Why are girls so attracted to gay guys!?

brittbrat 2008/11/26 19:51:40
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have u every noticed that mostly all the gay guys could get basically any girl they want (if they wanted to) ? just about every girl i talk to say "if he wasn't gay i'd so go out with him"
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  • BearMan Pig 2013/07/27 01:41:09
  • MingoKatten 2013/07/23 15:20:35
    it's b/c......
    cuz they are GIRLS a real woman knows better
  • spencer.kaminski.5 2013/01/15 21:48:35
    it's b/c......
    well i dnt really know but im gay so my reasoning would be we are more willing todo the kind of everyday things girls do bc we enjoy them as well for example i just love shopping and straight men dont i just was looking at this bc i have a girl who wants me to b her gay best frend but i dnt understand y?
  • Samsonite the Ninja Warrior 2012/10/10 00:43:52
    it's b/c......
    Samsonite the Ninja Warrior
    Gay boys like to play with dolls with the girls, and there isn't sexual tension between the 2 of them unless they're at a beach and a guy has his shirt off.
  • Haley Elizabeth 2012/08/28 17:41:17
    it's b/c......
    Haley Elizabeth
    It's because they're different from the other guys and typically into the same things as girls.
  • EstrusWanton 2012/08/12 10:53:44
    it's b/c......
    Because they like what we like, hot guys! As a girl, i'm always chatting with my friend about hot guys I see. It's nice to have a boy around who is jus your friend, and not saying,"EEEEEEEEEW!!"
  • Scarcity 2012/07/20 01:18:05 (edited)
    it's b/c......
    Yeah , i have a crush on a gay guy , why because he is so much more different tha other guys , he cares about girls and i know we'll never be together because he likes men but we can be bff and share everything together if we cant be like in a relationship , he is so feminine thats why we love him! Here he is   lol   he s so cute
  • Krista 2012/03/30 00:09:06
    it's b/c......
    I am the same way. I get really into these guys (who are all my good friends) and then find out that they're gay. I think it's because gay guys have this sweet, loyal, and protective side to them that most straight men don't have. They also have a great sense of style and swag to them. Even if they don't flaunt it. They're hilarious and great to be around. I'm not attracted to the jock type of guys who cheat on girls like it's nothing. That's a huge turn off for me. Also, girls have a lot in common with gay guys. My gay friends and I share the same likes in music, TV, movies and more. There is just something very seductive about gay guys. I hope I can find a straight guy who is as caring as my gay guy friends.
  • Valkyrie 2011/08/03 03:22:35
    None of the above
    Well the men I am usually attracted to I keep finding out that they are gay, which for me is frustrating. Gay men seem to usually, for one, take care of their appearance more and not be so scruffy, and 2, they flirt in a sexy tone of voice as well as do activities that women like. I don't like most men, because I like pretty, sexy (acting) guys. Really "masculine" straight men usually disgust me.
  • jessica Valkyrie 2011/08/03 15:47:01
    I totally agree in every way. This is basically my answer!!! Lol... my current love affai is with a known gay man and my two exes are gay and the reasons you just posted are exactly why I like them... sad but true...
  • TheVampireLoveAngel 2011/03/31 22:06:02
    it's b/c......
    it's because gay guys are a lot more understanding and hot XD
  • Orchid_Sky 2010/04/12 15:17:53
    it's b/c......
    Gay guys are everything we want straight guys to be (except actually straight lol). Sensitive, good fashion sense, and a genuine care about us. If straight guys were like that we'd adore all of them, too.
  • Claise 2009/09/16 18:35:09
    it's b/c......
    It's b/c gay guys are more conscious of themselves, of their bodies, their style, their radiance, and they show it! Straight guys are more closed, they are only consious of their bodies as a tool for work and sports, so it is more difficult for them to express.
  • z-Madness-z 2009/07/11 06:33:32
    it's b/c......
    It's nice to see a man open up that much to somebody else. It's sort of.... manly or something. I don't know.
  • 5678dancegirl 2009/06/06 02:28:45
    it's b/c......
    its because i dont really care i am sooo attracted to gay guys i mean they are like 110 times hotter than any strait guy or even bi i mean there is another topic how bout bi i mean i dont think they are hot but gays are a whole nother story

  • Evan 2009/05/26 06:29:48
    it's b/c......
    Ok this is coming from a REAL gay guy~. I don't in my opinion feel the whole "we wish for what you have". We both like the same gender,we feel more open to w.e the to we want to talk about. I have a friend and she is straight. She doesn't like pop music much as I do,and I'm not a fem. Boy,but I think hearing female singers is more for me because there arnt so many guys singing on the radio about liking the same gender. No one flat out welcomes us gay and lesbians much. If everyone was as equal to as liking all races,then I feel more guys/girls would expess more on what they want.bisexual would hardly exist. ~. All in all,everyone at my school is ok with me liking the same gender, and it's not we were born gay,we became and stumbled to be gays and lesbians.

  • Kelsey Lynn 2009/04/21 03:17:29
    None of the above
    Kelsey Lynn
    I think we are so attracted to them because some have the same interests as us. We can talk to them about anything without really getting judged, They won`t pressure you for sex or anything around the topic of sex. I don`t know. They are just. . . amazing .
  • Bun 2009/04/12 20:50:54
    it's b/c......
    We need a friend who will be honest with us, help around the house and kitchen and show us how to dress and do our hair!
    Oh and they can be friends with out wanting to force sex on you!
  • Lashiya 2008/12/15 11:28:40
    it's b/c......
    it the "i want wat i cant have" issue...
    that and because they are so much into their feminine side its cute.... is almost like wanting to date one of your closest 'girlfriends' only its different because its a male.
  • soso*kewl 2008/12/12 00:20:47
    it's b/c......
    many gay guys understand what there thinking and how they will react to things they can relate an well guys that are straight are so darn stupid now not every straight guy is abnocious and retarded as the ones i know but face it they colud never understand a girl a way a gay guy does its true at least i thnk it is ......... its just to bad
  • Ally 2008/12/02 13:59:45
    it's b/c......
    It's because they make very good friends. They listen to your crap, whines and complaints and actually respond. They would paint your toenails for you and you could paint theirs. They make great shopping buddies. Most tend to be very adorable, cute or stunning.
    Many gay guys are good-looking.

    I guess that's why.

    I still prefer my man straight though. :D
  • Lars Ge... Ally 2012/02/23 01:01:16
  • Egg † "In God We Trust" † 2008/12/02 05:07:07
    i really don't know
    Egg   † "In God We Trust" †
    Its so unfair!!! I know exactly what you mean. I know a guy thats gay and he's soo cute! I don't really know why girls are attracted to gay guys. Probably cause they just look adorable. *sigh*
  • linca 2008/12/02 00:37:31
    i really don't know
    i wouldn't say im more attracted to gay guys.. but sometimes they're uninhibited, and it can be a turn on when that guy is soo real to himself and everybody else. plus, some gays are too cute..
  • spencer... linca 2013/01/15 21:50:28
    wht do u mean by too cute?
  • will 2008/12/01 13:59:34
    it's b/c......
    Gay men are more feminine than the masculine dominant of their DNA. So therefore, they are more sensitive to female needs and desires. This is also why women desire same sex, because they know how they want to be loved, physically or emotionally. This is also why I don't believe in a Gay Society.
  • kelby will 2010/01/09 05:54:15
    so what your tring to say is just because they like the same gender that somewere in there dna is messed up? thats fucked up! im just sayin. i totally beleive in the gay society.!
  • will kelby 2010/01/10 04:41:15
    I know there are different reasons for why people love, but I don't think there is a reason for homosexuals to love, just because they can. It is almost like saying, a hetrosexual will have a hard time to love one of the opposite sex, so they force attraction with same sex, because it is easier. Men and women bond with their friend of the same sex, and because gay/lesbian attraction is more open nowadays, they think that they were meant to be homosexual.
  • squirds 2008/12/01 03:09:35
    it's b/c......
    gay guys relate to girls a lot more. They are also really fun to be around and are able to be trusted a lot more.
  • LaShae 2008/12/01 02:04:12
    it's b/c......
    Most gay guys are cute, and caring and will cry with u, and they r funny
  • Rainbow 2008/11/30 07:42:05
    it's b/c......
    Gay guys are sensitive and caring. Girls like that. Even the gay jerks seem sensitive. Girls want a guy with a heart, and most guys don't seem to have one. I've also noticed this. And I act gay, but I'm not, so this is very good for me.
  • grammaldy 2008/11/29 22:51:49
    it's b/c......
    Women want to fix the guy. The inner surety that they can love them straight. And besides. Most gay guys are very good looking and would produce pretty babies.
  • mardi claw 2008/11/29 21:55:05 (edited)
    None of the above
    mardi claw
    gay men are safe, they aren't going to try to pick you up, or get stupid with you... let alone violent. Gay men are fun, easy to get along with, like talking to a girl friend, and look good with you when your out and about...

    there's no BS with gay men, unless its really DRAMA... but some save the drama for their mama... Gay guys aren't as insecure as many straight guys are, and they aren't going to worry about sleepin with ya, so you can go out and have fun... no pressure, no worries...
  • itstwilightagain 2008/11/29 21:45:38
    it's b/c......
    It's because all the gay guys are hot. And, plus, they tend to be more feminine and they're funny and I have a gay friend who has more fashion sense then even I - a girl - do. It's really weird, but it's funny.
  • MeMe 2008/11/29 17:15:14
  • KfunK 2008/11/29 16:16:32
    it's b/c......
    They do their hair, trim their eyebrows/nose hairs, wear the best clothes, always smell great and they love to socialize.. what's not to like??
  • Lars Ge... KfunK 2012/02/23 01:11:37
  • bookgirl239 2008/11/29 04:05:15
    it's b/c......
    I'ts because they are so hot and so cool to talk to and they can feel more comfortable around them and they aren't brutish and barbaric
  • someshortkid17 2008/11/29 03:34:04
    i really don't know
    but this is what i think: probly cuz girls feel more comfortable around gay guys because they arent pressured to look their best all the time
  • . . . . 2008/11/29 02:28:14

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