Who Is Your Best Friend? And Why??

Alexie 2012/06/15 21:38:04
My Best Friend Is
Well, I Guess It Could Be
I Don't Really Know
I Don't Have One
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Heehee, Who's Your Best Friend And Why??
Mine's My Friend Benje Cause He's A Physco Path Just Like Me

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  • Lunarscript021196 2014/01/14 03:36:42
    My Best Friend Is
    I have 2. I have my best friend of 10 years who I have suffered everything with, and my Boo, who is one of my favorite people in the whole world.
  • Wicked Weasley 2013/09/11 16:45:57
    My Best Friend Is
    Wicked Weasley
    My brother Donnie Elroy Plum and my sister in law Sammie Jo Makepeace.
    They are everything to me and they are my best friends.
    donnie  sammie  brother  sister in law
  • Ashley 2013/09/04 18:14:21
    My Best Friend Is
    My girl friend Ana, she is a sweetie.
  • Wolf Princess 2013/09/04 12:24:50
    I Don't Have One
    Wolf Princess
    None at all
  • Th8nos 2013/09/04 08:48:50
    I Don't Have One
    I don't label friends, but I do have a good friend whom I've been friends with for about 30 years now. Reason = cause I trust him with my life, he and I have been through thick and thin, and I know that when it comes down to it, I can trust him
  • Zed 2013/09/03 23:53:04
    My Best Friend Is
    hard choice here. my boyfreind for one because he is the best and he makes me laugh even when i really not in the mood and waking up next to him is the best feeling ever. however there is also my dog bonnie she been in my life for the past 10 years and those were the years i really needed a freind and she was the only one there for me most of them time. she more of a baby to me than a dog. me and my boyfreind call her our baby hes daddy to her and im mummy. she daddys little angel now though hahahahah
  • Nellie-TheQueenOfCraziness 2013/09/03 23:49:00
    Well, I Guess It Could Be
    I have a few very close friends, but if I had to choose only one it would be my sister Emily. She has always been there my whole life, I know that I could 100% trust her with my life! When we were children and I didn't have any other friends she was there for me. When someone decided to use my over trusting attitude to their advantage, she was there to be with me when they abandoned me. All of my closest friends will happily act crazy and like complete weirdoes with me, but when the others are telling me to calm down she is provoking me to keep being my strange self. She can always cheer me up when I am feeling bad, and she seems to be the one that always knows when I am feeling that way no matter how well I try to hide behind a smile. I would not be the same person and I know that there would be something missing from me if I did not have her.
    i love you emiliy
  • Gothic Angel 2013/09/03 23:36:15
    My Best Friend Is
    Gothic Angel
    Her name is Madeline.We bumped into each other & talked.We have a lot in common.
  • Kitty 2013/09/03 22:21:25
    My Best Friend Is
    -Wendy was my bf for 33yrs, met her at summer camp, she died of brain cancer.
    -Now Linda is my bf, met thru mutual friend. She's kind & good, treats everyone like they're special. Doesn't judge me, always there when I need a friend.
    -My brother Richard is my bff. Only real immediate family I have left & is my hero. A good man, someone to be proud of. Loves me unconditionally.
  • XXMr.Scare99XX 2013/09/03 22:20:00
    My Best Friend Is
    A girl I grew up with named Cameron because she was one of the only people who actually talked to me.
  • Sky 2013/09/03 21:27:08
    My Best Friend Is
    Her name is Jeannie, and I don't know why we are best friends. I don't even remember how we became friends.
  • wtxwoman 2013/09/03 21:05:38
    My Best Friend Is
    My best friend is my cousin who is six years younger than me. We have been good friends since we were teens. We can and have told each other any and everything that crosses our minds. We have been mad, sad and glad with each other. We don't see each other except about every two years, but we talk on the phone everyday, sometimes more than once.
  • LQ~phaet 2013/09/03 20:37:13
    My Best Friend Is
    Sir Ant, my Ma, my daughter, Lela and my Phamily.

    I have more than my fair share and am damn grateful too.
  • Harley Squiggles the God \(... 2013/09/03 20:23:06
    My Best Friend Is
    Harley Squiggles the God \(#o#)/
    Johnny, Mikko, Kivi, Eero, and Ville. They're my best friends because the nugget fluff is glittered in the rainbow mouse force floop. .-. <3
  • Bobby C 2013/09/03 20:21:24 (edited)
    My Best Friend Is
    Bobby C
    John S. Watson
    john watson
    CEO and Chairman of the Board - Chevron Corporation
    We're partners in a lucrative business.
    Here are my next best friends....
    watson ceo chairman board chevron corporation partners lucrative business friends
  • Peewee ~PWCM~ 2013/09/03 20:01:34
    My Best Friend Is
    Peewee ~PWCM~
    Becky, she's been my best friend since 10th grade in H.S. That's forty years. Hubby is also a bff. The three of us have a blast together.
  • sky blue pink - American 2013/09/03 16:44:44
    My Best Friend Is
    sky blue pink - American
    My husband, we are there for each other.
    Have a good one !
  • Kezzi Morris 2013/07/30 16:00:21
    My Best Friend Is
    Kezzi Morris
    Mellisa :3
  • Erica⚓ 2012/07/19 23:52:00
    My Best Friend Is
    My best bro Alyx, luff her to death <3
  • purpleicecreamvan<3 2012/07/04 19:13:54
    My Best Friend Is
    my boyfriend. <3
  • sarahbearer 2012/06/24 08:06:46
    My Best Friend Is
    A crazy emo bitch.... like meeeeeee!
  • gaylehelen 2012/06/22 13:31:53
    My Best Friend Is
    My husband because he understands me and I trust him explicitly.
  • Pearlie Momi♥Patriot Warrior♥ 2012/06/21 04:03:40
    My Best Friend Is
    Pearlie Momi♥Patriot Warrior♥
    My hubby. I can depend on him.
  • Lady J. Murderess 2012/06/21 00:50:56
    My Best Friend Is
    Lady J. Murderess
    well its more my best friendS are. and my best friends are my best friends because they make me feel like we're all a family. we love each other (all girls but no homo)
  • cudlow 2012/06/21 00:15:31
    My Best Friend Is
    My wife!
  • flyingseaturtle BN 2012/06/20 23:21:57
    My Best Friend Is
    flyingseaturtle BN
    My husband ;-)
  • Katey 2012/06/20 23:03:10 (edited)
    My Best Friend Is
    my boyfriend because he makes me happy, he loves me, and is always there for me.other then him I don't have any true friends
  • Eagle 2012/06/20 19:00:06
    My Best Friend Is
    His name is J.L., The best man in the world. We have been friends for many many years, through grade and highschool. All through our adult life.. There has never been a better man.
  • 00P 2012/06/20 17:18:03
    I Don't Have One
    Thought I had one, but lately I guess not :(
  • zebrafl... 00P 2012/06/20 20:10:21
    Aww, why??
  • 00P zebrafl... 2012/06/21 12:13:45
    I stood by them every step of the way....they never did me :(
  • zebrafl... 00P 2012/06/28 17:38:54
    Well who needs them? Sounds like you're a great friend and you deserve better! Don't worry, there are plenty more people at there, who I'm sure will make great friends. :)
  • Deb 2012/06/20 16:54:16
    I Don't Have One
    I do not put anyone ahead of anyone else. I prefer NOT to have a "bestfriend" heck, around here you cannot trust anyone anyway, However, from the age of 11-25 my best, and I mean BEST friend was Paula. We were more like sisters. lol Looked just alike and when you saw one of us, you saw the other. 2 short skinny girls with long blonde hair. I miss those times. People move and kinda drift apart....sad :(
  • SoLongFairLady 2012/06/20 15:48:15
    My Best Friend Is
    My son :) My World

    We the bestest
  • Yess 2012/06/20 15:26:35
    My Best Friend Is
    Caro. She's like the sister I never had. She always listens to my problems patiently and gives me good advice. I know I can always count on her for anything and vice versa. Outside of my family, she's the one I trust the most.
  • kat14 2012/06/20 14:54:23
    I Don't Have One
    i dont pick favs..i have alot of friends i dont need best ones :3
  • Nish 2012/06/20 13:20:00
    My Best Friend Is
  • benjamin beggs 2012/06/20 07:32:35
    My Best Friend Is
    benjamin beggs
  • krunchatize~me 2012/06/20 07:27:02
    My Best Friend Is
    Kim and Morgan. These two because we've been through everything together and know everything about each other. :) me  morgan  and kim us again lolz
  • ☜AngelfromMars☞ 2012/06/20 04:54:16
    My Best Friend Is
    Mayra Shadowz :3 And why? Because she was the only friend I've had who cared enough to keep in touch through so much ♥ :)
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