I feel like I cant have feeling for people, why?

Kazuki-chan 2012/07/06 08:01:35
I'm 16, and I sometimes feel like I have no emotions left. Sometimes I find myself wishing that I could have a crush on someone like I used to in elm. school, but I can't or at least it seems so. I've gone out with girls and kissed like a peck on the lips, I've made out with one guy and got that heart pounding good nervous feeeling but I havn't felt with anyone but him and he's no longer in my life. I sometimes feel like I'm void of emotion. My mother is very ill so I think I block all emotion or at least try to, I'm depressed alot or sad. I sometimes think that I might be bi because I don't find same sex relations disgusting even between females and somtimes I find myself thinking a girl is kinda hot but I dont get the same feeling as when I see a really hot guy. I guess I have too questions How do you now if your bi and why does it seem I can't develope feelings for anyone. If you can please try and help me understand.
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  • Sister Jean 2012/07/06 11:55:37
    Sister Jean
    live day by day it will happen
  • Charmedtears♥ 2012/07/06 10:36:15
    You seemed confused. Just because you can't feel the same way you felt when you kissed that boy that is now out of your life does not mean you have no emotions or you can't feel. Try too not label or determine your different feelings towards men and woman it's easier just to say/think you like who you like it's a blind love that doesn't need to be given names you're attracted to who your attracted too. With your mother being ill it can be so difficult and the worry and eat at you.

    Talking to someone like a Councillor can be a lot of help. All the best too you.

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