How do you KNOW that your religious beliefs are the RIGHT ones?

DFA 2012/06/09 02:37:50
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I know I'm right because... (comment)
I don't know that I'm right ... (comment)
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  • Chris- Demon of the PHAET 2012/06/09 23:28:56
    Other... (comment)
    Chris- Demon of the PHAET
    That is something I can not begin to answer. The answer I hear most is FAITH, all capital letters and in bold print.
    Since I don't believe in god, I don't really know what that is but it seems to cause some people to tell everyone else how to live.
  • lolitalovely 2012/06/09 19:36:29
    I don't know that I'm right ... (comment)
    You can't truly say you're 100% right, logically, but I do know this is best for me. The religious scene has never worked for me.
  • Radical Ed 2012/06/09 13:06:39
    Other... (comment)
    Radical Ed
    A religious belief is right in certain geographical locations. Islam would be right in the far east while Christianity will be considered the same in the west. whether any particular religion is right is more subjective based on where you live more than anything.
  • Mr.Steve 2012/06/09 12:24:57
  • beach bum 2012/06/09 11:05:01
    Other... (comment)
    beach bum
    faith and belief
  • Bibliophilic 2012/06/09 06:14:47
    I don't know that I'm right ... (comment)
    I identify as an agnostic atheist. I don't know that I am right.
  • Curmudgeon 2012/06/09 06:03:24
    Other... (comment)
    You don't for the fact that every religion out there claims to be right, and says everyone else is wrong and going to hell (or any version of it) for following a "false path to salvation."

    Since no faith out there is ever going to say; "sorry, we were wrong about this god thing but these guys are right," I think we should call them all questionable at least before someone can have something to back them beyond faith.

    I've met many people that claim to see fairies, and others who think that the gods of Mount. Olympus might actually be real use the "faith" word as well.

    Since we all can't be right, where do we draw the line on accepting faith as a justifying argument where we stop asking questions?
  • DFA Curmudgeon 2012/06/09 06:12:23
    I think it is important to always keep asking questions and trying to back it up with evidence (science). Good post.
  • Doreen 2012/06/09 05:21:56
    I know I'm right because... (comment)
    I know because what I believe in is right for ME. If it not right for someone else then they will find what is right for them. Religion, spiritual philosophy, or no religion is right to the person who practices it. There are to many who do not understand this and feel that they have the right to call those who believe or disbelieve differently wrong.
  • DFA Doreen 2012/06/09 05:29:47
    Someone has to be right... right?
  • Doreen DFA 2012/06/09 05:59:14
    The only "right" someone needs to be is "right" for themselves. What is right for me may not be right for you but that does not make either you or I wrong.
  • DFA Doreen 2012/06/09 06:02:11
    I disagree, respectfully.
  • Robbb Doreen 2012/06/09 06:12:18
    That's like saying 3 and 3 is tentytwo. and thinking it is right because it sounds right to you.
  • Doreen Robbb 2012/06/09 17:30:29
    When it comes to religion it does matter what feels right to you. I am not talking about whether a law is wrong or right just because you feel that way. I am not talking about solid facts like 3+3=22 not 3 being a choice because it is not a choice. Religion is only right for the individual who makes the choice of what they feel is the right path for them. Some choose Christianity, some choose Islam, some choose Atheism, some choose Buddhism, and others make different choices but for them it is right.
  • Christy 2012/06/09 03:29:07
    I don't know that I'm right ... (comment)
    No one can know with 100% certainty. My beliefs (or rather, lack of beliefs) are right for me. Other than not believing in a deity, I basically believe in the golden rule, and not intentionally causing unnecessary harm to others. I can't imagine how that could be considered wrong. ;-)
  • DFA 2012/06/09 02:50:33
    I know I'm right because... (comment)
    because I know that nobody can know for sure.
  • Truth M... DFA 2012/06/09 03:18:22
    Truth Matters
    How do you know that nobody can know? Where is your proof?
  • DFA Truth M... 2012/06/09 03:25:44
    Because I've never met anyone that could prove that a god exists.
  • Truth M... DFA 2012/06/09 04:01:22 (edited)
    Truth Matters
    Prove that nobody knows? Why do you believe that no God exists without proof? You can't meet your own standard.

    Prove that 'proof' is the correct standard to justify belief? Then why do you believe it?
  • DFA Truth M... 2012/06/09 04:06:37
    I said: "because I know that nobody can know for sure." Please re-read and re-phrase your questions.
  • Truth M... DFA 2012/06/09 04:37:17 (edited)
    Truth Matters
    Yes, You claim to KNOW that nobody knows - based on your belief?

    Then you claim that you KNOW nobody knows because nobody can PROVE God to your standard of proof. Yet you can't prove that proof is warranted to know. This is just a double-standard. In fact, your own claim to knowledge is based on a belief that cannot itself be proven.

    Further, most things you know cannot be proven. We just proved a couple of them
  • Kaimeso 2012/06/09 02:44:38
    Other... (comment)
    There are no "RIGHT" religious beliefs since they are all based on some silly fantasy,..
  • Muver 2012/06/09 02:42:20
    Other... (comment)
    Really, no one can be absolutely sure...it really is all the conjecture of belief...
  • L1 2012/06/09 02:41:56
    Other... (comment)
    I believe in God, but I'm not religious. I just believe in live and let live....
  • CCRNRT 2012/06/09 02:39:21
    I know I'm right because... (comment)
  • DFA CCRNRT 2012/06/09 02:51:07
    You know you are right because you have faith?

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