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California lawmakers are pushing a new bill that would allow children to legally have more than two parents in order to address complicated parenting situations. However, opponents have pointed out that the bill would bring equally complicated legal issues into the mix -- tax deductions, citizenship, and assistance, to name a few. We asked the public if it was OK for a child to have more than two parents.

After more than 800 votes, the public still couldn't come to a consensus. It was split right down the middle. This is a pretty complex issue. On the plus side, additional parents are a reality that many kids are dealing with, especially in non-traditional homes. On the other hand, additional parents can potentially cause more disagreements and confusion within the non-nuclear family and among society at large. Needless to say, there are a lot of elements at work.

Parents Limit Parents

Though parenthood didn't have the strongest effect on how voters responded, it's the most immediate demographic. They are the ones who are going to make that decision (or at least fall into that position), after all. What's interesting is that people who don't want kids were most likely to OK additional parents. It's fine by them, as long as they aren't the ones doing it.

Modern Families

As you might expect, age had an enormous correlation. Voters under the age of 45 were about 35% more likely to give their blessing, while very few voters over 45 were OK with additional parents. We assume the primary reason for this is that younger voters are more likely to have either grown up with multiple parents, or known people who grew up with multiple parents. Or maybe they're just more open-minded.

The Man of the House

The gender correlation was interesting. Based on the results, women are about 23% more likely to be OK with additional parents than men. This could be the result of two elements. First, previous polls have suggested women are more comfortable with the thought of homosexual relationships. Second, men are sometimes expected to be the "head of the household." If a father has to share that responsibility with a step-parent, it could create difficulty.

If you'd like to vote on this question, dig deeper into the demographics, or engage in existing discussion about the topic, visit our poll about having more than two parents. We'd love to hear from you!
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  • darlenedoskas1969 2012/07/06 14:24:35
    if my stepfather had had parental rights, I wouldn't have been left with my mother to be sold (sorry, I meant rented) to the highest bidder on a regular basis... my brother wouldn't have been murdered after one of her drug deals went bad... my sister wouldn't be a PTSD addled nutcase who is unable to care for her own child, or even herself... we could, instead have been raised by someone who actually gave a damn about us... but he didn't have rights... only our bio-dads had rights, and they were like mom, and didn't give a damn...

    having more than 2 parents shouldn't be controversial, if indeed it is... what should be controversial is abusing your kids... hurting your kids... letting other people hurt your kids... how about we worry more about helping kids, and making their lives better than about what sex their parents are or are not having?

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  • Cortnico 2012/07/29 17:43:11
    Sure, some kids do. Their parents could divorce, and each get remarried. Then they would have step-parents, along with their birth parents. Or if kids are adopted, then they'll have adopted parents and then their biological parents.
  • valeria la potra 2012/07/21 16:11:27
    valeria la potra
    No!! It's disgusting to have 3 or more parents.Only 2 period!! That's polygamist!
  • Kid Neon 2012/07/10 17:33:26
    Kid Neon
    it's fine by me. like i have a moron friend that has three moms. hate his religion, love his family.
  • bnh 2012/07/10 04:21:48 (edited)
    Does history not teach us anything? Ever since time has been in existence it has always been best for one dad and one mom to raise the children as a family unit. That is the way God set it up.
  • Vision of Verve 2012/07/10 02:42:43
  • Ozymandias 2012/07/10 02:28:44
  • CAPISCE 2012/07/10 01:50:35
    Stupid Stupid Stupid. When possible, Two parents, one male, one female.................end of story
  • hilllary 2012/07/09 23:23:26
    let us mix homosexuals and petfials, murders, thiefs, fornucators and adulteriers, and all crimenals up together in one big bag and you will come out with a obummer supporter.
  • valeria... hilllary 2012/07/21 16:14:48
    valeria la potra
    Ohhhh!!!Healll!!! Nooo! Do not compare homosexuals or transsexuals with pedifiles!! I'm a transsexual myself and i was molested by my uncle in Mexico when i was 7 yrs old,and it's horrible!!Us transsexuals are human beings like anyone else!!!!!!!!! Idiot!
  • hilllary valeria... 2012/07/24 20:54:27
    Read the first chapter in Romans, then tell me I am wrong.
  • valeria... hilllary 2012/10/08 19:23:50
    valeria la potra
    Ok i will hun:)
  • vmiller88 2012/07/09 20:41:03
    This is a civil matter and shouldnt be clogging up legislature with its irrelevance. Its a private ordeal that should have nothing to do with law in any way what so ever. What people do in their homes is THEIR BUSINESS.
    Further more, rights are not things to be given out. You shouldnt have to vote for your right to do anything.
    The matter of the fact, is that there is no data anywhere that suggests that homosexual parents have any negative effect on their children but on the contrary studies do show that households which nurture the child, love and support the child without many limitations actually turn out BETTER people. Studies done by Dr. Robert Sapolsky and Dr. Gabor Mate show this. A broader environment is actually good for children. Teaching understanding and acceptance is teaching love and love is what makes a cohesive society.
  • Nuala a.k.a BlueRaven 2012/07/09 16:17:30
    Nuala a.k.a BlueRaven
    Nothing seems controversial for me anymore, take a good look at the world outside of yours, there are people out there who practice the craziest lifestyles and you think THIS is controversial?
  • Diddley Squat 2012/07/09 15:52:43
    Diddley Squat
    In many places, it's not the nuclear family that is the caretaker of children, it's the extended family - grandparents, aunts and uncle, cousins, anyone who marries into the family. If those are considered "parents" - and yes, they do share the rights and responsibilities of parents - then that makes the "more parents" practice far preferable to the one and two parent situation we have now.

    Legally, I'm not sure what snarls it might face. But as a way of living, the extended family without any doubt beats the fragile and often dysfunctional nuclear family.
  • Posha King 2012/07/09 14:52:16
    Posha King
    I am conservative, so my answer should not surprise anyone. The strongest building block in our society is the family unit. It is the supports for all else and when it erodes, so does our society. I believe a two parent home where the parents are of both genders is optimal. I'm not saying another arrangement hasn't produced fine citizens. I'm simply saying for best results, children should have a mother and father. Adding people to the mix will drastically change our societal dynamic, relationship dynamics and create a legal web that certainly will only further burden our already overworked courts to the extreme. This is a stupid idea! People need to cowboy up, accept the consequences of THEIR ACTIONS, parent the children they create and stop putting everything off on technology, other people and excuses! It's out of control.
  • bolaidhar 2012/07/09 11:29:47
    it is OK for a child to have more than two moms
  • jabo 2012/07/09 07:35:10
    I see nothing wrong with having more than two parents. After all, it takes a village.
    I had four parents and I faired great. My mom and dad, and my grandparents, all helped me stay out of trouble. And on Saturdays I received allowances from all four.
  • Posha King jabo 2012/07/09 14:55:03
    Posha King
    yes, but this is the type of thinking they are trying to do away with. We don't need laws allowing people to LEGALLY designate additional parents. It's a can of worms that we really can't afford. We should be working together as a community anyway. We should be helping our friends and family members however they need to help the next generation be prepared with as many experiences and perspectives as we can. This does not require people to legally add new parents to already complicated relationships. We just need to step up and take responsibility and accountability and stop whining about how hard it is to deal with real life.
  • Sebastianchocolatebeargiles 2012/07/09 05:46:55
    i think it's ok for a kid to have more than two parents it's not that controversial. It happens quite often.
  • FairLady 2012/07/09 01:07:17
    In my opinion NO it's not OK to have more than parents. It's very confusing for the child, for his emotional health.
    I know that those who are one of these parents will not agree with me. I don't care.
  • selena costa 2012/07/09 00:37:41
    selena costa
    I wish i had two parents ! why should ppl have more than two...... -.-
  • Vieuphoria 2012/07/08 22:15:13 (edited)
    At times it is unavoidable. As long as the child is being brought up with love then who cares?
  • FanOreilly 2012/07/08 21:19:23
    Controversial? No.

    Depraved? Yes.

    Put kids before your perverse desires for once.
  • Red Branch 2012/07/08 15:18:46
    Red Branch
    The historical definition of parent is the man (sperm) and the woman (egg) responsible for bringing a new person into this world. Once again the libs are changing the long held definition of a word. There are 2 sexes, male and female. Gender is a concept used to destroy Western Civilization and it is doing a good job.

    Legally, the mother and father are the only ones who can make decision concerning the life of their child..

    I would hate to see the legal claims and the court battles deciding who has the right to do anything.
  • Live Fr... Red Branch 2012/07/08 16:22:06
    Live Free Or Die
    Watch the mamma grizzlies and the papa bears go crazy when their lives are destroyed because the step-parents have automatic equal rights to their children.
  • Red Branch Live Fr... 2012/07/08 18:20:01
    Red Branch
    This whole thing goes way beyond step parents for some of these cretins. In some cases they talked about friends being a so-called parent.
  • Live Fr... Red Branch 2012/07/08 19:48:31
    Live Free Or Die
    I agree. There is an agenda to destroy the family as we know it. I always thought I was a liberal, but I'm questioning it more lately. I am open-minded, but many liberals are so open-minded that their brains are falling out. I find it disturbing.
  • Red Branch Live Fr... 2012/07/08 21:37:38
    Red Branch
    First their brains fall out and that qualifies them for a membership in the liberal party.

    Hard-core Liberals are against everything in Western Civilization and seek to destroy it.
  • Live Fr... Red Branch 2012/07/08 22:23:46
    Live Free Or Die
    Yeah, I've noticed that many of them are. I think many aren't thinking, but are having knee jerk reactions to their own personal views or experiences without looking at the whole picture.
  • Red Branch Live Fr... 2012/07/09 02:09:04
    Red Branch
    There are a combination of factors at work with this effort and it makes no sense to me either, but it is happening.
    Many customs have existed since the beginning of time and until the 1960s, they were not questioned. But now that which made Western Civilization must be destroyed.
  • Live Fr... Red Branch 2012/07/09 02:31:59
    Live Free Or Die
    I was a product of a hippie flower child family and a broken home. It hurt me and everything I've learned since then I learned on my own. No one taught me, except my Grandmother, God rest her soul. I started out really, really liberal and have grown more conservative as time goes on as I have grown to realize that the traditions, morals and so forth were there for good reason, to keep us strong, grounded and sane. I'm not willing to throw it all away as a society. I know the damage that can be done, firsthand.
  • Red Branch Live Fr... 2012/07/09 03:30:02
    Red Branch

    A civilization that does not pass on its culture and values to the next generation ceases to exist.
    That is the purpose behind all of this.
  • Live Fr... Red Branch 2012/07/09 04:09:35
    Live Free Or Die
    You are correct in your analysis about civilization. Tearing it apart and creating chaos might not be intentional, I don't know, but it is happening. In a world where you can combine DNA and implant embryos in another woman's womb it just keeps getting stranger by the minute. Sometimes I'm at a loss for words or thoughts. I can't relate. Maybe I'm getting too old to understand, but it doesn't seem right to me. If I wanted a baby that badly I'd adopt or become a teacher or mentor.
  • Red Branch Live Fr... 2012/07/09 16:55:37
    Red Branch
    "Morality is what you do to people, not the technology you use".
    - Thomas Sowell.

    Ethics can be included with Morality in the above quote. Liberals use technology to decide what they can do and then do it.
    The right way and the proper way is to develop your ethical and moral code and then decide if you 'should' do it. Just because you can do something, does not mean that you should do it.
  • Live Fr... Red Branch 2012/07/08 22:26:05
    Live Free Or Die
    wanted to rave you, but SH is being finicky.
  • Red Branch Live Fr... 2012/07/09 02:09:15
    Red Branch
    Happens to me as well.
  • Live Fr... Red Branch 2012/07/09 02:33:42
    Live Free Or Die
    I hear ya.
  • Kenneth... Red Branch 2012/07/08 20:32:44
    Kenneth Huang
    What if that "man (sperm)" and/or "woman (egg)" are gone? What happens to the child then?
  • Red Branch Kenneth... 2012/07/09 02:06:53
    Red Branch
    The mother and father can provide for their children with a will if they are both killed. We did that when our kids were young, luckily we finished raising them. That is exactly what millions of parents have done throughout history.

    As a parent, we would not have wanted to give up control of our children. Our children, our responsibility.
  • Kenneth... Red Branch 2012/07/18 18:25:03
    Kenneth Huang
    Well, some biological parents may decide that the best way to provide for their children is to include another close and trusted person to serve as another parent. Who are we to judge that as being wrong or inappropriate?

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