How much money do you tend to spend on a single family member or friend for a holiday gift?

Virgin Entertainment 2007/10/29 16:17:26
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  • Gwynodd 2008/09/03 15:32:30
    I was told once by my sister that $25 bucks is nothing today so I've upped it to $50. The problem is - there are birthdays in November so I end up sending my niece and nephew $50 for their birthdays then another $50 for Christmas. Money flys out the window in Nov/Dec!!!!!
  • Cat 2008/01/24 20:50:56
    $100 +
    It really depends. But I've cut down to whom I exchange with and the friends I do normally agree on this.......We all get together and go out to Deep Fork Grill, and party really hard and eat a fabulous meal. We split the bill and that's our Christmas to each other and ourselves. It's usually in the $100.00 each or more range AND WORTH EVERY DIME!!!
  • mrsmagoo777 2007/12/28 03:32:45
    Around $50 but it can be more or less, my kids and hubby get way more, I think I spent around $400 on each of my kids, and about $300 on my man, but they needed clothes and such nessecities, and I also got them some nice frivolous things too.
  • best00keptsecret 2007/11/07 20:22:34
    All depends on the family member or friend and what my idea is for them. So it could be higher or lower than that.
  • Kimberly 2007/10/29 19:21:54
    25.00 for family and friends and 200.00 for each of my kids.

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