Which is worse-drinking alcohol or smoking pot?

zzlat 2008/02/17 09:29:50
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  • Christian Right is Neither 2008/02/17 09:54:18
    Christian Right is Neither
    I tell you, I'd feel safer in a crowd full of stoned people than a crowd full of drunks. Stoners sleep and get hungry. Boozers fight, vomit, fight some more, try to drive (sometimes killing people in the process), fight some more, pass out, and then vomit/urinate/deficate in their sleep.

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  • Mradamski1993 2011/12/06 23:56:44
  • Mopvyzo USA 2011/03/11 19:39:27
    Mopvyzo USA
    Alcohol is dangerous, esp behind the wheel and it also destroys your liver...pot don't
  • Its right 2010/05/23 18:34:00
    Its right
    Alcohol is a killer. Weed is just an amazing lifestyle that brings you sweet sweet serenity.
  • El Smok3y 2010/01/29 20:04:24
    El Smok3y
    Alcohol is way worse. Done both. Seen what it does to me and other people. My parents are major drunks and are constantly arguing over stupid small things while im always caught in the middle. And the next day they don't even remember. Drinking will ultimatly kill you from toxicity. Marijuana will not. Look up the facts. It is impossible to overdose on marijuana. Unfortunatly, drinking is socially acceptable. I love weed because it helps me forget about family problems.
  • 420STONR420 2009/04/29 04:48:43
  • GONE4GOOD 2009/02/06 02:31:58
    None of the above
    if worse is intended for functioning, then a would have to say that alcohol is definitely the more deadly. statisticly i don't think i've heard of as many deaths from smoking a joint.
  • cam 2009/02/05 17:06:26
    All of the above
    Ha Ha Both screws up different parts of your body!!!!
  • raymandle 2009/02/05 01:25:18
    this sums it right up taken from drugwarfacts.org
    Annual Causes of Death in the United States
    Tobacco 435,000
    Poor Diet and Physical Inactivity 365,000
    Alcohol 85,000
    Microbial Agents 75,000
    Toxic Agents 55,000
    Motor Vehicle Crashes 26,347
    Adverse Reactions to Prescription Drugs 32,000
    Suicide 30,622
    Incidents Involving Firearms 29,000
    Homicide 20,308
    Sexual Behaviors 20,000
    All Illicit Drug Use, Direct and Indirect 17,000
    Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Such As Aspirin 7,600
    Marijuana 0
  • steph 2009/01/28 01:20:50
    you cant get kicked off the softball team for drinkin :)
  • Grampie 2009/01/19 04:31:19
    All of the above
    Isn`t that kind`a like asking what`s more dangerous," a knife or a gun"? They are both dangerous in the wrong hands. Even tho, alcohol is legal, the law doesn`t stop IDIOTS from driving drunk. Cops arrest tons of `em all the time. The real problem isn`t so much the drugs or alcohol, it`s the law breakers. Those who put others in danger just because they dont want to conform. Laws were made to OBEY not to be broken. Yeah Right, I can hear you now. But ,,,,,,,Stupidity Has Taken Many To An Early Grave.
  • Get crazy with the cheese-whiz 2008/12/18 09:46:54
    Get crazy with the cheese-whiz
    Pot isnt addictive. Booze is.
  • lilly Get cra... 2010/12/29 06:31:56
  • Jman4545 2008/11/25 03:03:21
    Alcohol=physically addicting,manmade
  • The Truth Will Set You Free 2008/11/20 14:55:53
    The Truth Will Set You Free
    This shouldn't even be a question... it's a FACT. You cannot die from too much pot, but you absolutely can from too much alcohol. Alcohol overdoses KILL, there's no such thing as an overdose on pot. Side effects from alocohol consumption: Hangovers, Weight Gain, High Blood Pressure, Depressed Immune System, Cancer, Liver Disease, Alcohol Poisoning and Heart.Respiratory Failure (aka DEATH). Side effects of marijuana use: Dry Mouth, Increased Appetite, Bloodshoy Eyes, Apathy, Silliness and Sleepiness. So, which is worse... DUH. CASE CLOSED.
  • Unfulfilled 2008/10/02 20:16:37
    The thing is, pot and alcohol have very different therapeutic indexes, meaning, one is easier to overdose on, than the other. In this case, alcohol causes toxicity much easier than pot does; honestly, who's ever heard of someone dying from a pot overdose?

    When alcohol is used responsibly, it is an effective CNS depressant with minimal side-effects. However, abuse of alcohol can lead to strong dependence of alcohol as well as things like nutritional deficiencies. Alcohol dependence is a hard thing to reverse, as it practically involves your whole nervous system over-compensating for the effects of alcohol. An abrupt cessation of alcohol intake in the alcoholic patient can cause delirium, seizures, and even death.

    Pot has a wide range doses with mild, generally pleasurable side-effects. It does have an effect on your appetite, by working on your endogenous cannabinoid system, activating receptors in your hypothalamus, causing a sort-of stress-recovery phenomenon. Over-eating seems to be one way pot can be unhealthy.

    In both cases, people will more or less do things like driving, or operating machinery. Both have broad effects on the brain, but in my opinion, alcohol tends to cause a more dangerous mental state when behind the wheel, or at work.

    I would have to say alcohol.
  • Reese 2008/09/27 23:29:16
    The herb is grown from nature. Its perfectly harmless. How many people do you hear about dieing from weed? Now compare that to drunken car crashes. It doesn't add up.
  • Livy 2008/09/24 01:03:56
  • nomorerepukes 2008/09/23 19:11:46
  • tierney 2008/09/23 07:14:11
    Worse in what way? They both have their drawbacks in general.
  • taytay 2008/08/16 05:01:05
    well if you drink to much you can die if you smoke to much nothing bad really happens unless your a retard
  • cobbelstone 2008/07/14 17:39:32
  • cronewinter 2008/07/14 04:27:48
    from what i understand pot makes a person laugh alot and eat way to much. alcohol makes people angry, violent and obnoxious. legalize pot and put the boozers in jail.
  • In LOVE with a friend 2008/07/13 19:58:29
    All of the above
    In LOVE with a friend
    cuzz pot is an adiction to people who try it and beer isnt that much of an adiction and it doesnt make you look realy bad and when you drink you try to drive its a lose lose situation
  • Tracy 2008/07/02 16:19:18
    It changes a persons personality too much!! Makes a person mean!! alcohol persons personality person
  • billybadger 2008/07/02 09:53:11
    because people say it's just a few beers no big deal........
    oh god he's with to the dark side "POT!"
    and that's a crap............
    we all need to get a little high now and then.....
  • Tiffy 2008/07/02 02:38:15
  • cronewi... Tiffy 2008/07/14 04:29:04
  • Nate 2008/07/02 01:53:17
    Well according to the government, smoking pot makes u randomly kill people.
  • Tiffy Nate 2008/07/02 02:39:41
    yea..you just say this because you smoke meth....
  • Nate Tiffy 2008/07/02 04:58:14
    Read some history, that was how they got pot banned.
  • Tracy Nate 2008/07/02 16:21:18 (edited)
    My mother was shot by a drunken lover and killed. Neither smoked pot!!!
  • Nate Tracy 2008/07/02 20:08:13
    So support your local legalize it group :D
  • cronewi... Nate 2008/07/14 04:29:31
    the government has always lied
  • Nate cronewi... 2008/07/14 05:05:22 (edited)
    Not when they said there were WMD in iraq
  • cronewi... Nate 2008/07/14 05:10:56
    hmmmm, not sure about that..in fact i believe you're mistaken
  • Nate cronewi... 2008/07/14 08:08:17
    lol im joking
  • cronewi... Nate 2008/07/14 14:27:49
    oh..good..guess it was to late last night and i was unable to catch the sarcasm..sleep deprived due to soda head..oh my
  • SkyBlue... Nate 2009/02/05 16:11:27
    NOT, people kill people.
  • uncle ruckus 2008/07/02 01:41:42
    None of the above
    uncle ruckus
    there both great
    i high right now thats why its so fun
    i dont really get drunk that much pot is the best
  • beatfreak 2008/07/01 08:15:43 (edited)
    silly question

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