Which Fall Style Trend Do You Like Best?

Fergie 2012/08/08 18:00:00
Cropped Tops
Slouchy Pants
Oversized Coats
Bunched Pant Legs
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I don't know about you, SodaHeads, but my summer has flown by. And although it's hard for me to start thinking about fall in this 100-degree California weather, September is just a few short weeks away. A new season means new style trends, and thanks to fashion blog Some Notes on Napkins we have an idea of what will be popular in "Fall 2012". Check out the graphic below and let us know which trend you're most excited about for the fall!

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  • lowcountry70 2012/10/17 12:44:15
    Cropped Tops
    a little middriff is nice to see
  • theelle1776 2012/08/15 05:15:51
    Oversized Coats
    Picked oversized coats because it's the closest thing to oversized sweaters. They're my absolute favorite. <3
  • runningintriangles 2012/08/14 17:12:07
    Oversized Coats
    Because they're bloody well functional in winter. Seriously, it's so cold in winter, gotta layer up, and it's always easier to layer when you don't have to worry about some tiny coat fitting over it. Give me an oversized coat ANY day.

    The rest? I could do without them.
  • Miss Ellen 2012/08/13 21:13:55
    Oversized Coats
    Miss Ellen
    Uggg Where is the "None of the above" option?
  • cynical.not.sinister 2012/08/13 20:34:33
    Cropped Tops
    I have missed these dearly.
  • CA Gal 2012/08/10 21:12:30
    Cropped Tops
    CA Gal
    If the question were asked in the winter my answer would have been oversized coats
  • Kruzer 2012/08/10 15:37:46
    Cropped Tops
    Jeans and sandles or flip flops are sooo hot!
  • Professor Wizard 2012/08/10 13:23:34
    Cropped Tops
    Professor Wizard
    Naked would be better though!
  • Diamond Girl 2012/08/10 12:37:40
  • Dave**G... Diamond... 2012/08/10 12:39:56
  • Diamond... Dave**G... 2012/08/10 12:41:41
  • Miss Ellen Diamond... 2012/08/13 21:15:19
    Miss Ellen
    Yeah but not everybody should wear this lol
  • Shadowhunter<3 2012/08/10 07:36:53
    Cropped Tops
    I love crop tops! At school I wear a tank top under them of course, but they're really comfy! crop top teen girl
  • Vanessa 2012/08/10 00:44:08 (edited)
    Oversized Coats
    I love coats!

    Oversized Coat
  • FunnyLittleNightmare 2012/08/09 23:28:37
    Slouchy Pants
    They look the most comfortable.
  • lolo 2012/08/09 22:04:58
    Oversized Coats
    Looks warm and comfy.
  • Mrs.Vader 2012/08/09 21:28:17
    Slouchy Pants
    I love the oversized coats too.
  • Sperry23 2012/08/09 19:04:06
    Oversized Coats
    They hide the crap people wear in the name of "fashion".
  • retrograve 2012/08/09 18:10:28
    Bunched Pant Legs
    I like them all really, other than the over-sized coat...or at least how the woman is wearing it in the picture.
  • no1ymfan 2012/08/09 17:50:34
    Cropped Tops
    It might seem slutty, but if you wear it right, it would look just fine!
  • MissTypist 2012/08/09 15:27:39
    Oversized Coats
    I like all of the trends listed, but oversized coats are my faavourite :)
    Cropped tops? I'm not a huge fan of them, though.
  • serethiel 2012/08/09 13:24:14
    Oversized Coats
    i prefer oversized sweaters. they're so comfortable.
  • PokerFace 2012/08/09 11:16:03
    Cropped Tops
    would choose other but since there isnt crop tops are the best
  • debhead 2012/08/09 10:31:00
    Oversized Coats
    Oversized coats are comfortable.
  • PandahSixx 2012/08/09 10:00:47
  • Bibliophilic 2012/08/09 09:18:34
    Oversized Coats
    None really. I don't follow trends intentionally. My favorite fall staple is a wool peacoat and maybe a pair of nice comfortable riding boots.

    women s pea coat
  • Watermusicranger 2012/08/09 08:25:46
    Cropped Tops
  • edlie 2012/08/09 07:18:35
    Cropped Tops
  • bluelady 2012/08/09 06:23:49
    Oversized Coats
    oversized coats....you can put layers of sweaters under...this is New York
  • Tiah 2012/08/09 05:51:14
    Oversized Coats
    Its winter in Australia and I totally rock oversized coats!!
  • moomoof 2012/08/09 05:08:53
    Bunched Pant Legs
    i guess
  • Shonny 2012/08/09 04:41:51
    Slouchy Pants
    Love the whole look, the Bunched Pant leg isn't bad either. I'd totally rock it.
  • luke 2012/08/09 04:36:26
    Bunched Pant Legs
    None of the above.

    Cardigans/hoodies/othersweaters worn with jeans look much better than these "trends"
  • Shawna 2012/08/09 03:22:55
    Oversized Coats
    I don't think the other styles would be very flattering on curvy figures.
  • Lil 2012/08/09 03:06:32
    Oversized Coats
  • Barbara 2012/08/09 03:06:26
    Bunched Pant Legs
    Actually, it's what's in my closet.
  • Loser lollipop 2012/08/09 01:32:36
    Slouchy Pants
    Loser lollipop
    Is that another term for sweatpants because that what they look like to me
  • Aly Hart 2012/08/09 01:09:40
    Oversized Coats
    Aly Hart
    Snuggly! :D
  • louisa 2012/08/09 00:13:41
    Cropped Tops
    clothes. I'm not so picky.
  • ChiTownGirl 2012/08/08 23:02:31
    Oversized Coats
    Out of these choices, I'd pick oversized coats and can't wait to get some boots as well.

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