Kelly Ripa Says the Man Should Always Pay for Dinner: Do You Agree?

Living 2011/07/26 11:00:00
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It's a debate that's practically as old as dating itself: When a man and a woman go out to dinner, who should pay?

According to Kelly Ripa, it's the guy. No matter what.

"We give birth. You pick up the check," the perky talk-show host said on Friday. "Any feminist out there that disagrees with me, I am sorry, but it's gone ridiculous now."

Ripa's co-host Regis Philbin begged to differ, saying, "If she wants to pick it up, fine," but Ripa countered, "I'm sure she doesn't want to pick it up."

As for us, we're somewhere between Ripa and Philbin. Let's be honest: Women do like it when men pick up the check. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

But every now and then, it's nice to give a dude a break from paying all the time. It's a woman's way of saying, "I make my own money, too. And by the way, you're not buying me with all these dinners."

Isn't it?

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  • Caitlin 2011/07/26 18:23:41
    I know all these women who are all for equal rights and saying they want to have the same rights as men. And that's cool. Thank you for fighting for my rights. Go you. But you can't turn around and then expect men to give you everything. To pay for dinner and buy you gifts and all that jazz. Uhhhhh, double standard much?? You either want all the same rights as a man and fight for them. That means you can't tell a guy to pay for everything. Or you still want these rights and you help pay. There is no way all guys out there have the money to always pay. I have a job and if someone told me I had to pay for every dinner I would be pissed. I work hard for that money. If I decide I want to buy you dinner that's cool. If not, then use your money. You worked hard for those rights that got you your job...now use some of the money to pay for dinner.

    Sorry about the rant. Topic makes me edgy :)

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  • Kevin Larssonn 2013/06/04 09:34:24
    Kevin Larssonn
    The person with the most money, or the most in their pocket at the time pays, simple as
  • beansterman1998 2012/08/04 18:55:36
    No, just no
  • LuridLolita 2011/07/27 22:28:32
    Let's face it, everyone wants to have a free meal, especially if it's delicious. But, we should take turns. It's more fair.
  • retrograve 2011/07/27 22:24:56

    " Huey: Riley... All women are not hoes. We're talkin' twenty... twenty-five percent tops.
    Riley: Okay. But if they not all hoes, then why I got to pay to take 'em out to eat, then? I mean, I'm payin'. That's payment!
    Huey: I... I don't know. 'Cause that's just what you do. You meet a girl, you take her out to dinner, but... you're not paying the girl. You're paying the restaurant.
    Riley: But I'm payin'. Which makes her a ho. Why don't I just give her the money I was gonna spend on dinner, and that ho can go grocery shopping?"

    The Boondocks is what came to mind for some reason.
  • ted 2011/07/27 17:14:09
    thats how we roll down here in Texas!!
  • Sew 2011/07/27 16:36:05
  • Gloria 2011/07/27 16:24:56
    Yes & I will have what's she's having.
  • Titanic... Gloria 2011/07/28 23:17:10
    Titanic Opinion
    Garden salad and spring water......you'll have to puke it in the ladies room. Dessert: 'Death by Chocolate.' Again, puke. Enjoy.
  • Arya 2011/07/27 15:27:57
    No, that's a wee bit sexist.
  • Cathy Cook 2011/07/27 15:02:31
    Cathy Cook
    I enjoy taking my man out to dinner & paying, why should he have to do it everytime?
  • Fillmore 2011/07/27 14:43:39
    I can buy my own meals. Thank you. I do not wish to have some man think I "owe" him something for a meal. Ripa should evolve into the 21st century.
  • Lanikai Fillmore 2011/07/28 12:09:54
    Isn't she the sole supporter of her family? I haven't seen her hubby on anything at all, and not on commercials either. She creeps me out.
  • Titanic... Lanikai 2011/07/28 22:47:23
    Titanic Opinion
    She must have frightened him away. Yikes!! Do you blame him?? Imagine having to listen to that dumb bimbo 24/7. The guy should recieve a medal.
  • Tpem 2011/07/27 14:31:27
    I think a man has to be either very confident or not care about his date if he does not pay for a meal with a woman. However if a woman wants to pay thats OK too. Usually it depends on who invites who for the meal. I usually pay the bill in advance so there is not an awkward moment at the end of the meal.
  • Matthew Frankwitt 2011/07/27 14:02:47
    Matthew Frankwitt
    I do find it funny that a man has to stick to traditional things of being a gentleman, yet many women demand to be treated equally. They want to have their cake and eat it too!
  • AttilaTheHun 2011/07/27 14:02:25
    Sorry, you can't have it both ways. Since women have demanded equality in the ability to make money, they have the responsibility to pay their share of the expenses.
  • Lanikai 2011/07/27 12:47:47 (edited)
    But the woman should ALWAYS offer to split the tab. Always.
  • Titanic... Lanikai 2011/07/28 22:52:23
    Titanic Opinion
    Do you mean a 'half-hearted,' insincere offer to pay?? Just to make you feel better for accepting yet another free meal?? How nice of you to 'offer.'
  • hmgmcrmy 2011/07/27 12:15:38
    I answered a question about this recently. Like I said, it's nice if they pay for it. But, there are times when I've gotten paid, and my partner hasn't, so I'll pay for it. So, it's whoever!
  • DeejaySpaniel 2011/07/27 12:00:56
    Whoever asks the other on a date should pay, but it is nice.
  • TKramar 2011/07/27 11:44:17
    I agree with Kelly BUT...women should also not work outside the home, so they shouldn't have any money to spend on dinner anyhow. Seems to me Kelly has a job, and so I wouldn't date her anyway.
  • Lanikai TKramar 2011/07/28 12:08:18
    The 5th century called, and asked you to return.
  • Titanic... Lanikai 2011/07/28 22:58:41 (edited)
    Titanic Opinion
    Hello, you're the one who believes that men should always pay. Your attitude is archaic. YOU had better get back to the 5th century, and quick.
  • tinky_tink 2011/07/27 11:03:33
    I agree with the writer...
    I'm by no means a feminist...
    Just think that if a woman can afford it and she is willing...
    Then why shouldn't it be ok for her to give back every now and then...
    Besides, what if it's his birthday and she wants to treat, is it wrong for her to want to pay? writer feminist woman afford birthday treat wrong pay
  • Maci 2011/07/27 10:37:19
  • Paul 2011/07/27 10:26:38
    Equal rights, not just the good bits.
  • Nuke 2011/07/27 10:08:28
    I might be old fashioned but I like paying for dinner, makes me feel like I'm doing right by her, not expect anything in return, just part of being a guy.
    makes me feel good that I can take care of my lady and she can use her money for whatever else she wants to buy.
    I went on a date and I wanted to pay and she told me no because guys feel like women owe them for it... 0.o'
    Really? You're going to judge me based on other guys?
    I do it because it's the right thing to do, not because I'm expecting anything in return.
    There's been a few times where we've each paid our own bill but generally when I have the money you bet that I'm paying for it.
  • Anna 2011/07/27 09:41:25
    Women lose sleep over such things and men are often the first to say "Let's go do something." So, yeah. You can't really tell a man what to eat or how much money they can spend on food. Something about that just doesn't seem right. Many men don't like to stay at restaurants too long but youthful girls do. Men are more into books. Men will always find ways to get you to think no anyway, and with their humor and laughter or eager energy, it might as well usually be on them, let alone: they often work the most and already know that by the time you get 'out.'
  • Titanic... Anna 2011/07/28 23:04:43
    Titanic Opinion
    You don't GENERALIZE much, do you??
  • mr kalada 2011/07/27 09:40:12
    mr kalada
    and then he should make her pay later, if you catch my drift.
  • Nuke mr kalada 2011/07/27 10:12:11 (edited)
    Seriously man, this is what got a girl pissed at me when I don't even say stuff like that and other guys do, I pay for dinner because I like her and want to be with her, not because I'm expecting anything in return.
    If it happens then great but I'm not expecting her to return the favor.
  • mr kalada Nuke 2011/07/28 06:25:09
    mr kalada
    it was meant to be a joke bro.
  • Nuke mr kalada 2011/07/28 06:45:45
    Sorry man, I just hear that from guys for real...
  • mr kalada Nuke 2011/07/28 08:02:31
    mr kalada
    lol, easy brother.
  • Paul mr kalada 2011/07/28 09:56:09
    There's many a true word spoken in jest
  • Lanikai mr kalada 2011/07/27 12:49:51
    I refused ANY second date with a man who dared to intimate i "owed" him sex in exchange for a meal. UGH.
  • mr kalada Lanikai 2011/07/28 06:27:41
    mr kalada
    you did? you missed out on some sweet action baby.

    btw it was a joke, you gotta take it easy.
  • Paul mr kalada 2011/07/28 09:56:20
    There's many a true word spoken in jest
  • Lanikai mr kalada 2011/07/28 12:05:36
    LOL, I missed the humor part.
  • mikeysgirl360 2011/07/27 09:00:38
    A man should pay for dinner, but the woman should pick up the tip.
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