Is "to be obsessed" with something/someone good or a bad?

RV ~ The Peacekeeper of PHAET 2010/02/04 19:05:15
it depends
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what do you think? good or bad? why? explain!
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  • Halla Winchester 2010/02/06 01:26:57
    Halla Winchester
    it is very BAD!!!!
  • Blonde Rebellion 2010/02/05 16:33:45 (edited)
    it depends
    Blonde Rebellion
    well i think that obsession only in a going-crazy-in-the-point-of-e... can be bad,and only 4 the person who has it.
  • chey&chris 2010/02/05 14:27:59
    it depends
    it depends on your obsession. sometimes its good to be obsessed with an object but a lot of the time becoming obsessed with a person becomes a problem because then u want to control that person or make that person love you and its not what they want so it emotionally hurts u.
  • alexandra 2010/02/05 11:26:58
    it depends
    depends on what
  • ashlie 2010/02/05 00:18:41
    i say it could be both!!
  • ☆Varsha★ 2010/02/04 23:18:01
    it depends
    A lot of people are obsessed with something, (including me, kinda.)
    It's pretty normal. The only bad thing, is that when you're obsessed with something, you usually over-do it. Like if it was a band, if they were all you listened to, and all you thought about, etc. then sooner or later you'd get sick of them and they'd be unbearable, and that'd suck because you originally liked them and thought they were a good band. I guess it depends on your level of obsession..
  • Seasoned BN-0 2010/02/04 22:15:09
    None of the above
    Seasoned BN-0
    If given a choice I would not want to be obsessed about anything..good or bad...
    for me it would represent lack of balance...which could cause a multitude of problems.
  • ♥☺♥ Caitlyn ♥☺♥ 2010/02/04 21:29:15
    ♥☺♥ Caitlyn ♥☺♥
    i get it if your obsessed with a celebrity or something like that,but if your obsessed with a normal person than that person must be GREAT!lol.:)
  • Hello u got Mail 2010/02/04 20:24:36
    Hello u got Mail
    The problem is "how do you handle ur obsesion?"

    When some is always on your mindit can be a healthy thing.
    Once again how you act is what is important. Not how u feel.
  • Dee 2010/02/04 20:22:23
    i think good cause im like obsessed with music or a certain band and it gets my mind off of the bad things that are going on in my life and during that time i'm listening to a certain band i feel happy , that i have something to believe in and things will get better. so for me its how i deal with issues, which could be bad but thats how i do it
  • I'magonnerc-ya 2010/02/04 20:07:07
    I say is bad but Da truth of the matter is.......That allot of us become obsessed about some..one...or some.."thing" at one point in our lives and a good example is this very obsessing site for many with the Postings,Ravings,and or "Friends" on here...right? Or just trying to say the last word on a variety of replies on Blogs or Postings especially the "POLITICAL" ones LOL)))! Oh yeah! but hey!! its just Da MADNESS Of Soda Head flowing through ya......LOL)))!
    lol yeah hey da madness soda head flowing ya lol lol yeah hey da madness soda head flowing ya lol lol yeah hey da madness soda head flowing ya lol
  • *BIGGUMS* 2010/02/04 19:42:04 (edited)
    it depends
    I think that it can be good r bad thing. bad if it may be something like gambling & you end up not paying rent & putting ur family on the street or for drugs & you dont feed you kids but buy your drugs. But being obsessed with a celebrity cuz ur a fan & u love all their songs, posters, or concerts to me that isn't so bad. It just depends on the situation of what your "obsessed" about
  • ♫ idealshine ♫ 2010/02/04 19:11:07
    ♫ idealshine ♫
    Almost everyone is obsessed of someone or something :)
  • I'magon... ♫ ideal... 2010/02/04 20:08:42
    True That,.... True That))) =P
  • Jazzy-mine►One Hit Rage Quit◄ 2010/02/04 19:09:28
    it depends
    Jazzy-mine►One Hit Rage Quit◄
    I think its bad... but yet it still depends on the situation
  • Kyra 2010/02/04 19:08:34
    it depends
    being obsessed with school would be great for people...but a man, or your body weight seems bad.
  • I'magon... Kyra 2010/02/04 20:11:58
    I'd say.....LOL)))!

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