What makes a person attractive or unattractive?

InsideItAll 2008/06/04 02:07:05
Pretty people are pretty because ...
Ugly people are ugly because...
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I'd like to know, because I'm curious.

What makes some people pretty and others "ugly"? How do you decide who's ugly and who's pretty?
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  • Angel 2008/06/04 02:16:38
    Pretty people are pretty because ...
    they have great personalities ....and if their eyes are happy and bright...
    bad attitudes makes them ugly....never kind , always complaining...etc

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  • justin 2010/02/16 02:45:06
    Ugly people are ugly because...
    when someone is ugly they are two faced and when soemowne is pretty they have to earn it and youcan't judge a book by its cover
  • Lari 2009/12/29 23:25:02
    Pretty people are pretty because ...
    they have a sense of life, confidence, and overall are clean. A pretty person is a person who takes care of them selves and also has a good personality to bring that beauty out. A pretty person is kind, loyal, and has a sense of humor :D you don't have to be funny but know what's funny, being the stick in the mud that blocks all life out is ugly.. to me at least, ie. the person who stays stuck up in there room grumpy & being ungrateful! To me pretty means being yourself and not being scared to show it, everybody is beautiful you just have to be confident that you are!! <3
    & 2 that person who asked what makes your hair and body pretty, being clean and put together. ie no-one likes the stinky slob who looks like a mess.. just being clean and having a smile on your face makes you extremely beautiful! :DD
  • That One Guy 2008/06/04 21:53:22
    Pretty people are pretty because ...
    That One Guy
    They just are, OK? They look good, they're fun to be with. You know, they're people you just want to be around unless they're ass wholes. Kinda like me. I'm one of the most popular kids at school. Ask my friends if you dare. But you know, i dont like be mean or anything. It's not my fault people like me. But seriously, everyone says that my girlfriend and i are like the best couple because we both look great, are funny, adn share a lot of the same traits. Most kids go out for like 2 weeks. I've been with my girlfriend for 9 months. And people just like us. We dont try too hard to be attractive. Also you have to have good style.
  • InsideI... That On... 2008/06/05 00:31:27
    What makes someone pretty, though? What makes them physically attractive?
  • That On... InsideI... 2008/06/05 21:42:37
    That One Guy
    You know. Nice body. Pretty hair.
  • InsideI... That On... 2008/06/05 23:36:54 (edited)
    What defines a "nice" body? "Pretty" hair?
    What makes that body "nice"? What makes that hair "pretty"?
  • That On... InsideI... 2008/06/06 19:52:57
    That One Guy
    Please stop talking to me. I'm not a dictionary. I dont define words.
  • InsideI... That On... 2008/06/06 22:23:38 (edited)
    Jeez, what's your problem? I'm just asking you to expand your comment so I can understand it better; "it" meaning why certain stuff is pretty ... what makes the cut as "pretty" and what doesn't.
    You must be brain dead, because someone with a working brain would've realized that I wasn't being rude. I was just asking you more of what you meant by "nice" and by "pretty". No need to get all bent out of shape about it.
  • That On... InsideI... 2008/06/06 22:31:48 (edited)
    That One Guy
    Sorry. I know your not being rude i just don't feel like defining things.
  • InsideI... That On... 2008/06/06 22:43:43
    I didn't mean DEFINE it, dude. I meant EXPLAIN more. What makes a nice body "nice"? What makes pretty hair "pretty"?
  • That On... InsideI... 2008/06/06 23:08:59
    That One Guy
    I cant explainit. I suck at explaining things. Sorry. ~:-)
  • InsideI... That On... 2008/06/07 03:02:49
    Mmkay, but the whole point of this thread was to explain what defines "pretty" for you and what defines "ugly".
  • That On... InsideI... 2008/06/07 11:59:50
    That One Guy
  • InsideI... That On... 2008/06/07 20:08:39
    Oh well. Someone else can respond with a more thorough answer, then.
  • That On... InsideI... 2008/06/07 20:35:44
    That One Guy
  • InsideI... That On... 2008/06/07 20:59:24
    Okay. Someone else can respond.
  • That On... InsideI... 2008/06/07 21:14:59
    That One Guy
    not me. ~:-)
  • InsideI... That On... 2008/06/09 01:00:01
    Yes, that would explain the "someone ELSE" comment that I just left. Twice.
  • That On... InsideI... 2008/06/11 20:00:53
    That One Guy
    yes it would.
  • InsideI... That On... 2008/06/11 23:02:55
  • lloyd InsideI... 2010/09/06 22:28:58
  • Dave**Gay for Girls** 2008/06/04 19:17:18
  • Cindy 2008/06/04 19:13:48
  • deadhea... Cindy 2008/06/04 22:41:54
  • Cindy deadhea... 2008/06/04 22:44:39
  • That On... Cindy 2008/06/05 01:35:16
    That One Guy
    I'm SORRY! It was just a joke. I didnt mean to offend you. I thought it would be funny, but it wasnt
  • InsideI... That On... 2008/06/05 21:24:27
    What did you say???
  • That On... InsideI... 2008/06/05 21:41:41 (edited)
    That One Guy
    Mean stuff. Bad me. ~>:-( She has no sense of humor.
  • gamman 2008/06/04 19:12:24
    Pretty people are pretty because ...
    self confidence, good hygiene & grooming, humble, nice eyes - smile - and hair
  • Cindy gamman 2008/06/04 19:20:50
  • gamman Cindy 2008/06/04 19:22:12
    and be pretty like Cindy
  • Cindy gamman 2008/06/04 19:23:04
  • gamman Cindy 2008/06/04 19:24:15
  • Cindy gamman 2008/06/04 19:26:26
  • gamman Cindy 2008/06/04 19:42:24
    sing to me my angel ....
  • Cindy gamman 2008/06/04 19:50:02
  • That On... Cindy 2008/06/04 21:54:53
    That One Guy
  • Cindy That On... 2008/06/04 21:56:04
  • deadhea... Cindy 2008/06/04 22:33:15
  • Cindy deadhea... 2008/06/04 22:34:04

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