Should schools give out condoms to kids?

jovani 2011/04/21 00:43:16
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More and more high schools are pledging to hand out condoms to those students who ask for them. At the same time, even more students and parents are requesting that high schools should in fact give free condoms to students who wish to procure one. How do you feel about this?Read this story about a school that does do it.

High School Will Hand Out Condoms to Students
Published: November 04, 1995

After more than two years of debate, Roslyn High School has decided to hand out condoms to students on demand as a precaution against AIDS, school officials said today.
The high school in this affluent Nassau County community is believed to be the state's first outside New York City to adopt a "condom availability" policy, said a State Health Department spokeswoman, Frances Tarlton.

Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester counties have some of the highest suburban incidences of AIDS in the nation, she said.

Roslyn High School's principal, Jason Stoller, said AIDS is not a problem among Roslyn High's 750 students. The condom program, he said, aims at keeping it that way.

Starting next month, condoms will be available from the school nurse and health teachers. Parents can sign a form to exclude their children from the program.

"We did this to keep our kids safe," said an assistant superintendent, Madalyn Moses.

But not all parents and students agreed.

One parent, Michael Moskowitz, said that even though under school policy, abstinence would be stressed, "giving a condom to a child and saying 'abstain' is exactly the same as giving them a keg of beer on a Friday night and saying 'don't drink it.' "

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  • Cain 2011/04/21 06:55:42
    Absolutely not, what kind of message does that send? I could only imagine being given condoms by the school when I was in school. The question in itself tells you things are headed in the wrong directions. Why can't we get back to the day when our children did not have sex pushed on them 24-7 on TV & Music?
  • I. Car Rus 2011/04/21 01:15:10
    I. Car Rus
    If we have gotten to the point where that is necessary then I think we need to revisit the concept of co-education with a view to separation of the sexes during public education hours. We do not send our children to school for this.
  • The polite zombie 2011/04/21 01:08:41
    The polite zombie
    If they ask for them then yes. But I think it's only curing the symptom. Also condoms aren't that much protection agains aids or other STDs. The AIDS virus is very small. Condoms aren't 100% guarantee against STDs.
  • zlazyks 2011/04/21 01:05:37
    We all know a lot of teens are going to be having sex(unless your a parent who is completely disconnected,then I guess you wouldn't know). I think it is ALWAYS a good idea to give teens access to birth control and STD control.

    Let's just hope they actually USE them!
  • Laura Lovegood 2011/04/21 01:04:16
  • ThePurpleHaze 2011/04/21 01:01:31
    It would reduce teen pregnancy. Many times children are too nervous to purchase condoms themselves. So in the heat of the moment, they do not have condoms and end up having unprotected sex.
  • jay 2011/04/21 00:46:26
    sure...and let's turn the nurses office into an abortion clinic.

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