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Tuesday, June 16, 2009
By: Andrea Tantaros

So is Misogyny Back in Vogue?
A growing media bloodsport seems to be emerging: From Perez Hilton to Playboy’s “Conservative Women Hate List” to David Letterman’s lewd comments about Sarah Palin, it appears that attacking women – specifically conservative women – is not only all the rage, but oddly, acceptable.

I’m not talking about attacks from bottom feeder leftist blogs either. Notable mainstream brands like the Miss USA Organization, “The Late Show” and Playboy magazine have all lost their sense of humor and their sense of decency by allowing conservative women to become a punching bag — and a punch line — for the left. Forgoing all boundaries, a party that once used to claim to own the violence against women issue has embraced it and let their politics run them when it comes to the issue of misogyny.

On its face, this isn’t even a political issue. It’s a women’s issue –- a human issue that transcends politics. But why, when it comes to the most serious and sensitive attacks against women the National Organization for Women spokeswoman warrants a missing person’s report?

Carrie Prejean was called the most offensive four and five letter words by Miss USA judge Perez Hilton’s after she expressed her traditional views on gay marriage. Was he scolded by one of the organization’s owners, Donald Trump? Hardly. Trump actually expressed willingness to allow Hilton to judge at next year’s competition.

And that’s just the beginning. Playboy magazine published a vile, incendiary list of conservative women it would like to engage in hate sex with, and it was only after public outcry that it pulled the article. Its response was watered down, to say the least. Where was that writer’s editor? (And that editor’s mind, moreover?) It doesn’t take an expert to know that the first stage of violence is thinking about it, then expressing it, then actually doing it.

David Letterman made a disgusting joke about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s underage daughter and he didn’t stop there. He continued to make an off color joke about the Governor’s appearance making many want to invoke slaps but not against their knees.

Palin is apparently more popular than Letterman's pitiful, dysfunctional sense of humor. Thanks to growing pressure from viewers Letterman offered — not one — but two — mea culpas. But where was CBS from the start? It was only after the public got involved that the comedian began to react with some seeming sincerity.

But was it even sincere at all? It shouldn't have taken him two times to get it right and both aplogies were laden with excuses (something my mother always says "negates the apology in the first place"). Note the excuse: he meant to insult her older daughter. Frankly it's too late and the impetus wasn't guilt, it was the impending ratings dive and protests as a result of outraged females. In other words: money.

For the record, Palin should never appear on his show. Protests calling for his resignation should continue with a larger message to the general population and television executives everywhere: distasteful behavior against females of any age will not be tolerated.

The United States, a champion for women’s rights throughout the world, will have a tough time wagging it’s finger at countries that are less than progressive in their attitudes toward women and crimes against women all over the world when we tolerate hate speak at the expense of the American female, for a few laughs or fame, no less.

The First Amendment protects free speech but there is no reason that we, as citizens and consumers, should buy it. When it comes to those who want to disrespect any woman, we can take it to their bottom line and not only speak out, but also boycott their business.

Violence against women is wrong, no matter what party affiliation, not to mention it’s just not funny. The more acceptable it becomes to express violent, crass language against women in the public arena the more you can expect our country to fray at the seams.

violent crass language women public arena expect country fray seams
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  • ThinkAboutIt! 2009/06/18 15:22:54
    This article expresses TRUE AMERICAN thinking.
  • Dwight Mann 2009/06/18 00:55:48
    Dwight Mann
    It is disgusting commentary on the liberal leftwing agendas. Just as Øbama is disgusting. . .

    disgusting commentary liberal leftwing agendas bama disgusting
  • JO4USA Dwight ... 2009/06/18 01:56:21
  • Motita 2009/06/18 00:45:47
    It's just disgusting. I'm glad Palin had all of those supporters and then some. That way that incident has risen to a higher purpose than those other headlines of celebrity v. celebrity, leaving her daughters even more insulted.

    I must have not read the news that day because I didn't hear so much about the Playboy outrage.
  • Eppie 2009/06/17 23:20:13 (edited)
    John Ziegler sent those of us who signed up on the Fireletterman.org site some great videos from the rally. Did anyone else get to see them?

    Also Embassy Suites and Olive Garden have pulled their sponsorship from Letterman's program. I think we got their attention.
  • JO4USA Eppie 2009/06/18 00:26:26
    I didn't hear it. Would not want to hear it and no one else NEEDS to hear it.
  • Eppie JO4USA 2009/06/19 04:03:36
    You are right. It was just kind of interesting to hear MO demeaned for a change.
  • JO4USA Eppie 2009/06/30 05:48:56
    I believe I need to delete my reply to you above Eppie, Your edited June 17th reply gives my original reply a truly wrong sense of being.
  • Steford doesn't follow 2009/06/17 18:08:03
    Steford doesn't follow
    To people such as David Letterman this is normal. Oh I'm so clever, look at me, watch the publicity this will get me. They have no respect or regards for decency. They don't even see anything wrong with it. They LOVE & vote for Obama. That speaks volumes. Just like the idiots we deal with on Barry's side, they will NEVER get it.
  • TisMe Steford... 2009/06/17 21:41:57 (edited)
    It's the liberal way ...

    liberal deface republicans
    "It gets worse when you research the Net."
  • Eppie Steford... 2009/06/17 23:13:13
    Sadly, you are right. If you go to Youtube, you will see AirAmerica-of all people-interviewing the protesters at the rally yesterday. The questions they asked are just silly. They tried to compare Letterman with the dealth of Tiller. The implied comparison was O'Reilly's label of Tiller as the Baby Killer. But the woman who was answering the stupid question held her ground. She was really "pithy" and on track.
  • DavE 2009/06/17 17:33:55
    These people don't subscribe to the concepts of orderly society. They are selfish, first, last, and always.


    They are not like that.
  • sara 2009/06/17 17:18:35
  • TisMe 2009/06/17 16:55:01
    Good Cartoon ...

    Conservative women are attacked -- nice people usually are. But maybe Governor Palin has broken the ice. Letterman's Station was picketed last night, and folks are still after his job -- even though he apologized days later, and it doesn't matter his apology was graciously accepted by the Palin Family. Imus didn't get away with it so he shouldn't either. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE!!! What's good for the goose, is good for the gander.

    I'm glad these folks are being called out, finally.
  • Eppie TisMe 2009/06/17 23:15:33
    Some of the women at the rally were sticking up for Letterman- I couldn't believe it. They maintain his remarks were funny.(?) However, I agree with you. At least some of us have the gumption to complain loudly about this atrocious excuse for entertainment. I hope more of us will speak up.
  • chappy 2009/06/17 15:37:12
    exactly. the double standard is alive and well
  • Steford... chappy 2009/06/17 18:09:49
    Steford doesn't follow
    A great example: Don Imus!
  • xxx 2009/06/17 15:15:24
    Great post! Love the cartoon! Liberals are pro-woman...pro Liberal woman!!
  • TisMe xxx 2009/06/17 16:56:06
  • Eppie xxx 2009/06/17 23:18:41
    A few Liberal women have complained. Behar reversed her stance--someone must have clued her in-and said a mother should defend her children--who would've thought? And another woman on one of the liberal networks-MSNBC- I think-actually voiced her outrage at Letterman's comments. So there is a glimmer of support from the other side.

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