Lose the Mom Pouch in a Few Easy Steps

Once again, losing weight remains among the top of list of New Year's resolutions in 2010. Surprise!

While some women can lose a few pounds by reducing carb consumption and opting to use the stairs rather than riding the elevator, mothers with infants will undoubtedly have a tougher challenge ahead of them when it comes to losing post pregnancy pounds because they're literally saddled with a special kind of mid-section thickness aka la pouch. And let's not forget about the responsibility of finding someone to willing watch the baby on a not-so-fat piggy bank budget.

Former hot Mommas do not be discouraged about not having enough beans in your budget for a babysitter, a jacked-up personal trainer or a Wii Fit Plus program to bounce around to in your living room. Transient mothers stop caring about having a shortage of belly bulging buddies in your local mom squad network to partner up with to workout. The ugly truth about mothering and fitness is that the only way to get rid of the excess poundage, including la pouch, is by making a lifestyle a change and that means REGAINING control of YOUR life and YOUR body on YOUR clock.

Here a few simple steps to minimizing the kangaroo pouch:

1) March up to the mirror and grab hold of that fleshy belly to confirm that what your seeing and feeling hanging off your body is in fact really there and now say 'BA-BYE la pouch.'

2) Stand in front of a full length mirror in form fitting workout gear and get as low as you can get the floor in a squat position and take a seat in the air, so to speak. Squeeze your belly in, tuck your hips under and hold it-repeat 100 times or until you get what seems like a charlie horse in outer thigh. Pain is good, now pulse down in squat positions putting your weight into your heals and then come up and clap your hands twice and again get low. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

3) Get down on the play matt and get playful with your little man or girl. Do at least 50 good crisscross bike riding sit ups, that is crossing elbows to reach the opposite knees in the air. If it's too tough, go back to the basics, old fashion sit ups. You could involve the baby by saying 'peek-a-boo' as your pulling yourself up. Remember, you are exhaling as you pull up).

4) Lastly, never under estimate the power of sculpting your middle through leg lifts. Lay beside your baby and do 25 thunder thigh busting leg lifts, and 25 double leg lifts. Be playful and sing a line of familiar nursery song while pulling up and the best part is add libbing to the songs to express your frustration in doing the leg lifts, lol. I make up my own words to the tune of London Bridge and sing,"Mommy's thighs are toning up, toning up, toning up."

5) Working out at home takes a lot of creativity and determination so reward yourself with some stretching and positive words to get your hot momma self back. I tell myself, 'I WILL wear that flirty fitted black dress in the back of my closet, and La Pouch your days are numbered!'

If you did not have belly-busting budget to hire help to focus on your fitness, would you consistently workout at home?
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