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Living 2012/04/26 22:00:00
You don't have to be a Victoria's Secret model (we're looking at you, Alessandra Ambrosio) for an excuse to take nude photos when you're pregnant. You might see a nude-preggo pic hanging on a friend's wall, or better yet, on Awkward Family Photos. Moms-to-be want to remember what their bodies looked like during the most transformative time in their lives, so it's become acceptable and commonplace. But recently, it's become so commonplace it's almost cliche. We asked the public if it's still sexy.

Sorry moms, but the naked-and-pregnant look just isn't in anymore. Not that these kinds of pictures are necessarily supposed to be "sexy" -- but "beautiful," certainly. Maybe Ambrosio looks sexy pregnant, but she is a Victoria's Secret model, after all. One commenter wrote, "Sick of it! Moms to be need a new hobby." Like, waking up in the middle of the night to figure out why their kid is crying. That sounds like a fun little hobby. But others disagree. Another commenter noted, "As much as people might not like to hear it, portraying fertility in art is a really important part of our history as humans."

Men Are More Turned On

We actually expected women to be the ones to find it sexy. It is mostly women who are doing it, after all. And, Alan Harper aside, we didn't think the visual embodiment of ultimate commitment would be that appealing to men. Maybe we're wrong. Maybe those extra curves really are appealing. Or maybe most of the guys were responding specifically to the Ambrosio photo.

Parents Are Put Off

Another shocker: Parents don't like it! People who wanted to have kids someday were far more likely to find it sexy, which is less surprising, but this is especially interesting paired with the gender breakdown, because this means it might not be fathers who are into pregnant women, which would have made more sense. It must be that obscure object of desire.

Bisexuals Think It's Sexy

Bisexual voters don't often stand out this much, but they were by far the most likely to call nude pregnant pictures "sexy." They were nearly twice as likely as straight voters. It could be that they're simply more open-minded about sex in general. Obviously they are in terms of gender, so why not in this case, too?

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  • ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠ 2012/04/28 15:46:41
    ☠ Live Free Or Die ☠
    I don't think it's "sexy" but I do think some of the nude pregnant pics (especially that one) are beautiful. Pregnant women seem to just... glow. The same way the father does when the baby is actually born. :) Also, nudity isn't always bad. These photos express the raw, natural beauty of pregnancy, and parenthood.
    Pregnant woman

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  • emilio 2012/04/27 15:55:18
    i like to see nude photos as long as the woman is attractive!!
  • TheNightFly 2012/04/27 15:54:35
    It's beautiful unless you know who the father is.
  • JayLynx 2012/04/27 15:42:36
    Although many people believe that pregnant women are fat, I consider pregnancy a divine blessing, and nudity is a natural state of the human body. If the woman wants to be photographed naked, it's her choice, I respect.
    A pregnant woman is beautiful, is radiant.
    I love have got pregnant, 4 times! I didn't take nude photos because I simply did not want to.
  • JayLynx JayLynx 2012/04/27 15:54:37
    A totally covered woman, can be seductive, sexy, for just one quick look, she can electrocute a man's head. Nudity by itself is NOT necessarily sexy or pervert.
  • Freeranger 2012/04/27 15:40:34
    For the record, some of us believe it was played out from the start.
  • sweetie17 2012/04/27 15:22:04
  • musicman95 2012/04/27 14:32:27
  • intolerantrwj 2012/04/27 13:16:25
    ..... to each their own
  • ChelzBellz 2012/04/27 13:11:16
    I think its kinda pretty but theres way more ways to do photos out there:) pregnant photos
  • Smokey 2012/04/27 12:41:53
    Depends on which pregant woman is posing nude. From the picture that is posted, she is very beautiful and I consider it like ART rather than porn or nudity.
  • rimoyen52 2012/04/27 12:19:42
    The female body is a wonderous thing! I don't necessarily think its sexy, but it is beautiful. Nude pictures of women during the MOST wonder-filledl time in a woman's life, where she glowing with new life growing within her is the most beautiful thing ever. I applaude those women who have and who will take nude pictures of their gloriously pregnant bodies! Here's to the glory and wonder of pregnancy. Hurrah!
  • HAlex1972 2012/04/27 10:44:34
    Sorry, but that top photo is beautiful.
  • Bob DiN HAlex1972 2012/04/29 00:07:47
    Bob DiN
    Not all are.
  • HAlex1972 Bob DiN 2012/04/30 18:01:19
    Agreed, but I was referring to the top photo.
  • Bob DiN HAlex1972 2012/04/30 20:58:14
    Bob DiN
    Not bad.
  • Crime Time 2012/04/27 07:07:23
  • Maci 2012/04/27 06:38:55
  • Gregaj7 2012/04/27 06:01:49
    Totally agreed.
  • 13_JunkyardDog 2012/04/27 05:22:52
    last thing i wanna see is a picture of my mom naked
  • MLor 2012/04/27 05:01:49
    It's time this nation of ours "man-up", and quit worring about the tits and ass! You've seen one tit or one ass you've seen 'em all! Our country has bigger concerns than some broad's belly. Wonderful...you're pregnant....we don't ALL NEED TO SEE YOU!!!!!!!!!! GROW UP UNITED STATES!!!!!!
  • lonewolf 2012/04/27 04:58:33
    not a fan at all. then again i see these images and wonder what kind of choas these people's hormones caused for others. although neccessary i don't find it beautiful. so if you ask me if i think you're still pretty and i say yes, then i'm lying...
  • Nica24 2012/04/27 04:51:31
    I think its beautiful!
  • Bob DiN Nica24 2012/04/29 00:29:55 (edited)
    Bob DiN
    Not with all women. Some are just exhibitionists.
  • Nica24 Bob DiN 2012/04/29 02:43:48
    I concur. Lol!!
  • Bob DiN Nica24 2012/04/29 05:23:17
    Bob DiN
  • dv 2012/04/27 04:49:04
    Yes it is very played out
  • MLor 2012/04/27 04:48:07 (edited)
    Sexist society we have become; and our country swirls the bowl. We are the next Europe.....but it's all sexy isn't it? What an absolute shame!
  • shagnazty MLor 2012/04/27 16:15:12
    Sexism still exists, that I can agree with. However, from what I've noticed, sexism is starting to reverse itself slowly. Nowadays, its the man who's starting to be thrown under the bus, at least according to the public. For instance, what man would DARE tell a woman to her face tonot have an abortion? What man would DARE tell a woman to her face that a picture of a nude pregnant mother wasn't beautiful? Granted, some feminism issues do tend to fall into the perspective of women alone, but Sexism in reverse is still sexism.
  • shagnazty shagnazty 2012/04/27 16:16:42
    Bear in mind, I said SLOWLY! naturally the weirder places of the country still have a say
  • Korgull shagnazty 2012/04/27 20:35:58
  • MLor shagnazty 2012/04/28 00:18:02
    Ya got me!.......;-)
  • Bob DiN MLor 2012/04/29 00:30:35
    Bob DiN
    The moral decay in America.
  • JuliaStamey 2012/04/27 03:28:20
    maybe one sexy pic for the daddy on the first pregnancy but thats it.
  • Avril Lavigne 2012/04/27 03:23:47
  • Spider20 2012/04/27 03:14:06
    This kinda ruined it for a lot of folks....

    pregnant man
  • dv Spider20 2012/04/27 04:49:54
    That's just gross eeww
  • Spider20 dv 2012/04/27 04:54:36
    I hear ya....
  • Nica24 Spider20 2012/04/27 04:53:36
    The girl wanting to be a guy but with a uterus. But in the end wanting to do what a women can only do. Sounds twisted...
  • Spider20 Nica24 2012/04/27 04:58:26
    I agree...I always thought this was a little goofy....
  • TheNigh... Nica24 2012/04/27 15:53:40
    Medical assistance for reproduction, fertility assistance and crazy surgeries like that, should be illegal. It's totally unethical.

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