
    But that usually comes with age
  • Mandy 2012/05/17 17:21:46
    Models looked so much healthier in the 90s. Let's bring that look back! A size 0 only looks healthy on women under 5'5". No one pushing 6 feet tall is healthy as a size 0.
  • Rave Mandy 2012/05/17 18:52:58
    How does height have to do with it? Tall women are naturally skinnier actually, since they can generally eat more and gain less weight. Short women have smaller diets as it is, therefore I'd think it would be harder for a short woman to be a size 0.
  • lmnlme1... Rave 2012/05/17 19:04:04
    Yes, but she's saying that the taller you are, the less healthy it is to be a size 0. Depending on height, there is a certain average body weight that is healthy for people to maintain. The taller you are, the more body you have, so the weight deemed healthy goes up. I'm 5'4", and currently at a healthy body weight. My sister, who is 5'8", freaks out because she ways more than me, when in reality, her weight is perfect for her height. It's a ratio.
  • Rave lmnlme1... 2012/05/17 19:18:55
    True but it depends on a lot of variables, bone structure, muscle mass etc.

    A tall person can weigh more and still be a size zero, a short person would have to weigh even less to be a size zero.
  • lmnlme1... Rave 2012/05/17 22:25:51
  • Mandy Rave 2012/05/17 20:26:56
    A taller person generally has a larger frame than a shorter person. A person who is 5 ft. tall and a size zero has healthy proportions. A person who is 6 ft. tall and a size zero looks like a skeleton.
  • Osaka Mandy 2012/05/17 22:54:32
    There is a model that's super skinny and 5'10", she can eat everything on the dinner table.
  • k fleming 2012/05/17 17:15:20
  • Feria~B... k fleming 2012/05/17 18:49:45
    Feria~Badass of PHAET~
    Yet you cared enough to inform everyone of this? Hmmm...

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