Priest Gets a Kid Pregnant and That's Not the Bad Part Her parents videotaped the whole thing

☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾ 2012/01/01 20:01:26
A priest formerly assigned to Central Catholic High School is evidently living with the 19-year-old former student whose parents have filed a lawsuit claiming that the priest is the father of their daughter's child.
On Friday an Associated Press reporter knocked on the door of the Rev. Luis A. Bonilla Margarito's apartment in Norristown.

Priest kid

A woman answered, identifying herself as the teen named in the lawsuit. She declined to comment. Bonilla was not seen.
David Weldon, a maintenance man at the apartment complex, said the couple moved in together two or three months ago, and that the woman had the baby about six weeks ago.
Diocesan spokesman Matt Kerr said Friday that the diocese was not aware that Bonilla and the young woman were living together.
Her parents, a Muhlenberg Township couple, sued Bonilla, who is a former pastor of St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in Reading, and the Diocese of Allentown in Berks County Court on Thursday.
According to the complaint, the diocese failed to prevent the relationship, which began in 2008-09 when the girl was a senior at Central, where Bonilla was chaplain.
According to the suit, Bonilla was removed from his posts after the girl's parents showed the diocese a videotape of the priest having sex with their daughter in the basement of the couple's home.

At the time, Bonilla acknowledged an inappropriate relationship with the teen, officials said. Bonilla was sent to a treatment facility, but "continued to have intimate contact with (the teen) during this time period and ultimately impregnated her," the suit said. She gave birth to a girl.
Bonilla, 41, left the facility at some point and moved into the two-story complex of brick garden apartments in Norristown.
"He has no assignment and he has not functioned as a priest since November," Kerr said.
The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, a support group for victims of clergy abuse, released a statement Friday calling on the Allentown Diocese to find out if Bonilla had an inappropriate relationship with anyone else.
Bonilla was named the chaplain of Central Catholic in 2008 and began counseling the teen at the beginning of her senior year, the suit alleges. Bonilla began to groom the teen for a sexual relationship, the suit says, knowing that she suffered from mental health issues, was previously sexually abused by an adult man, and was susceptible to being manipulated.
The suit also names Bishop John O. Barres and former Bishop Edward P. Cullen as defendants.
(The Associated Press contributed to this story.)

Priest rape

Read More: http://readingeagle.com/article.aspx?id=244723

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  • Sacred Flame 2012/01/06 07:39:08
    Sacred Flame
    Not Shocked
    Interesting Nevertheless
  • An Nguyen 2012/01/03 23:56:51
    An Nguyen
    Nobody sounds suprised ?
  • Son of thunder 2012/01/03 20:37:45
    Son of thunder
    Sounds like a Typical Catholic and or Christian!
  • Wicked Is Good 2012/01/03 07:10:54
    Wicked Is Good
    Omfg that's shocking
  • Eccles 2012/01/03 06:16:57
  • Yoko 2012/01/03 05:28:26
    Castrate him! … people like that shouldn’t breed!

    Castrate him

    Blessed Be :)
  • Redskin 2012/01/03 02:15:38
    Again is the way of Christianity sullied,
    I am not surprised
  • I NEED A HORSE 2012/01/03 01:13:13
  • Greatkibble 2012/01/03 01:12:45
    Yea we keep finding a lot of this stuff happening lately in the Catholic church. I'm not a christian anymore so I couldn't care less.
  • misterz 2012/01/02 17:18:57
    Nothing surprises me.
  • Ruadon 2012/01/02 12:45:08
  • ally 2012/01/02 06:39:54
    "Bonilla was sent to a treatment facility, but "continued to have intimate contact with (the teen) during this time...

    Of course, it didn't work for straight priests sexual abuse. We all know it only works for gay sex abuse. Marcus Bachman told us that.
  • Nick Name ally 2012/01/03 03:44:03
    Nick Name
    That priest was probably a democrat.
  • tellmewhy 2012/01/02 05:02:13 (edited)
    If a man find a damsel that is a virgin, which is not betrothed, and lay hold on her, and lie with her, and they be found; (Deuteronomy 22:28)

    "and they be found;"

    Doesn't sound like 'rape' to me!?

    (I was Blocked by ☽✪☾☥DAW ☥ ☽✪☾ in the middle of a debate in this topic)
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... tellmewhy 2012/01/02 05:05:24
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    in english if a guy finds a woman who is not married and Rapes her and lies wit hher and they are found he can marry her to avoid jail time
  • tellmewhy ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2012/01/02 07:51:48
    you are seeing this in non spiritual way, and I am looking at it in the Spiritual way.

    Old Law = New Law = is based on Love.

    You need to understand this mystery to understand the above judgement.
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... tellmewhy 2012/01/02 14:33:42
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    obviously you have not read the bible as well as I have
    there are Laws in the bible about Rape
    god approves of Rape and even encourages man to rape women and take Slaves
    Sexual Slavery
    Murder in the name of God is okay
    and btw your jesus approves of old testment laws Still apply
    For truly, I say to you, till heaven and earth pass away, not an iota, not a dot, will pass the law until all is accomplished. Whoever then relaxes one of the least of these commandments and teaches men so, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but he who does them and teaches them shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 5:18-19 RSV) Clearly the Old Testament is to be abided by until the end of human existence itself. None other then Jesus said so.
  • tellmewhy ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2012/01/02 15:00:47
    you are right!

    It is also written that:

    Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. (Matthew 7:12)

    All the OT is summed up as:

    Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. (Matthew 22:37)

    This is the first and great commandment. (Matthew 22:38)

    And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. (Matthew 22:39)

    On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets. (Matthew 22:40)
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... tellmewhy 2012/01/02 15:04:05
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    if you do not follow the old testment law as you claim then you dont follow the Ten commandments
    thats OLD Testment law or do you pick and choose what to follow and what not to follow
  • tellmewhy ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2012/01/02 15:12:08
    I told you already! Love fulfills the Law and the Prophets which includes the 10 Commandments.
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... tellmewhy 2012/01/02 16:29:07
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    I was Christian for 20 years i know how you think
    I know you pick and choose old and new testament to follow so dont try to pull a fast one
    I went to Religious school and bible Camp

    you pick and choose oh love thy neighboor
    where was love thy neighboor the last few hundred years when christians were killing and slaughtering people and the church openly approved and helped in the killing
    Christians do not act like thier christ

    if he was to come back your christ would most likely be hanging with the Pagans who do live in peace and tolerance with everyone
  • tellmewhy ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2012/01/03 03:37:31
    You were a Christian?


    because you went to church?
    because you were baptized?
    because your parents were Christians?
    because You spoke in tongues?
    because You dated a Christian?
    because you sang in the church choir?

    What made you think you were a Christian?

    May be you were a Roman Catholic? There are things that you need to know about the Roman Catholics. They are NOT Christians.

    Please visit this website for more info: : http://abrahamisaacisrael.tri...
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... tellmewhy 2012/01/03 03:47:59
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    yes i went to church
    yes i was baptisted
    yes my parents were christian
    yes i went to Christian school and bible Camp

    i was not Catholic i was christian
    but Catholics are Christians
  • tellmewhy ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2012/01/03 03:49:57
    says you!
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... tellmewhy 2012/01/03 03:55:32 (edited)
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    Catholics were the First Christians why you think its called the Vatican Church in Rome where Roman Catholic christianity is

    Christianity has many denominations
    Baptists, Catholics, Prostants, mormons , Born again , latter day Saints, Lutheran, Evangelical Lutheran,Presbyterian,Amish,etc
  • tellmewhy ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2012/01/03 03:57:20
    what is your source?

    The Pope?

    Have you read the Bible?
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... tellmewhy 2012/01/03 03:58:28
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    i have read the bible many times
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... tellmewhy 2012/01/03 03:59:24
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    At first, Christianity had no name, it was just plain ol' "Christianity". A couple hundred years in, it became known as "Catholic", then the Great Schism happened and the "Eastern (Greek) Orthodox was formed.

    "Catholic" derives from the Greek word katholikos, meaning "universal". "Katholikos" was used as a general term for early Christianity, and therefore early Christians were Catholic BY NAME.

    In a letter written by Ignatius to Christians in Antioch in 106 AD, the words "Catholic Church" were used to describe the universal aspect of Christianity.
  • cassidysf ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2012/01/11 03:38:00
    yup, in the Apostles' creed, they say
    "I believe in the Holy Catholic Church."
    Catholic meaning everywhere and all the time.
    The Apostles' creed is used mainly in reformed christian churches, or calvinist.
    If i said something that you already know, sorry.
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... cassidysf 2012/01/11 04:07:03
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    http://www.sodahead.com/unite... The Catholic Church Crimes against Humanity
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... tellmewhy 2012/01/02 15:06:54
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    horus the truth the way

    Horus (Egypt 3000 BC)- Born on Dec.25th, Born of a Virgin, Star in the East, Adorned by 3 Kings, Teacher at the age of 12, Baptized/Ministry at the age of 30, Had 12 Disciples, Performed miracles such as healing the sick and walking on water. He was known by many names such as "the truth", "lamb of god", "the Light", etc. After being betrayed "Typhon", he was crucified and buried for 3 days and was resurrected.
    horus jesus
  • tellmewhy ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2012/01/02 15:17:42
    A.O.K! to everything you mentioned.

    BUT do you see any one belonging to this 'religion'?

    Here are few prophecies about Christianity which were fulfilled and you can see all around you:

    And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever. (Daniel 2:44)

    Forasmuch as thou sawest that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands, and that it brake in pieces the iron, the brass, the clay, the silver, and the gold; the great God hath made known to the king what shall come to pass hereafter: and the dream is certain, and the interpretation thereof sure. (Daniel 2:45)

    And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come. (Matthew 24:14)
  • Clay Sl... tellmewhy 2012/01/02 16:46:27
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    Quoting the bible to verify the bible is like saying superman exists because The comic book says so....

    prophesy is nothing more than observing the past and predicting it will happen again..

    Again the scripture you quote was written by superstitious men.. The end has been coming for over 2500 years now, What happened to all those prophecies??? Did your Jesus Lie??

    "For I say unto you, there are those standing here that shall not see death before these things come to pass..""Any of them dudes still alive???

    You are funny.....
  • tellmewhy Clay Sl... 2012/01/03 03:39:48
    which things? you are referring to a dual prophecy. you are funny too!
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... tellmewhy 2012/01/02 15:07:43
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    mithra  jesus
    Mithra (Persia 1200 BC)- Born on Dec.25th, Born of a Virgin, had 12 disciples, performed miracles, upon his death was buried for 3 days and was resurrected, he was referred to as "the truth", "the light" etc. The days of worship was "Sunday"
    Mithras is the god from whom Christians stole their myth of Christ's divinity. Without Mithras, Jesus would be only the simple Jewish reformer of the Ebionites
    pagan symbols in christinaity
  • Clay Sl... ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2012/01/02 17:03:23
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    The apoligists claim to know the Bible,, Well they do in some respects,, They only know that which they wish to know. Nothing more.. I probably have more copies of the many translations of the bible than most people.. All contradictive of each other.. Some years ago I attended a Baptist Seminary , what a wakening that was.. They taught me how to extract the donations from the congregatian with certain biblical passages, and also taught us how to Not use certain scripture in sermons. We were not to mention the evil things that this god commanded, just to teach of Love, tollerance, and dont question the Bible..

    All one has to do is actually learn the history of superstitions and theology to understand the nonsense of it all.. But as in most cases people are brainwashed into believing superstitional BS..It was once said, "Give me child when it is born and it will be mine for life with my indoctrinations""

    cases people brainwashed believing superstitional bs child born life indoctrinations
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... Clay Sl... 2012/01/02 17:08:26
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    oh i know most of the Bible is Taken from Pagan Religions that existed Before judaism and before the hebrews and before christianity

    how can this be the book of the abraham Religion if it has parts of pagan religions and other religions and cultures and history
    and a bunch of just made up bullcrap stories
    Talking Snakes ???? come on
  • Clay Sl... ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2012/01/02 18:14:59
    Clay Slayer *Shotgun Guru
    I always liked the story of God condemning the snake to crawl on its belly for the rest of eternity.. Question,, How the hell did they get around before that incident??

    I find it amazing how many stories in the bible defy the laws of physics..
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... Clay Sl... 2012/01/03 01:10:12
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    i also love the part how they remove Lilith Adams First Wife from the bible
    Eve is actually wife number 3
  • TMan ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2012/01/03 06:02:14

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