Kim Kardashian Wears KW (Kanye West) Earrings: Sweet or Nauseating?

Living 2012/04/24 21:00:00
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Is Kim Kardashian trying to drop a not-so-subtle hint? Not long after Kim and rumored boyfriend Kanye West were photographed holding hands (guess it's more than just a rumor!), she revealed a telling new pair of earrings: gold studs bearing the initials "K" and "W," Yahoo! Shine reports.

And while Kim seemed to wear her hair up to make sure the whole world knows who her man is, her sister Khloe Kardashian says the relationship isn't "serious" ... yet. "I don't think it's serious. I think it's too soon. But because they've been friends for so long, it's just so easy and that's something I love seeing for Kim -- the easiness and how happy she is. And it's just more of a great friendship and friendships make the best relationships," she told "Watch What Happens Live."

Khloe added: "We've known Kanye for like nine years. He's great with the family, but again we've known him for so long. It's not like some stranger getting into a hurricane." Looks like a publicity hurricane to us! Would you wear your significant other's initials in your ears? Or is that a little too obnoxious for your taste?
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  • Sue MacDonald Kyak 2012/04/27 02:03:14
  • frank 2012/04/26 18:12:59
    Who gives a rats a** about the Kardashian's, can't they just go away.
  • prinCes... frank 2013/02/11 05:27:30
    Noooo!!!!they cnt just go away, & check their show ratings.....a lot of ppl gives a rat's a**! Dnt b a hatter cause u secretly love their lives.
  • Queen 2012/04/26 12:44:07
    as they do not hurt wear them
  • BaLou 2012/04/25 20:56:35
    If ever two people deserved each other, it's these two. I hope they stay together!
  • Cricket BaLou 2012/04/25 21:30:09
    My! rofl! Talk about the same wave length my friend. We do this often, don't we? lol
  • BaLou Cricket 2012/04/25 21:36:45
    Never ceases to amaze me!
  • Cricket BaLou 2012/04/25 21:39:47
  • rustyshackelford 2012/04/25 20:19:44
  • prinCes... rustysh... 2013/02/11 05:29:56
    Take a good look in the mirror!
  • autumnfae 2012/04/25 20:06:59
    I think it is a sweet thing to do hence they are together however I will add a side of who the hell cares?
  • XRenX 2012/04/25 19:42:41
    Don't really care, I don't really like either of these options.
  • SoCal71 2012/04/25 18:57:17
    She also wears his balls on her chin...
  • john 2012/04/25 18:15:28
    This dumb whore will be passed around LA/NYC like a bottle of booze at a hobo gathering. What a vapid cum-dumpster. I hope they give each other aids.
  • Sue Mac... john 2012/04/27 02:05:11
    Sue MacDonald Kyak
    Funny (except the AIDS comment).
  • prinCes... Sue Mac... 2013/02/11 05:33:19 (edited)
    Year, 2 slick! What a sick joke...
  • Sue Mac... prinCes... 2013/04/02 13:59:44
    Sue MacDonald Kyak
    Say what???
  • the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA 2012/04/25 16:57:19
    the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA
    She has done everything except make another sex tape.
  • sundance 2012/04/25 16:30:19
    I am not sure why SodaHead, or its readers, would want to dis anyone for the content of this story (insert your initials). I am, however, pretty sure that this is the very garbage that SodaHead seems to want to bring to the attention of their readers. Can SodaHead (or its readers) omit the duplicity, and try to maintain some integrity in their posts?...Just a thought....

    PS. Seems to me that the most nauseating thing about this story, is the way the story is being presented....
  • Sue Mac... sundance 2012/04/27 02:05:49
    Sue MacDonald Kyak
    Maybe you shouldn't be on here than?
  • sundance Sue Mac... 2012/04/27 07:40:09
    OK. So if I shouldnt be here, who should? What, in my post, elicited your desire to tell me I dont belong? Please, by all means, regail me with your wit and wisdom. I look forward to your deep and meaningful insight....Just a thought....
  • Sue Mac... sundance 2012/04/27 09:32:15
    Sue MacDonald Kyak
    You took time out to complain about the "garbage" Sodahead brings to the attention of the readers - wouldn't it have been easier not to even respond to the "garbage"?
  • sundance Sue Mac... 2012/04/27 18:27:21
    To begin with. Dont throw stones when you live in a glass house.....I would further with, does my attemp to raise the intellectual bar intimidate you? Would you prefer only those who come to spout hate and rhetoric, be the body of this membership? Is the garbage and slander slinging environment one that better suits you and your pupose?...Just a thought....
  • Sue Mac... sundance 2012/05/03 02:22:29
    Sue MacDonald Kyak
    Just a thought - a boring, rambling, pointless thought.
  • sundance Sue Mac... 2012/05/03 03:04:52
  • Sue Mac... sundance 2012/05/08 01:06:11
  • sundance Sue Mac... 2012/05/08 03:50:08
  • Sue Mac... sundance 2012/05/30 02:32:05
  • sundance Sue Mac... 2012/05/30 06:10:32 (edited)
  • Sue Mac... sundance 2012/06/27 09:13:25
  • sundance Sue Mac... 2012/06/27 09:58:58
    Oh, but I thought we were getting along so well... And then you had to go and get all mad at me. Well, this was fun. Have a nice day...Just a thought....
  • Sue Mac... sundance 2012/07/06 13:36:25
    Sue MacDonald Kyak
    Yeay, yeah. Whatever, you're a real winner.
  • sundance Sue Mac... 2012/07/06 20:02:21
    classic retort.....Tata...
  • prinCes... sundance 2013/02/11 05:40:20
    Aaaahhh......yawn, kids...play nice. ugly words make u look stupider!!!!!
  • sundance prinCes... 2013/02/11 07:07:07
    Stupider? Really? Did you really mean to say stupider?...

    I simply pointed out the unbridled duplicity, and unintentionally, started a row. I was actually playing very nice. All I did was mention my desire to see the intellectual bar raised above road grime, and I guess that was offensive. I do attempt to play nice, and I'm always willing to share my toys....
  • prinCes... sundance 2013/05/13 07:21:59
    I meant the swearing between u & what's his name! & year I said stupider! stupid, stupider, stupidest! lol..cnt u c the trend? Was meant 2 arouse a giggle not a "really, did u mean 2 say stupider" reaction!
  • sundance prinCes... 2013/05/13 21:42:38
    Madam..Should the metaphoric sparring you find on SodaHead offend you, then might I suggest a nice "non political, non religious and non opinion based blog. Maybe doily making? Or might I suggest a nice culinary blog. Be careful though. I do hear that some of those saucier's can be quite touchy.....Just a thought....

    PS...If you read the post, you no doubt noticed that I did try to play nice.....
  • prinCes... sundance 2013/05/26 20:39:06
  • sundance prinCes... 2013/05/27 08:39:14
  • prinCes... sundance 2013/07/20 12:14:36
    Was that even necessary? U prove yet again...never under estimate the level of stupidity u have, since u knw so much about doing it 2 oneself...go ahead u do it urself. Dirty word makes u U.G.L.Y! U aint got no alibi...ur ugly.

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