Taking a stand to stop Child abuse

Taking a stand to stop Child abuse

This group is to take a stand to stop abuse.. It dont matter how old a person is they can still be abused.. If you are really wanting to help stop abuse of all kinds, join my group and help me

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Child abuse kills thousands of children every year. If we dont stand up and put a stop to it, these poor children will keep dieing and suffering. Child abuse ruins childrens lives. It is something that sticks with you your whole life. So lets take the stand and stop child abuse for good..

This also stands for adults.. It does not matter how old you are.. you can still be abused.. So please come and help me to stop it.. Lets take a stand and stop all forms of abuse.. On this site and in the real world...

suffering child abuse ruins childrens lives sticks life child abuse

suffering child abuse ruins childrens lives sticks life child abuse


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Post any numbers, websites, ext.. Where someone can report child abuse if they see it.. There are also tips in here on how to report it.


Come here to share articles of interest, reports, etc.

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  • yuddandi siva Subramanyam 2012/07/11 11:20:27
    yuddandi siva Subramanyam
    children must be encouraged and educated to over come the evil elements.
  • yuddandi siva Subramanyam 2012/07/11 11:18:14
    yuddandi siva Subramanyam
    let us unitedly fight against child abuse. it is very sad to know that people are taking the advantage of old age/position/social relation and obtain g pleasure from children.
  • moo 2011/08/09 03:08:00
    I really hate child abusers they ruin childs lives when they all grow up. Victims that were abused will always remember it for the rest of there lifes, It can lead to even suicide cause of those damn people that abused them when they were young as childs.
  • bboppitybop 2011/06/10 20:29:47
    Child abuse is abominable