Is This Teacher Too Sexy for High School?

Living 2010/10/27 13:00:00
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The phrase "hot for teacher" is no joke in Milan, where angry parents have decided a former beauty queen is "too attractive" to instruct their daughter.

The parents withdrew their child from the San Carlo Catholic High School after racy photographs and video footage of Ileana Tacconelli were posted on the Internet, the Daily Mail reports. The girl's mom claimed Tacconelli was "too attractive and a distraction."

One video showed Tacconelli acting in a comic sketch dressed in tight-fitting hot
pants and a bra. Photographs of her posing in an American police uniform also surfaced.

But the well-liked Tacconelli, 28, has three degrees -- and the school and most parents have stood by her side.

"I have been a teacher here for three years and I have never had any problems. There is nothing really to say and I have the backing of the school and the parents. The child in question left a few weeks ago and nothing else was said," she said.

The school also also claimed that Tacconelli is an "optimum teacher" who never kept her past hidden. Sounds like Tacconelli more than deserves her job -- who hasn't appeared on the Internet in a bra at this point?

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  • Chloe Jane 2010/10/27 14:30:11
    No, she's qualified
    Chloe Jane
    Are you f*ing kidding me? Wow....now we want to punish people for beauty and brains.....is our society for real??? I think next we're going to have to make new laws deciding the directions pigs need to fly and work on the freeze issue in hell! I swear....what is next????

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  • butchiek 2013/07/11 16:15:40
    No, she's qualified
    I didn't know that Milan, one of the places that has the oldest "civilizations" of the so called western world still has uncivilized and primitive-minded citizens. I couldn't bear explaining further. I'm speechless. Unbelievably PRIMITIVE! Sigh!
  • AndyBoy 2012/07/25 20:58:30
    No, she's qualified
    WAY too skinny for me.
  • Bruiser 2011/03/11 22:14:55
    No, she's qualified
    If she is indeed qualified to teach and all the hoopla is over some non-nude photos, I feel that she should be allowed to keep her job.
    Now, we had our fair share of hotties teaching us in high school and I think I would have been a lot more attentive in class if they had racy photos of themselves floating around... except for Mrs.Tootle. Ewwwww, I think my mental corneas just fried (I even threw up a little in my mouth just thinking about it).
  • Jason 2011/02/26 22:07:26 (edited)
    No, she's qualified
    Wow, I would love her as a teacher. If she distracts you then you better stop being such a jealous lesbian because she's hotter then you. It's funny how the mom complained about such a trivial issue (that's not even a real issue).
  • cutter's falls 2010/11/04 01:52:41
  • ♠♠♠JeLLo♠♠♠ 2010/10/31 03:47:41
    No, she's qualified
    She's not raping students, and it's not her fault she's pretty. I found that in high school when a female teacher was attractive the boys in class actually paid attention. Same with the attractive male teachers, the female students. Maybe they should make all teachers attractive!
  • Fred 2010/10/29 02:54:33
    No, she's qualified
    Wow, is this planet so messed up that someone is willing to take thier DAUGHTER out of school because some WOMAN teacher is beautiful. Ouch.
  • secondthought 2010/10/28 14:53:30
    No, she's qualified
    Uh, yeah. She's hot. But she's smart too. And any GIRL who is distracted by the the bouncing babies under her chin is most likely either a lesbian or jealous. Think about it; If no smelly little adolescent boys went crying to their marms about 'Oh, mommy, I can't work, her giant boobs distract me!', then I don't think there is even a problem here. The mom was probably being spiteful, since her husband got a little 'stiff' at the parent teacher conferences.
  • FunkyMunky 2010/10/28 14:42:25 (edited)
    No, she's qualified
    Hell no! I would have learned much better if I had a teacher that looked like THAT. No reason not to pay attention. She is a qualified teacher and I don't think her intention would be to distract children from achieving. She sounds like she takes her job seriously and she wants to help children learn and grow. She dresses professionally and appropriately. This is not a Van Halen music video.

    Besides, I don't think it is "angry parents" rather than "jealous" mother. No (straight) father would object to that.

    She's gorgeous, accomplished, professional, and goal-oriented. Sounds like a winner to me.
  • DanTheMan 2010/10/28 14:30:55
    No, she's qualified
    My first crush was on my 7th grade teacher in a Catholic Grade School. :-) People really are getting ridiculous. Maybe the little girl that feels uncomfortable is a latent lesbian. LOL
  • pcs800 2010/10/28 14:28:42
    No, she's qualified
    Ok so people are being criticized because they are attractive now? Yes she's hot, so what. If I had a teacher that hot in school I most definitely would have skipped less.
  • UrbanHillbilly 2010/10/28 13:58:14
    I can understand the way the parents feel. I do not share their values, but they put their girl in a Chatholic school for a reason. To say that Catholic teaching has not support sexuality is an understatement. Though this teacher has not done anything wrong, she represents what the parents fear for their child. Were this a public school, I would feel very differently on the issue.
  • dman278 2010/10/28 13:50:06
    No, she's qualified
    How silly.
  • FernandoBaeza 2010/10/28 13:30:49
    No, she's qualified
    chick is smokin. she cant help that, and why should it be a problem? she is dressed like a teacher should be during class and she is pretty damn good at teaching. that is all any parent should expect of her.
  • BK 2010/10/28 12:02:44
    No, she's qualified
    Clearly the only fair thing to do would be to make her gain 30 pounds and have plastic surgery to mar her looks.
    What the hell is wrong with some people? If the woman who filed the complaint has a daughter who can't concentrate because her teacher is tto hot, maybe, just maybe, the daughter is the one with the problem? No one else is complaining, and frankly, even if they were, it's ridiculous to punish this teacher for being attractive. She looks like she's dressed in a professional manner in the picture at her desk to me. What a joke.
  • Misdemeanor 2010/10/28 12:02:38
    No, she's qualified
    No offense, she's really pretty and all, but I've known way better looking teachers than her, not only with degrees, but even masters. And the kids in their class(depending on their gender(or sexual preference) tend to pay even more attention to what they're saying. There was one male teacher a few years ago at my school (can't remember his name), who was very, very good looking, and had every girl passing his class with at least a B average. Whereas one of the other teachers(who was kind of plain) who tought the most amazing class ever, and made the books practically come to life, only managed to get most of his students to maintain a C average. Just think about it.
  • TheJoker 2010/10/28 11:36:20
    No, she's qualified
    How rediculous....... I had a really sexy A level History teacher, & I paid so much attention in her class!
  • not dead 2010/10/28 11:35:54
    No, she's qualified
    not dead
    She most definitely deserves too have her job and I would not think that she is a distraction.
  • Poet R U 2010/10/28 10:45:15
  • Roxxi 2010/10/28 10:44:15
  • Koatz 2010/10/28 10:14:39 (edited)
    Yes, she's a distraction
    Keep 'em responsible. I'm f*ckng tired of women thinking their past doesn't matter, all the while holding men, primarily, accountable for every little mis-step they make.

    If they keep her, they should prepare themselves for the inevitable (Teacher)-sleeping-with-student sex scandal that will surface in the years to come.
  • AmVet Koatz 2010/10/28 13:30:48
    It sounds more like your fantasy.
  • Koatz AmVet 2010/10/28 15:01:06
    Sure thing... NOT!
  • Conservative in California 2010/10/28 08:21:07
    No, she's qualified
    Conservative in California
    she does have a great rack though.
  • buzz 2010/10/28 07:57:47
    No, she's qualified
    where was she when i was in school?
  • Sattesh 2010/10/28 07:54:52
    No, she's qualified
    she is freakin qualified,
    so unless the their daughter is a lesbian the parents should have no worries......
  • Don Leuty 2010/10/28 07:49:17
    Yes, she's a distraction
    Don Leuty
    She is the author of her own discord. Sad as it may seem, Shakespeare was right about evil being long lived. While Ileana Tacconelli did no evil, she clearly indulged in an activity that casts doubt on her propriety. Her position in a parochial school requires a high degree of propriety. Parents pay for the right to have their children in a strict learning environment.

    Hormones tend to turn teenagers brains to Jello. Whispering and giggling about what these little darlings saw on the web is definitely a distraction. We all do some things as teenagers or as students in college that we may regret later. This caught up with and she must accept the consequences.

    The parents pay the gold, so they have an impact on the rules.

    Teenagers involved in sexting don't realize that someday the video or still may come back to haunt them in this manner.
  • JCD aka... Don Leuty 2010/10/28 08:49:10
    JCD aka "biz"
    Apparently, she has the support of the Catholic school and "most parents".
    Speaking of a "strict learning environment", corporal punishment of children in schools is banned in all European countries.
  • Don Leuty JCD aka... 2010/10/28 09:13:31
    Don Leuty
    They don't have to impose corporal punishment in Germany. They train up their children properly. They can even be trusted to validate their own tickets on the S-Bahn, U-Bahn, and buses. Try that any city in the States.

    Not all discipline is corporal punishment. Sometimes, the schoolmaster can make you wish for corporal punishment.

    If the school sides with the teacher, they can accept the consequences on the Income Summary. If the minority is large enough, the P&L will show it and the Church may modify the rule. The majority may not be large enough to meet the variable costs. In the short run, business as usual. In the long run, no business at all.
  • Poet R U JCD aka... 2010/10/28 10:36:30
  • Darnel 2010/10/28 06:50:26
    No, she's qualified
    Holy Spit!
    Am I in the right country?
    Some of these questions stomp all over the rights of folk because of what? TOO PRETTY TO TEACH?



    What next? Too pretty to be a crossing guard?

  • Misdeme... Darnel 2010/10/28 11:51:52
    No, you see, if they were butt ugly and smelly, they'd be a distraction as well. This is just part of the f*cked up world we live in.
  • Big C 2010/10/28 06:48:57
    No, she's qualified
    Big C
    Why should a teacher who is clearly qualified be treated this way for past events?

    I very much doubt that she will act this way in the classroom.

    Some people are way too sensitive, get over it.
  • magic_is_might BN-0 2010/10/28 06:25:37
    No, she's qualified
    magic_is_might BN-0
    So, are we gonna start enforcing some "ugly" teacher standard or something? Only people 'this ugly' can teach?
  • Zach 2010/10/28 05:48:57
    No, she's qualified
    I wish she was my teacher....
  • Derek 2010/10/28 05:36:46
    No, she's qualified
    It's not like she is a registered sex offender or was once arrested for selling crack on a playground or something, sheesh!
  • thtommydezz 2010/10/28 05:22:59
    No, she's qualified
    my hardest class in high school was english, which happened to be my prettiest,youngest teacher. That's the class i got my best grades and loved the most. :D
  • Axl Snaks 2010/10/28 05:08:58
  • lazarous1967 2010/10/28 05:00:23
    No, she's qualified
    If i would have had a teacher that good looking i might have payed more attention in school. lol
    Hell!!! i might have even shown up for school.
    1st Itally, now Spain. When will it end?
  • Bob 2010/10/28 04:42:05
    No, she's qualified
    The mother was most probably jealous. Secondly, the mother was concerned that when her hubby went to parent teacher's conferences, her old man would be ogling the teach... shame actually, the teacher probably lost a good kid.... all because the mother was worried more about the teachers looks vice her abilities

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