Is it dangerous to mix melatonin sleeping pills with beer or any type of energy drink?

Huki68 2012/10/23 22:42:47
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  • Dave In Cali 2012/10/24 01:42:31
    Dave In Cali
    As far as I know, melatonin is not a sleeping pill, per se. Rather it helps stock your body with a naturally occurring sleep enzyme. Taking melatonin will not knock you out. However, you will sleep deeper once you go to bed. (I take it regularly, and I drink on occasion. No notable differences).
  • Tamara McMillan 2012/10/23 23:38:28
    Tamara McMillan
    Why would you even think of mixing sleeping pills with an energy drink in the first place?? Alcohol of any type with medicine of any type is not a good idea ever. . . but I think you already know this and are just looking for a weird high or buzz. Bad idea. Do you think Micheal Jackson really wanted to die? Do you think when Heath Ledger and Corey Haim mixed over the counter medicines with prescriptions because they were truely feeling ill they wanted to die??? People die all the time who have all the reasons in the world to live. . if you want a buzz drink a beer or six and leave it at that.
  • METALheadMom 2012/10/23 23:37:53
    It's STUPID.
  • Robin 2012/10/23 23:12:47
    most herbal supplements need to be taken for about a month to acquire a therapeutic blood level... I don't know how long you been taking the melatonin...but I don't have much confidence in it... check with you MD to be sure.
  • Ol'Dave 2012/10/23 22:56:50
    I'm not a chemist, but I think if you mix beer (alcohol) with sleeping pills (melatonin) you may NEVER WAKE UP! As it relates to so called 'energy ' drinks, there is caffiene toxicisty. If you take in enough caffiene you get heart arrhythmia's (ineffective blood pumping) and you DIE OF A HEART ATTACK!
  • Dagon 2012/10/23 22:51:12
  • D S 2012/10/23 22:43:59
    D S
    It is bad to mix anything with beer or alcohol for that matter.

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