What happened to Atlantis?

JRenee~DTNS 2008/01/24 21:06:27
It's still there, we just can't find it on satellite.
It got too big for its britches and sank to the ocean floor
Aliens conquered it
This is what really happened to Atlantis...
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How does an entire continent, an entire civilization disappear from the face of the earth? What do you suppose happened to Atlantis?
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  • Dina 2008/10/06 22:14:55
    aliens conquered it? what does a person have to do to find real info for a project?!?
  • JRenee~... Dina 2008/10/06 22:34:32
    Google or a library. Good luck!
  • littlelytle 2008/02/26 05:59:02
    This is what really happened to Atlantis...
    A giant wave
  • Terry ~Conservitive Warrior~ 2008/01/29 04:48:48 (edited)
    This is what really happened to Atlantis...
    Terry ~Conservitive Warrior~
    It went under water during Noah's flood.
  • jules 2008/01/27 14:21:21
    This is what really happened to Atlantis...
    haven't you ever seen 'The Little Mermaid'? King Triton totally owns it
  • JRenee~... jules 2008/01/27 15:50:19
    No, I completely missed that one. I'll run out and rent it right away!
  • JRenee~DTNS 2008/01/25 14:32:17
    Aliens conquered it
    I once read an article written by a guy who asserted that Atlantis was a nation occupied by interstellar aliens who came to earth to conduct experiments and then, when finished, sank the city to hide the evidence of thier presence here. I like it.
  • Roylee 2008/01/24 22:20:07
    This is what really happened to Atlantis...
    They got into cocaine, got stupid, and the smurfs 'totally pwned' them.

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